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Danmachi x Minecraft ~ The Hestia Knife

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Nick_Ryder's Avatar Nick_Ryder
Level 55 : Grandmaster Explorer
This data pack adds the Hestia Knife from Danmachi (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?) to Minecraft.

1.17 Update!? The Argonaut Update
Nick Ryder
here! Its been a while, but I have a smol update for you guys and 1.17. First thing's first, the Hestia Knife is now craftable! No particular pattern, just put an iron ingot and a torch together in any crafting space, take the book that appears and voila! You'll get the (repeatable) "Child of Hestia" achievement that gives you the knife. That makes this datapack 100% survival/hardcore friendly now!

With that said, I also tried my hand at adding something else; this update bundles together a second datapack with the original Argonaut's thunder sword from the Danmachi Memoria Freese 2nd anniversary storyline! For those of you who don't play the game, Argonaut's story was dubbed "Danmachi Zero Episode" by the Omori himself. Argonaut is the hero who started the gods on their descent to join us on the surface, and bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain bunny. (It is heavily implied that Bell is the reincarnation of this character)

Radiant Thunder deals 6.5 damage, has knockback II and the ability Thunderous Slash.
Thunderous Slash is a high mobility strike that rushes forward, leaving a trail of lightning in its wake. Since Argonaut was borrowing the power of Jupiter himself, I left out any drawbacks besides aim limits (you'll eventually die if you keep dashing upward) and limited visibility when in use (the lightning blinds the user for a split second when cast). Completely spammable otherwise.

To craft the sword, put a gold ingot and a torch in any crafting space.

Note: The file downloaded here needs to be unzipped first. Open the folder "Danmachi x Minecraft datapack" and inside there will be 2 separate datapacks and resource packs for the items. Also note: I can't get custom model data to work for multiple models at the same time; so whichever pack is loaded on top is what will show for both weapons. (ie: Hestia knife at the top means both the Hestia knife and Radiant Thunder will have the look of the Hestia knife model, etc. Just choose whichever you like more) Also Radiant Thunder's ability is really just a better version of the Kingdom Key's thunder break from my Kingdom hearts datapack. I tried multiple ideas, but none were quite as exciting or as fun to play as electric dash attacks, so I just made the dash travel further and dish out more damage.

1.16 Update!

Fireballs work differently between versions 1.15 and 1.16, so I made 2 versions of the Hestia Knife that can be used in each version of the game. Using the command /reload will give you both the Hestia Knife and the Hestia Knife R

The Hestia Knife works in minecraft 1.16. It has the same stats as the Hestia Knife R, but has the Firebolt ability.

Firebolt is a 2-step cast ability that generates a quick, fiery explosion in the direction the user is facing. Right click to charge, and left click the charge to fire in the direction you're facing. It also adds a speed 4 buff and fire immunity for 8 seconds. Using this ability drains your hunger bar. You can summon charges in place and remotely detonate them by aiming another firebolt or projectile at them.

The Hestia Knife R works in minecraft 1.15 and 1.15.2. It deals 6.5 damage, is enchanted with Fire Aspect IV, Knockback II, and has the ability Firebolt Rain.

Firebolt Rain casts 3 quick, fiery explosions that rain down on enemies 7 blocks in front of the caster, covering a ~7x11 block radius. It also adds a speed 4 buff and fire immunity to the user for 8 seconds. Using this ability drains your hunger bar quicker.

Dual Wielding Hestia Knives will generate some interesting effects between game versions. In minecraft 1.16, using the Hestia Knife in the main hand with the Hestia Knife R in the offhand generates two firebolts per use, allowing for two rapid explosions for the price of one.

In minecraft 1.15, using the Hestia Knife R in the main hand with the Hestia Knife in the offhand doubles the power of Firebolt Rain, generating 6 fiery, quick explosions per use.

This data pack requires the Hestia Knife resource pack, which can also be found within the .zip folder downloadable on this page. Unpack the zip and place the Hestia Knife datapack and resource pack in their respective folders.


To retrieve the Hestia Knife, use the command /reload in the in-game chat!

I also cleaned up some jagged edges on the model. If you downloaded this pack previously, please replace the Hestia knife resource pack with the new one in the download above.

Note: Firebolt Rain can be cast laterally and at downward targets. The higher you aim, the closer the firebolts get to the user. Aiming straight up is not recommended. This ability also breaks most weaker blocks, and sets remaining blocks in the blast radius on fire. To avoid damaging structures, use /gamerule mobGriefing false. Unlike Firebolt Rain, Firebolt should not be used in close quarters. It is very easy to 2 hit kill yourself with the blasts. While Firebolt has superior range and aim, it cannot be shot straight upward. This will cause the spell to backfire and insta-kill the user.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15
toMinecraft 1.17

4 Update Logs

Update #4: The Argonaut Update : by Nick_Ryder 07/08/2021 7:27:41 amJul 8th, 2021

The Hestia Knife is now craftable:
  -Iron ingot
  (put in any space you want, it'll work.)

New: Radiant Thunder
  -gold ingot

Due to 1.15 being so long ago, I neglected to make the Hestia Knife type R craftable. Might do it in the future if people still want to use it.

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07/09/2021 4:01 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
Drakio-X's Avatar
Really amazing!!!!
07/09/2021 4:05 am
Level 55 : Grandmaster Explorer
Nick_Ryder's Avatar
Thank you! :D
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