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Ender Guardian [Aquatic Boss]

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Venator_'s Avatar Venator_
Level 49 : Master Engineer
With this datapack, complete the exploration of a monument with an intense boss fight !

The last Elder Guardian will transform into the Ender Guardian, teleport the player over the monument and start the battle.

You can summon the boss with a Elder Guardian spawn egg, but if you want a simple Elder, rename-it 'elder'

If you want find a monument, you can use this command : /locate monumentThe Boss use the same attacks as a Elder, but he has a Passif effect and 3 special spells :
- Stealth - He becomes invisible then discrete. Furthermore, he will summon 2 guardians or use regeneration

- Hypnosis - He forces a player to stare into his cyclopean eye. He then emits a shrill and disturbing sound.

- Sinking - He summons a downward flow, all the players around him are drawn down. If a player has a water breathing effect, its duration is fixed at 39 seconds. The next time, the effect will fade during the next -Sinking- spell.

Passively, the boss has the Black Water effect: Preventing players from using the fast swim button and changing the aquatic visual atmosphere.

Alway loot a Trident with Mending and a colored Shulker-Box
You can also loot 3 to 7 scutes, some sponges and an eye of ender.

Good luck with this challenge ! Tell me if you're victorious
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15
toMinecraft 1.18

3 Update Logs

Update #3 : by Venator_ 12/15/2021 12:15:58 pmDec 15th, 2021

* Now in minecraft 1.18
* Add a other way to download with dropbox

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01/12/2024 1:14 am
Level 28 : Expert Creeper Hugger
EddieBaledy's Avatar
The idea of this is cool but very.... Inaccurate to lore?. Maybe..

See most mobs from The End take damage from water which is why I say it may be inaccurate BUT!.

I do wanna say thats what I like about this datapack, adds something unique like an Ender mob and makes it water based instead of having a deathly weakness to water..

Bet people thought I was complaining at the start, huh?. XD

Anyway from looking at it though I do have one suggestion for it and that is you should give it a unique Texture if possible (I am more than sure this is possible from what I have seen with other datapacks in the past)..

I think having a Shulker-like appearance would be a great fit for the Guardian whilst having a Purple Eye OR hear me out, make this boii a Chorus Fruit looking Guardian!!! OoO

Also if you do make it look like a Chorus Fruit than you also should give it a small teleport effect when it takes enough damage..

If you cant do any of these or dont want to you dont have to, I just like giving suggestions and ideas.. ^u^
10/31/2023 4:46 am
Level 45 : Master Hunter
Sancturn6's Avatar
Make it work at 1.19, this is a very good upgrade for elder guardians.
But make it drop the heart of the sea instead of an eye of ender.
12/12/2021 6:22 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Explorer
MechaKillerRichMC's Avatar
I tried to tell you to update this data pack to version 1.18.1
12/15/2021 12:21 pm
Level 49 : Master Engineer
Venator_'s Avatar
The datapack is now for 1.18. But here's a tip: most datapacks work equally well on 1.17. and 1.18. We can only specify one version in the files, but both work equally well.
07/02/2021 12:27 pmhistory
Level 10 : Journeyman Explorer
MechaKillerRichMC's Avatar
You should update it to version 1.18.1
07/14/2021 12:56 pmhistory
Level 49 : Master Engineer
Venator_'s Avatar
Yes, it's done :) Now you can fight The Elder Guardian in 1.17
05/30/2021 9:03 am
Level 66 : High Grandmaster Ninja
MC_SIlver's Avatar
Nice datapack
05/29/2021 9:44 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User3572631G's Avatar
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