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MC_SIlver avatar MC_SIlver
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Ninja
WARNING! (for PaperMC and PurpurMC Hosters):
This datapack will only work correctly if you only change the below settings.

Head over to your server, and go to "config/paper-world-defaults.yml" or "purpur.yml" file.
Find this "allow-non-player-entities-on-scoreboards" and set that to true.

Creator and Developer: [​MC Silver]

WIKI is fully finished: [​100%]

Minecraft Version: 1.19.4
Available Latest Version: v1.3

Tested on: Vanilla & Spigot/Paper servers.

Links: [​YouTube] [​Discord]
[​You can suggest new gamerules and features on my discord server]

You can modify gamerules using /trigger command, if you have operator commands.
Operator commands: /function mcs_blocks:permissions/op

/trigger "gamerule_name" set (0 or 1) (0 - False, 1 - True)

(All gamerules are true by default)

List of gamerules:
2. mcs_blocks..allow.amethyst_item_frames
3. mcs_blocks..allow.glow_item_frame.glowing
4. mcs_blocks..allow.stronger.freeze.effects
5. mcs_blocks..allow.new.campfire.mechanics
6. mcs_blocks..allow.campfires.lit.up.from.burning.mobs
7. mcs_blocks..allow.campfires.set.mobs.on.fire
8. mcs_blocks..allow.campfires.distinguish.when.mobs.on.it
9. mcs_blocks..allow.soul_fire.on.mobs
10. mcs_blocks..allow.water_cauldron.damage
11. mcs_blocks..allow.campfires.cooking.speed.with.sticks
12. mcs_blocks..remove.falling_block.damage.limit
13. mcs_blocks..allow.falling_block.damage
14. mcs_blocks..allow.pointed_dripstone.destroy.with.projectile
15. mcs_blocks..allow.glass_panes.with.projectile
16. mcs_blocks..allow.rare.magma_block.damage
17. mcs_blocks..allow.stonecutter.damage
18. mcs_blocks..allow.crying_obsidian.random.effects
19. mcs_blocks..allow.magma.area.damage
* Water block replaces doors, fence gates, banners, pressure plates, turtle eggs, beds, stonecutters, enchanting tables, candle cakes, daylight detectors.

Works, if gamerule:
mcs_blocks..allow.water.replace.extra.blocks: true
Amethyst Item Frame
* Put in Amethyst Shard inside the item frame, in order to create Amethyst Item Frame.
* Amethyst Item Frame has dark purple glowing aura.
* This block gets invisible when item is inside it.

Works if, gamerule:

mcs_blocks..allow.amethyst_item_frames: true
Glow Item Frame
* Glow Item emits 9 blocks of light.

Works if, gamerule:
: true
Powder Snow / Cauldron Powder Snow
* Powder Snow is more dangerous now, you have to wear leather tunic in order to protect yourself from freezing effect.

Works if, gamerule:
: true
* Mobs lit up from burning entities. [​1]
* Campfires set mobs on fire. [​2]
* Campfires extinguish rarely, if mobs standing on it. [​3]
* Sticks speed ups campfire cooking time. [​4]

Works if, gamerule:
mcs_blocks..allow.new.campfire.mechanics: true
mcs_blocks..allow.campfires.lit.up.from.burning.mobs: true [​1]
mcs_blocks..allow.campfires.set.mobs.on.fire: true [​2]
mcs_blocks..allow.campfires.distinguish.when.mobs.on.it: true [​3]
mcs_blocks..allow.campfires.cooking.speed.with.sticks: true [​4]
* Magma rarely sets entities on fire around it 1x1x1. [​1]
* Magma rarely deals 4 damage to entities which are on magma block. [​2]

Works if, gamerule:
mcs_blocks..allow.magma.area.damage: true [​1]
mcs_blocks..allow.rare.magma_block.damage: true [​2]
Soul Sand / Soul Soil
* Entities that burn with orange flames burn with soul fire, if they stay on soul sand blocks.
* Soul fire on entities per second:
1. Deal 2 damage,
2. Levitation I for 1 seconds with 20% chance. (In average: every 5s.)
3. Summon Vex with 1% chance. (In average: every 100s.)

Works if, gamerule:
mcs_blocks..allow.soul_fire.on.mobs: true
Water Cauldron
* Water Cauldron deals damage to Snow Golem, Blaze, Enderman and Strider.

Works if, gamerule:
mcs_blocks..allow.water_cauldron.damage: true
Falling Block
* Removed maximum damage limit to falling blocks.

Works if, gamerule:
mcs_blocks..allow.falling_block.damage: true
* Deals 1 damage to entities in every 0,5s.

Works if, gamerule:
mcs_blocks..allow.stonecutter.damage: true
Crying Obsidian
* Gives random potion effects for 6 seconds. [​10%]
* Crying Obsidian can teleport you in random location in small radius. [​5%]
* Crying Obsidian breaks into an obsidian and water, if you drain a lot energy from it. [​1%]

Works if, gamerule:

allow.crying_obsidian.random.effects: true

Impact Projectiles
* Pointed Dripstone can be destroyed with arrows. [​1]
* Glass Pane can be destroyed with impact projectiles. [​2]

Works if, gamerule:
mcs_blocks..allow.pointed_dripstone.destroy.with.projectile: true [​1]
mcs_blocks..allow.glass_panes.with.projectile: true [​2]
1. /function mcs_blocks:uninstall/datapack
MCS Blocks v1.3 Minecraft Data Pack
MCS Blocks v1.3 Minecraft Data Pack
This datapack should be compatible with almost all packs!

For datapack developers!
If you want ignore my custom mobs you have to add this (tag=!mcs_mob) or (tag=!smithed.entity) or (tag=!global.ignore) in your code
Also contact with me on discord about compatibility!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

4 Update Logs

Update #4 : by MC_SIlver 05/15/2023 11:16:37 amMay 15th

* Download link fixed!

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