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WillDePro's Avatar WillDePro
Level 42 : Master Waffle
In this datapack, there are new mob heads that you can craft(see the image gallery or the Youtube video for the crafting recipes). When you put the mob heads on your own head, you get special abilities:

Charged Creeper Head: You can blow up when you shift jump(You won't take damage from the explosion)

Red Bed Head: Set your spawnpoint or change the time from night to day when you shift and jump

Iron Golem Head: Every time you step on dirt, flowers will appear on it. When you shift jump, you get 2x health boost and Hero of the Village effects

Boba Fett Head: Shift to fly, but you will eventually reach a height limit

Blaze Head: When worn, you get fire resistance. When you shift jump, you shoot a blaze fireball that causes a minor explosion

Zombified Piglin Head: Shift jump to summon Zombie Piglin Guards. If you shift jump a second time, the guards will attack the nearest mob

King MumboJumbo Head: When you shift jump, you get absorption

Enderman Head: Shift jump to teleport wherever you are looking

Baby Yoda Head Recipe: Shift Jump to launch mobs into the air

Slime Recipe: You can jump high and blocks you touch turn into slime blocks

Eye of Ender Head: Shift jumping causes it to tell you the distance you are from the nearest stronghold. If you shift jump on an end portal frame, you can place eyes of ender inside it, but you need to manually place the last eye of ender to open the portal

Enchantment Table Head: Shift Jump to enchant whatever you are holding(It has to be a weapon, tool, or armor that is iron, diamond, or netherite. There is a chance for the enchantment to fail, so you have to wait for the cooldown to enchant again)

YouTube video: youtu.be/9TdQp-mNfPU0

Slime Head Recipe:
### # = slimeballs, P = player head

Baby Yoda Head Recipe:
#S# S = slimeballs, # = vines, P = player head
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.18

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