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Biome Specific Fireflies

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Biome Specific Fireflies is a Modified Data-Pack by Catfoolyou that adds as the title says. "Biome Specific Fireflies" Fireflies appear in 7 different species. They also run on a 8-Night cycle; where they could spawn in their respective biomes on seven of the nights, and on the special event night, that allows them all to spawn. Fireflies will not spawn when it is raining or thundering - Unless they are the Mushroom Flies.

Night 1 - Spawns all of them except the Shroomflies - Unless it is raining or thundering. You will get an announcement for when this night comes up.

Night 2 - Spawns Swamp Fireflies. They will spawn in both Mangrove and Normal Swamps.

Night 3 - Spawns Starflies. They spawn in Birch Forests and Old Growth Birch Forests.

Night 4 - Spawns Jungleflies. You will find them in any Normal, Sparse or Bamboo Jungle. Jungle Flies act a little different from the other two mentioned above. They will do a dash in the air and then fall slowly; almost like it's raining!

Night 5 - Spawns Flashflies. These guys will do a flash, rather than fly around. They also spawn more frequently on this night.

Night 6 - Spawns the Savanna Fireflies. They will spawn in all Savanna Biomes.

Night 7 - Spawns the Plains Fireflies. They will spawn in the Plains, Sunflower Plains and Normal Forests.

Night 8 - Spawns the Shroomflies. These guys are definitely the odd-ones-out from the rest of them. They spawn very little, unless it is raining or thundering.

Then the Night Cycles Repeats, back to Night 1.

Overall this Datapack is done. I might add more variants for Terralith in the future. This Data-Pack Does not require any Resource-Pack. Just drag-and-drop.

Admin Commands: If you want to control the firefly nights, you use /scoreboard players set $fireflies fireflies.night 1-8. It is recommended that you do not go past 8. Nothing spawns past 8.

If you wish to uninstall this Data-Pack, use /function fireflies:uninstall and remove the Data-Pack from your Datapacks folder

Feedback is appreciated :)

Credit to Catfoolyou and his original Datapack https://www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/fireflies-5605378/

Also the 3d moon is from Vanilla Tweaks.
CreditCredit goes to my Friend who wishes to remain Anonymous for helping me with proof reading. You know who you are ;)
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

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12/17/2022 1:48 pm
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