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Ant_Redstone avatar Ant_Redstone
Level 54 : Grandmaster Cake

Warp Book

Hello everyone, in this datapack I bring you a warp book, a craftable book that allows you to teleport to saved Points
Datapack Inspired by Dislocators from Draconic Evolution
Datapack Created to Minecraft 1.15+, it will NOT work in minecraft 1.13.2 or below

January 2021 Notes:
Hello everyone, I'v been away for a while, and I'm sorry for that, but this isn't a job, it's just a hobby, and I'v been busy with other things, but today I woke up with my first donation, so I decided to fix those 2 bugs that I'm sure were in the way of some of you, tyvm

Please report any bugs and I'll fix asap, try to say what you did, what happened and which version you'r at

How To Use:

To use this datapack is really easy.
1. Craft your Warp Book,
2. Right Click with your "Set Warp Point" Book to save your location,
3. Drop the "Warp Book" to teleport to the saved location.

Info About Multiple Warp Book

To Save a Warp Book inside him, jump while holding the Multiple at Off-hand and the one to save in your Main-hand
To Cycle between saved books in your Multiple one, hold it in your off-Hand and jump, a message with the name of the warp will show on top of your hotbar


1. You can place your "Warp Book" at lectern and right click it to teleport
2. Any Teleport Action won't work while sneaking
3. You do can rename your Warp Book in an Anvil
4. If Warp is Named in your Multiple Warp Book, you'll be able to see the name of it while you cycle it.


Warp Book:

Warp Book Minecraft Data Pack

8 Books + 1 Ender Eye

Multiple Warp Book:

Warp Book Minecraft Data Pack
4 Nether Stars + 4 "Set Warp Point" Books + 1 Ender Eye

Multiple Warp Book Extractor:

Warp Book Minecraft Data Pack
4 Redstone Dusts + 4 White Dyes + 1 Writable Book

Items Added:

Dimension -1 = Nether
Dimension 0 = OverWorld
Dimension 1 = The End


1. Warp Book

2. Compatibility to Lecterns

3. Consumes XP by distance travel

4. Creative Players don't pay their XP

5. It's possible to change the amount of Blocks Traveled Per XP

6. Toggleable Options

7. Multiple Warp Book

8. Multiple Warp Book Extractor

Extra Info:

If you are running on 1.14.x you'll need to do 1 step that can't be automated, that's run command below or click on the text message that you'll receive once world load/reload. That Step isn't needed on 1.15

/forceload add 20202020 20202020

By Default, Warps have consumes 1 of XP for each 70 Blocks traveled.

If you want to change it, just do

/scoreboard players set #BlocksPerXp warp <value>
Toggleable Options Available:


The book option will allow/deny a player to teleport by dropping a Warp Book
The lectern option will allow/deny a player to teleport by interacting with a Lectern with a Warp Book inside
The title option will show/hide a action bar showing the position that you'll teleport while holding the book

Every Option Above is Server-wide, not to only one player

To Toggle any option do:

/function warpbook:toggle/<option>

Future Features:

1. Add Multiple Warps Book

2. Scroll instead of Jumps to change Multiple Warp book's list

3. Add Option to Pay with Ender Pearls instead of XP

Known Bugs:

1.17 related bugs:

when teleporting to the same dimension warp book becomes a ghost item (its in your hand but you can't see it unless you update it on your inventory)
Tha bug is related to MC-219018 and already got assigned as fixed and should be working normal in 1.17.1

1.16 related bugs:
(that bug should be fixed, Please tell me if it still happens to you, otherwise, I'll remove that warning in a few days)

Lectern works but not regular books, or regular book disapears after teleporting
the init function probably didn't run, pls run the following command/function warpbook:1.16/init

For those that want it to be fixed, I'v been away for a while, but now I'm back on datapack developing

Ofc, you can donate any minimal amount, i'll appreciate it and fix those bugs faster

Feel Free to Donate if you want to ^^

Datapack Tested in minecraft 19w14b and Created in minecraft 19w11b
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15
toMinecraft 1.17

16 Update Logs

Update 1.6.1 : by Ant_Redstone 06/14/2021 9:30:39 pmJun 14th, 2021

Added a Temporary fix to a visual glitch that caused the XP bar to vanish when teleporting between dimensions, bug related to MC-178215
Fixed message showing you Paid negative xp values to show that you actually paid 0 XP

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11/07/2021 9:16 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
AlexRoRoblox_YT avatar
hi your data pack does not work on 1.17.1
09/09/2021 10:56 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
BadThinker avatar
Hello. Your data pack doesn't work in Overworld. It works on the nether... Can you fix this bug?
07/08/2021 7:28 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
Archer17 avatar
Hello, been enjoying this datapack, its very impressive.

I've run into a bug on 1.17 where the teleportation stopped working in the overworld, but if I make a book to go to the nether, it will work fine from any dimension. I used the book once in the overworld but now it says "teleportation successful" and doesn't do anything. This happened after restarting a realm.
06/30/2021 9:08 am
Level 9 : Apprentice Crafter
imperialjj avatar
Hi, this data pack is wonderful!

I am having one issue though, the multi warp book. I can't get it to switch the internal books by either jumping or scrolling. While I do this I have the MWB in my off hand. Any suggestions would be great!

Also cool feature to add might be to make the MWB work on the lectern and be able to have a menu where you click where you want to go? I've seen something similar on other data packs and mods, but yours seems to be more stable then the other data packs.

Thanks and have a good one!
07/01/2021 3:09 pmhistory
Level 54 : Grandmaster Cake
Ant_Redstone avatar
Tyvm, glad to hear you'r enjoying my pack.

Also, I'm sorry u'r having throuble with Multiple Warp Book (MWB) jumping should be disabled to last couple game versions, but Sneak + Scroll while your MWB is in your off-hand should be working, and I'd need more details to check what could be going wrong in your end, I'v tested and can confirm it's working fine in 1.17. If your warps were named, you should also be able to see an actionbar with it's name while scrolling.

My first idea to MWB was to make it with pages and clickable, but due to a bug in minecraft (MC-63988) custom books won't work to non-op players, and that would ruin the experience for most players.

So right now, the only option you would have is to extract the warp book from your MWB, make an copy (using vanilla copy system) and add back the book
07/01/2021 7:33 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Crafter
imperialjj avatar
Sneak plus scroll worked with it my off hand. Thank you so much for helping me understand!

Also I see how that could be unfair to other players. Thanks again for all your help!
06/19/2021 6:05 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Bsneed avatar
Darn it, I was hoping this would work with multiverse plugin.
06/19/2021 3:45 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Cake
Ant_Redstone avatar
I have plans to make it work with multiple dimensions (idk about the plugin, but make the dimension check more generic), but atm it only works with 3 default ones
06/17/2021 7:03 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Blacksmith
LVS_god avatar
I've tried using your data pack and it doesn't work for me I am using 1.17 full
06/17/2021 7:23 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Blacksmith
LVS_god avatar
i got it to work
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