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Eternal Challenges

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Devu Projects avatar Devu Projects
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Waffle
Eternal Challenges Minecraft Data Pack
Eternal Challenges Minecraft Data Pack


Eternal Challenges is a Java Edition data pack made by Devu Projects.
It focuses on Advancements, recipes and loot tables. This data pack is the first entry in Devu Projects Vanilla Expansion series, after the split of content planned for Vanilla Expansion, now known as Vanilla Expansion Beta 3. There are over 150 new advancements with even more on the way. These split into various categories ranging from tutorial advancements, through memes, finishing on difficult challenges that will give you extra hours of fun!
Dive deep into as many challenges as you can! Will you manage to get all of them done? Or will you fall?

Eternal Challenges Minecraft Data Pack

Download Eternal Challenges

By playing with Eternal Challenges you agree to observe the rules written in TOU.
If you did anything that breaks TOU now, but back then it wasn't there, then that rule break doesn't matter
If you wouldn't like to accept the rules of TOU, stop using this pack and delete it from your drive

As a player / data pack maker / writer you're allowed to:
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As a player / data pack maker / writer you're NOT allowed to:
●Share data pack while claiming to be an author
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●Modify the pack and distribute even if original author in mentioned
●Monetize the pack or earn money by using it***
●Add watermarks to any pack content
●Using, sharing pack or acting in any way that may or to make people think pack is yours****

*Using Eternal Challenges assets to create your own is meant as inspiration and using pack assets or parts of code is not meant as inspiration
**"Original Pack content" is understand as every file contained in official Eternal Challenges zipped file with exception of 74 Bedrock Edition achievements
***Except for the videos or live streams where you're just plaing with Eternal Challenges enabled and advertisements on website with article about pack, if the article is not breaking other TOU rules
****If people think pack is yours and it's not your fault, you just should clarify you're not the author

How to Install
1.Download data pack for version of the game you play.
2.Open Minecraft Java Edition.
3.Click on Create New World.
4.Click on Data Packs.
5.Click on Open Pack Folder.
6.Copy downloaded zip file into the window that opened after pressing Open Pack Folder button.
7.Go back to the game, hover over the data pack icon on the Available list and move it to the right by clicking on the arrow.
8.Click Done and Create New World.


Devu Projects' Vanilla Expansion: Eternal Challenges is a data pack that comes with many new recipes, changes a bunch of loot tables and adds many new advancements to your game. These vary into multiple categories:

