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Wolf Cliff - Episode 1 -

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Kitten101 avatar Kitten101
Level 25 : Expert Strawberry
The sun is starting to go down. Every night the moon comes up and the sun goes down but the wolves stay awake during this time. Yes that is why that slow quiet howl flys across the dark sky. As the red and orange shine right at the bottom point of the sky the wind starts. The wind slowly moves through the trees as the light disappears and darkness rises. And then there is the howl. And it becomes louder and louder as more wolves join in.

There Night stood. On the edge of the cliff staring into the dark as if it wasn't even there. Night was a grey wolf with dark brown eyes. His tail was bushy and one of his ears tilted to the side. He always stood on that cliff at night staring at nothing. His brother Shadow, a light grey wolf with green eyes and floppy little ears. Shadow walked up to Night and said, "Night, why must you stare at nothing like it's tasty beef you want to eat! It makes no sense you should be hunting like Raven!"

"Shadow... Raven is not who I want either of us to be like. He hunts too much and doesn't eat half of what he kills! Raven is wrong!!!"

"But we starve because we don't get the food before him! It's your fault anyway Night! You won't even hunt a rabbit if it's right next to your mouth!"

"Shadow, my brother, Don't be li_" "SHADOW!?" "Shadow!" "shadow where are you..."

"Shadow is gone! And so will you be Night! Talk about me behind my back? Oh your next to a little cliff perfect spot..."

"Raven, Where is my brother!"

"Nowhere you'll find..."
"Oh you wanna play like that buddy?"
"You know? You could join me Night, but you wont so off you go!"

Raven pushed Night off the cliff but Night dragged Raven down with him.
"Raven, You should have watched what you said and did because we are both gone now!"
"It's not over yet Night!" "Not over yet Night"


To be continued...

Aww where is the rest you say... Well wait for episode 2! Ur gonna have to wait!

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