The legend of MasterFireyShadow

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Hello welcome to a story that will be full of chaos.. as always.. I have chose the weirdest names so.... Hope you enjoy!
The Legend of Master Firey Shadow!

Im just a normal ol wolf named "Shade." Shade comes from the name "Shadow" which comes from the name "Master Firey Shadow" But let me explain.. My father was named Shadow. And his father(my grandfather) was named Master Firey Shadow. I, Shade, am a part of the "Dark Shadow Pack" I always thought my wolf pack was normal. Until I heard "THE LEGEND OF MASTER FIREY SHADOW" And I will be telling you that story. (We will also be calling Master Firey Shadow "FireShadow"

So anyway..
FireShadow was a young wolf who roamed the forest with his pack. Not a normal forest though. This forest had HUMANS. lots of them. Other animals feared this place. But not Fire Shadow. He was risky. He made dangerous decisions. Most wolves knew to stay away from the humans.(because the humans kill the wolves) But FireShadow was being his self again. He wandered around abandoned camp sites and messed with stuff. A human had spotted him one day. The worst thing that could have happened was that. FireShadow ran off back to his den with his pack. The humans were searching for the pack. They brought bows and arrows. The leader of the pack, "Dark Moon" had to think fast. If she didn't she could risk her whole pack getting hurt or even worse, dead.(masterfireyshadow and dark moon are pack leaders) Anyway it was still early spring so it was very easy to track down the wolves. The pack had to leave their den. If they didn't the humans would find them. They would turn them all into wolf fur coats or carpets. Dark moon and fireshadow decided they would head towards the swamp thinking the humans couldn't follow them there. The swamp went for miles and was dangerous for humans and wolves. The mud was very thick and it was hard to walk through. There was one deep area of the swamp where the wolves were almost swimming in mud. At least the humans couldn't track the wolves anymore. But far in the distance the wolves heard humans. Coming.


Footsteps. Footsteps. Getting closer. The wolves panicked. A wolf named "Peach" slipped on a rock. She fell into a deep area of mud and water. The mud was very thick and she couldnt swim well in it. Footsteps. Closer. Closer. The pack had to leave Peach there. Right there in that thick mud. She wouldnt survive. The humans were coming and she was sinking into the deep thick mud. The pack BOLTED. FireShadow looked back only to see an arrow heading towards them. The humans had seen them. Dark moon was struggling trying to run but couldn't. An arrow. It flew threw the air hitting Dark moon. She crawled towards a little cave trying to hide. We all followed her. The cave seemed to go down really deep surprisingly. FireShadow looked outside the cave. The humans were coming. The pack decided to go deep into the caves. This was where Dark Moon had 3 puppies. 1 of them didn't survive. It had some kind of disease. But the other 2 did. They were named, "Shadow" and "Cavern"

(Ooohhh sort of near the end now)

The Pack was not doing well. Dark moon, because of her bad injury from the arrow, had died. FireShadow had to do something. He raced out of the cave swimming through deep mud and water. He had to find food. But little did he know, while he was gone, the humans had gone into the cave after camping near the swamp for a long time. His pups were smart. They hid in a small hole behind some rocks. However, the other wolves were not so lucky. When FireShadow returned his pack was gone. They were shot by arrows and taken away by the humans. FireShadow then saw his two pups. They were ALIVE! MasterFireyShadow(aka FireShadow) saved his pups. He had learned to hunt for them and care for them. A year later something unexpected happened. PEACH. She was alive! She had somehow gotten out of the swamp.


Shade's mother is Peach. Peach and Shadow had pups. Cavern left the pack to start one of his own.

Hope ya liked the story

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