Over 150 advancements:
  • 74 Bedrock Edition achievements - added 74 out of 75 achievements exclusive to Bedrock Edition - excluding: Map Room
  • 6 new Adventure advancements:
    • Die 5 times in 20 seconds
    • Obtain the best sword in the game
    • Obtain a fully oxidized copper block
    • Place a cobweb
    • Shoot a firework loaded crossbow
    • Kill a Warden near a Sculk Catalyst
  • 6 Carpentery advancements:
    • Use a dye on sign to dye the text
    • Obtain all saplings and fungi that can be grown to trees
    • Obtain Cartography Table
    • Obtain Loom
    • Obtain every completely or partially wooden item type
    • Get a tree block
  • 4 new End advancements:
    • Break an Elytra
    • Defeat a Shulker when closed
    • Defeat a Shulker
    • Create and shoot a poisoned arrow
  • 6 new Husbandry advancements:
    • Put a candle on a cake
    • Let Mooshroom get strucked by lightning
    • Obtain suspicious stew
    • Tame all the animals
    • Feed Brown Mooshroom a flower
    • Duplicate an Allay
  • 2 new Nether advancements:
    • Obtain a soul fueled item
    • Fill a Cauldron with water in the Nether
  • 10 Pillage advancements:
    • Join the dark side
    • Rob every chest in all villages
    • Strike down an Iron Golem in 1 versus 1 battle
    • Hunt down a Wandering Trader
    • Blow up a Villager
    • Get rid of a Villager using an iron axe
    • Blow up a Villager
    • Kill a Villager like a real Pillager
    • Befriend a Pillager
    • Kill a master tier Villager
  • 19 Redstone advancements:
    • Obtain a piece of Redstone dust
    • Power a lectern
    • Turn a daylight detector to the night mode
    • Click on a Redstone dust piece
    • Discover and investigate a locked repeater
    • Investigate a locked hopper
    • Construct a Dropper
    • Construct a hopper
    • Obtain lightning rod
    • Construct an Observer
    • Construct a piston
    • Obtain any kind of power switch
    • Obtain a Redstone block
    • Find a Sculk Sensor
    • Construct a Target
    • Place trapped chest
    • Redirect energy to a piston by changing redstone dust shape
    • Ignite a TNT with redstone power source
    • Use comparator to measure power from a certain type of block
  • 3 new Story advancements:
    • Place an Ender Chest
    • Wear a piece of armor cursed with Curse of Binding
    • Obtain a piece of armor or a tool that is too expensive to be repaired
  • 12 Underground advancements:
    • Mine stone
    • Swim in water in the lowest parts of the world
    • Find all the underground biomes
    • Enter the lowest parts of the world
    • Fall on a Pointed Dripstone
    • Find all of stone crafting materials
    • Obtain all the stone types
    • Obtain Amethyst
    • Obtain all of the ores
    • Achieve the deepest point in the world
    • Help a spirit to pass Styx
    • Use stonecutter
  • 14 Village advancements:
    • Find a village
    • Compost something
    • Use an iron ingot to heal Iron Golem
    • Attack a Villager
    • Fill a Cauldron with lava
    • Turn dirt into Path
    • Fill a Cauldron with powder snow
    • Summon a Snow Golem
    • Buy something from every villager profession
    • Wander through the world, find every type of villager and trade with them
    • Trade with master tier villager
    • Fill a Cauldron with water
    • Obtain every banner pattern
    • Fake a raid beginning with a goat horn
  • 4 Water advancement:
    • Jump into the water
    • Find a Monument
    • Fill a barrel with 1,728 fish of the same kind
    • Defeat a Monument Guardian
Many quality of life crafting recipes:
  • Metal blocks - raw metal blocks can be smelted into regular counterparts. Process will take the same amount of time as smelting 8 of the same things in item form
  • Stairs into slabs - added recipes allowing to cut stair blocks into slabs in stonecutter
  • Slabs and stairs consistency (smelting) - blocks that can be smelted into other stone variants when in full block form, now can be used to get corresponding variants in slab and stairs forms
  • Slabs, stairs and walls consistency (stonecutter) - blocks that can be transformed into other stone variants when in full block form, now can be used to get corresponding variants in slab, stairs and wall forms. Stairs can be cut into slabs.
  • Buttons and pressure plates - stone (including block variants) and metal buttons and pressure plates can be crafted inside of stonecutter. Doing so will give you bigger amount of items
  • Iron Trapdoor - can be crafted inside of stonecutter. Doing so will give you bigger amount of items
  • Amethyst (stonecutter) - can be cut into amethyst shards
Changes to Loot Tables:
  • Budding Amethyst - drops 0-3 amethyst shard if broken with pickaxe
  • Dirt Path - drops dirt path if broken with silk touch
  • Farmland - drops dirt path if broken with silk touch
  • Respawn Anchor - keeps charges if broken with silk touch
  • Stone Slab - drops cobblestone slab if broken without silk touch
  • Stone Stairs - drops cobblestone stairs if broken without silk touch
  • Bee - drops 0-1 honeycomb on death
  • Fox - drops 0-2 sweet berries on death
  • Pands - drops 0-2 bamboo instead on always 1 on death
  • Pillager - drops 0-2 arrows on death
  • Turtle - has a chance of dropping a turtle shell on death
  • Frog - drops 0-1 slime balls on death
  • Fishing - can catch cocoa beans if in any jungle biome

Made by:

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

1 Update Logs

Update : by Devu Projects 07/08/2022 8:45:27 amJul 8th

Update for Eternal Challenges changelog:

-Fixed Let it Go working only on deep cold ocean
-Fixed Taste of Your Own Medicine name

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07/01/2022 9:29 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User3188540G avatar
How do I remove the quality of life recipe stuff? It's going to conflict with another pack I have that does something similar.
07/01/2022 9:45 am
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Waffle
Devu Projects
Devu Projects avatar
remove recipes in eternal and in eternal\advancements folders
06/29/2022 3:28 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Aymanis128 avatar
but i have a question: will it work if i have the blaze and caves advancement pack?(which also adds more achievements.)
06/29/2022 7:13 pm
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Waffle
Devu Projects
Devu Projects avatar
there probably will be some data conflicts, but I designed Eternal Challenges to make that as non noticeable as possible
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