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Dislocator Warp System

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Warp Sunflower

Hello, in this datapack I'v tryed to re-create Dislocator from Draconic Evolution, a item that allows you to set a warp point in one place, and then warp to it using your XP.

tested and created in minecraft 19w09a

Discontinued due to my other datapack Warp Books

How to use:

To set your Warp Sunflower, get a normal Sunflower and drop it while holding shift
To use your Warp SunFlower, just drop it while holding shift


Works between dimensions.
Have default Blocks per XP cost (you can travel 10 blocks per XP).
Its Possible to change the Blocks per XP cost.

How to Install:

1. Download the datapack zip file
2. Drop it at [​your_world]/datapacks
3. do /reload and its ready to use

How to Configure:

The Configuration isn't needed, its completely optional
The only configuration at the momment is change the cost of travel, by default u need 1 xp to travel 10 blocks, in order to change that, do /scoreboards players set #BlocksPerXp warp.temp.xp [​amount]

Future Features:

1. Add a Cost to warp between dimensions
1.1 Make that cost Customizable
2. Allow the sunflower to become a written book
2.1 Use the Written Book to warp
2.2 Allow to warp by opening a lectern with a warp book on it
3. If asked, remove the ability to warp with the sunflower and make it only with the book
3.1 Make it a optional feature

atm the name is Warp Sunflower, but when I add the book I'll update it to the title of the post
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13

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