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BruceVII's Avatar BruceVII
Level 45 : Master Procrastinator
This pack serves as the download page for the 1.16.5 version, since the 1.17 version does not work on 1.16.5 and before. Page: https://www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/anti-xray

An Anti-xray pack for 1.16.5:

What does it do?

It logs how many diamonds and ancient debris a player has mined.

The maximum is 20 valuables each ~10 minutes and if the player reaches this count all people with the OP tag will be notified.

The xrayer will get the tag 'XRAY_WARNING_[​RESOURCE]' so if all moderators are offline, they can check for the tag once they're online.

How do i give someone OP?

OP in this pack isn't the same as the /op command; It's just a tag.

You give this tag to someone with the command /tag [​username] add OP

To remove it, type /tag [​username] remove OP

How to install?

1. Download the .zip file
2. Drag the file into %appdata%\.minecraft\saves\yourworldnamehere\datapacks
3. Extract the .zip (for some reason my packs never work while zipped)
4. Open your minecraft world and type /reload

How to uninstall?

1. Type '/function ax:uninstall'
2. Remove the Anti-Xray pack

About this pack:

It is definitely not my intention to copy people who created similar packs; it's just that i made a really simple one myself and wanted to share it on here.

I know that there are plugins out there that do the job way better, but this pack is aimed at small servers/realms.

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15
toMinecraft 1.16

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11/29/2021 2:25 am
Level 27 : Expert Engineer
Vincent_PlayZ's Avatar
Does the datapack count "Mined" or "Recieved". And what about silk touch
11/30/2021 7:23 amhistory
Level 45 : Master Procrastinator
BruceVII's Avatar
It counts how many ores are mined. Silk touch does affect the counter, but when the player mines the ore again the count will go down with 1.
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