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Circe – the pigging witch

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One_Nose avatar One_Nose
Level 55 : Grandmaster Hero
This data pack was created for Sqperdoo's Greek mythology contest.
In The Odyssey of Homer, Odysseus and his sailors reach an island called Aeaea. A nice enchantress named Circe gives them food, but she deceives them and puts in the food a poison that transforms them into pigs (OINK!).

In minecraft, a Circe is a deadly boss. To make a Circe, let a witch walk on a purpur block. The witch will transform to a Circe and have a bossbar.

A Circe has 250 health (125 hearts, 12.5 heart lines). She act like a regular witch, except for two things. First at all, a Circe teleports every 8 seconds to you, so you can't run away. Second, a Circe says "Hocus pocus!" in the chat every 8 seconds. When you see this message, run away as fast as you can! You have 2 seconds to get far from her, then she transforms the nearest mob/player in a radius of 5 blocks into a pig. And you don't want to be her target.

A mob that turned into a pig retains all of its stats (like its name). It loses its drops. If a player turns to a pig, he moves like a pig AI and cannot do anything, except for pressing four buttons that appears in the chat. Those buttons move you when you click them – one to north, one to east, one to west and one to south. Why would you want to move? The myths tell about the one elixir can cure a cursed pig, brought to our land by the god Hermes – the golden carrot. Stepping into a thrown golden carrot while you're a pig can cure you, but moving when you're a pig might be tricky. And don't waste time – a player pig has a large absorption but they take damage all the time, until they die or find a golden carrot. In that time, the Circe can drink healing potions to recover after her enemies are all pets. But one good thing – mobs don't attack pigs.

When you kill a Circe, she drops 1-3 splash potions of pigness in addition to the regular witch drops.
Don't try to use potions of pigness in a brewing stand (like adding dragon's breath to it). They won't retain their ability.
The pigness effect can transform a player/mob into a pig, but remember mobs will lose their drops!

Tips for the fight
I'm a terrible fighter. There's no reason why you should listen my tips.
  • Cover the area with golden carrots, so it would be easier to recover after becoming a pig.
  • When you see "Hocus pocus!" run away. You don't want to become a pig.
  • Beware the teleportation ability. She can surprise you from unpredictable directions.
  • Don't waste any time during the battle. I mean, she IS a witch.

Here are some commands you can use.

To gain a Circe Spawn Egg:
function greek_myths:give/circe_spawn_eggTo gain a stack of Circe eggs:
function greek_myths:give/circe_spawn_egg/stackTo gain a potion of pigness:
function greek_myths:give/pigness_potionTo transform an entity/player into a pig (replace <target> with the entity you want to become a pig):
tag <target> add circe_pig_makeTo trandform a mob into a Circe (it doesn't have to be a witch! You can do this on a zombie, for example, and the zombie will gain lot of health, a bossbar and the ability to transform entities into pigs! Replace <target> with the entity you want to become a Circe):
tag <target> add circe_makeAlso, if you have cheats on, hold F3 and press N to stop being a pig. But this is called cheating!
CreditThis data pack was created for Sqperdoo's Greek mythology contest.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16

1 Update Logs

Circe 2.0: Super Boss Update : by One_Nose 08/27/2020 3:01:00 amAug 27th, 2020

  • Added Circe the ability to teleport
  • Golden carrots can now cure you from being a pig
  • You can now semi-control the pig using chat buttons

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10/11/2021 3:37 am
Level 56 : Grandmaster Nerd
Pleasenotme avatar
This is pretty hilarious.
07/02/2020 7:00 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Birb
BeguiledYT avatar
Maybe you could add more attacks?
07/03/2020 7:28 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Hero
One_Nose avatar
Like what?
07/03/2020 12:32 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Birb
BeguiledYT avatar
Also, if you implement the player-can-control-pig thing, you could remove the range (or make it really big) for the pig spell, and make it a phase/attack instead. The player would have to survive as a pig instead of being able to avoid it. The fight is WAAAAAAY to easy right now, as the witch doesnt throw potions, and the only attack she has is really easy to dodge.
07/04/2020 2:27 pmhistory
Level 55 : Grandmaster Hero
One_Nose avatar
The witch doesn't throw potions??? She should still throw and drink potions, and it works for me. If there is a bug I would try to fix it.
If the fight is easy, that probably says I'm a noob, because it wasn't easy to me. The requirement to run away when she is pigging you, and in the same time fight, eat a lot of golden apples, and not to wait too much, because she can heal herself, plus the 250 health makes it pretty hard to kill her.
I don't think I would make the pig controllable, because the idea is that you're helpless as a pig. Maybe I would make a block or something that transforms you to a player and breaks when you are near, so with proper preparation you can run from being a pig.
I don't think Circe would summon a bat, because Greek mythology Circe doesn't and it wouldn't be related.
07/04/2020 5:38 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Birb
BeguiledYT avatar
She might still throw potions, I just might be an idiot. The whole idea I had was that the first half of the boss fight, she could throw potions and turn you into a pig. As a pig, you could still control it, but you cant attack mobs, so you are still helpless. The pig effect would only last for 30 seconds or so, and when you are a pig, Circe would try to throw potions at you.

I now realize that summoning and riding a bat wouldn't be part of the mythology, but let's be honest: "Hocus Pocus"?

Things don't always have to be exactly like they originally are. I think that a good remix on it would be cool. That's why I threw in the bat idea, to add some spice to the fight. You could kill the bat during the fight, but when she's riding on it she would be harder to hit and you have to dodge potions.
It's still really cool, and I love that she drops the potions!
07/05/2020 1:25 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Hero
One_Nose avatar
I like the ideas, but I am not sure they fit in the main character. Circe is the nice witch that transforms you into a pig and holds you as a pet, not the vampire that neutralizes you and then kills you, riding on a spooky bat. More spice to the battle is good, but it mustn't hurt the story behind the fight. What if Mojang would say that the ravager is too easy to destroy, and give it the ability to throw exploding mushrooms?
If we want to make the battle more interesting, I feel like she should get the ability to teleport or something.

If the pig would be controllable, I think it would be in a very minor and not effective way, and would reqire an early preparation. Maybe there would be a block that can create carrots, controllable in the chat. you can put some in the area and use them to move. Circe would summon the elixir when she transforms you into a pig, and you can try and reach the elixir to cure yourself.
07/03/2020 12:28 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Birb
BeguiledYT avatar
Well, for one you could change up the pig attack. It could still turn peeps into pigs, but you should make it so that the player could escape the pig, maybe by a timer. During that timer, the witch would try to kill the pig by throwing basic witch potions like poison and harming.
If it's possible, I think that you should make it so that the player can still control the pig, they just can't attack the witch or any other mob. They would be slower as a pig, so the witch will be faster, but at least the player has some chance to escape it.
Circe could also have basic witch abilities, such as splash potions that she uses when shes not using the pig spell.
One more attack that could be really cool is if you made it so randomly a bat spawned under the witch and started flying around with the witch on top. The player would have to dodge potions, as well as try to kill the bat.
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