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Disguise 1.17.1 v2.5

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Luis008's Avatar Luis008
Level 50 : Grandmaster Taco
This is the biggest update so far! This includes custom health, mob abilities, the ability to disguise as custom mobs with the /trigger command, fixing the multiplayer bugs and of course the new 1.17 mobs! (and I also updated the thumbnail and the video, I think it's about time, hehe) and finally the mobs are slithly behind the player, so new you can see better in 1st person.

This DataPack will allow you to become any mob. It is perfect for making pranks on your friends!

All commands and information are inside the DataPack. If, once the DataPack is installed, no message is displayed, just type "/reload" in chat.
With this I have concluded. Have fun!

(This DataPack is MultiPlayer friendly!)

1->To become a mob you have to type in chat "/ function dis:disguise / <mob>" or "/trigger disguise set <mob id>"
2->To remove the disguise you have to type in chat "/ function dis:undisguise" or "/trigger undisguise"
3->To modify the nbt of the mob you have to type in chat "/ function dis:options/<nbt>" or "/trigger options set <option id>" (down below there is an explaination of this part)
4->To disguise/modify another player's nbt you have to type in chat "/execute as <player> at @s run <function (without the slash)> (only for opped players)

How can I import custom mobs in the Datapack? Here's how you can do it with the new and improved system
1st step->Type in the search bar "%appdata%" and then enter the ".minecraft" folder.

2nd step->Then enter the "saves" folder and then the folder of the world that interests you.

3rd step->Once this is done, go into the "datapacks" folder and then into my datapack folder.

4th step->Now follow this path: Disguise_1.17.1_v2.5> data> dis> functions> disguise> custom_mobs".

5th->Now choose a template function. You can import a total of 50 custom mobs into the datapack. Just open an empty template and where it says "<insert the HP of the mob>" you have to put the exact number of HP(e.g: the player has 10 hearts -> 20 HP) and remove the little arrows("<", ">"). Where it says "<insert the mob ID here>", you have to put the ID of that mob(the ID you use to spawn it with the /summon command), and then remove the little arrows("<", ">"). And finally it's time for the abilities. You will find a list of all the available abilities. You can keep the line and removing the words between the arrows ("<",">") if that ability matches the mob, if not, erase the line completely. If you can't find the function while typing it in the chat, it means that something is wrong in the function.

Guide on Nbt
-free=The mob will be able to behave naturally (for example, pillagers will be able to attack villagers).
-no_ai=The mob will simply act as a disguise.

-false=The mob (if possible) will become bigger (for example: mini_zombie->zombie).
-true=The mob (if possible) will become smaller (for example: zombie->mini-zombie).

-false=The mob will stop burning.
-true=The mob will start burning.

set_carpet(llama&trader_llama only):
-The llama will wear a carpet over it.

set_charged(creeper only):
-false=The creeper will become normal(its explosion will become smaller).
-true=The creeper will become charged(its explosion will become bigger).

-false=The mob will no longer carry the chests.
-true=The mob(if possible) will bring chests.

set_color(sheeps only):
-Depending of the color the sheep will take on that color.

-false=The mob will return normal.
-true=The mob will be renamed "Grumm"(and it will be turned upside down).

set_horse_armor(horses only):
-Depending of the chosen armor the horse will wear that armor.

set_ignited(creepers only):
-false=The creeper will return normal.
-true=The creeper will activate.

set_jeb(sheeps only):
-false=The sheep will return normal.
-true=The sheep will be renamed "jeb_" (and it will become rainbow colored.)

set_llama_color(llama&trader_llama only):
-Depending of the color the llama will take on that color.

-false=The mob will return normal
-true=The mob(if possible) will wear the saddle.

set_sheared(sheeps only):
-false=The sheep will return normal.
-true=The sheep will be shorn.

-false=The mob will go back to making its noises.
-true=The mob will stop making its noises.

-Depending of the color the axolotl will take on that color.

-false=The goat will not be a Screaming Goat.
-true=The goat will be a Screaming Goat.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15
toMinecraft 1.17

5 Update Logs

1.17 update : by Luis008 07/10/2021 3:02:54 amJul 10th, 2021

-Added the goat, the glow squid and the axolotl with their own NBTs

-Added mob abilities for each mob(e.g: flying, teleporting, climbing walls...)

-Added matching health when you are disguised.

-Added the possibility to disguise as custom mobs with the /trigger command, but now there is a limit of 50 slots.

-Fixed the multiplayer.

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11/19/2022 6:25 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Sadness_Factory's Avatar
can't wait for the 1.19 !
09/27/2022 1:51 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Crafter
Usualdoor5549's Avatar
whats the music in the video called?
09/11/2022 12:42 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Explorer
Rayzes's Avatar
Enderman teleport is bugged, can you fix?
06/28/2022 5:16 am
Level 1 : New Miner
FOXYlankybox's Avatar
this is amazing and everyone that didnt work just reload
03/01/2022 8:19 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
NeserWhite1's Avatar
I can't see the wolf
03/01/2022 8:17 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
NeserWhite1's Avatar
I can't see the disguise
12/23/2021 3:44 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Miner
A_Rolo's Avatar
There is in title 1.17.1 but it didn't work on my server how do i fix it?
11/18/2021 2:22 pm
Level 24 : Expert Artist
PhantasemAmethytstAxlotol's Avatar
you should make it so if like you are eg, a piglin. you can add armor to that
10/15/2021 5:16 pm
Level 24 : Expert Artist
PhantasemAmethytstAxlotol's Avatar
hmm what are the id's i wondered
09/02/2021 7:24 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
DevCmb's Avatar
Whenever I move too far, it kills the entity, in multiplayer

And, when I disguise I do NOT become invisible in multiplayer
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