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Vanilla Expansion Datapack

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Level 61 : High Grandmaster Waffle

Vanilla Expansion Datapack Minecraft Data Pack

Vanilla Expansion is a mod-like datapack, that at the moment adds few new advancements, modifies generation on swamp, adds 3 new villages, 1 new bastion category (with all 4 types) that can generate on Soul Sand Valley, a brand new struture that generates on completly new biome which is Infernal Dunes as well as some brand new biomes, such as Twisting Hollow with kind of a new mob, Withering Hills and Dead Forest. You'll also expirence a bunch of new mechanics, such as Unstable Warped Fungi, Withering Presence, Spore Infection and some block drop consistency.


By playing with Vanilla Expansion you agree to observe the rules written in TOU
If you wouldn't like to accept the rules of TOU, just stop using this pack


This pack requires extra steps during proper instalation. Please read how to install.
How to Install
-create a vanilla Minecraft world
-type /seed-click the seed to copy it
-exit opened world
-download the datapack
-open it with winrar/7zit/etc.
-enter data/minecraft/dimension
-open the_nether.json
-change both (there are exactly 2 parameters of this kind)"seed": 0,to
"seed": [your world seed],for example
"seed": 123456789,-save changes
-confirm archive override
-select your world and click recreate
-enter datapack selection menu
-add VE.zip
-enable VE.zip
-create the world

Vanilla Expansion Datapack Minecraft Data Pack Vanilla Expansion Datapack Minecraft Data Pack

Updates & Official Releases Info

Vanilla Expansion v0.2.3 (1.17-1.17.1) - RELEASED
Vanilla Expansion v0.2.1_r16 (1.16.2-1.16.5) - RELEASED


-14 new biomes (7 nether biomes and 7 overworld biomes*)
  • Infernal Dunes,
  • Twisting Hollow,
  • Withering Hills,
  • Corrupted Forest,
  • Fungal Fields,
  • Soul Soil Wastes,
  • Great Lava Ocean.
  • Wooded Beach,
  • Steppe,
  • Dead Ocean,
  • Dead Forest,
  • Taiga Lakes,
  • Giant Tree Taiga Lakes,
  • Jungle Lakes.
-6 new structures
  • Ghost Bastions,
  • Jungle, Badlands, Swamp (for now only 0.2.2_r16) Villages,
  • The Infernal Lord Ruins,
  • The Great Devourer Ruins.
-changed nether biome distribution
-removed all of the structures from Basalt Deltas biome
-Fortress is now more common
-most of the biomes have different water color (bedrock parity)
-bedrock structure generation parity
-bedrock mob drop parity
-more consistent and useful loot tables
  • mobs (more consistent and bedrock parity),
  • special event drops (bedrock parity - vindicator and pillager during a raid)
  • fishing (bedrock parity),
  • blocks (more consistent and bedrock parity)
  • blockstates (bedrock parity).
-more consistent reciepies
-Swamp biome improvements
  • wild crops,
  • huge mushrooms.
-Savanna biome improvements
  • diamond ores generation changes
-4 new mechanics
  • Withering Presence (Decaying Wither Skeletons will spawn behind player),
  • Spore Presence (Player will make Infected Zombiefied Piglins angry at him),
  • Fungus Infection (Zombiefied Piglins will become infected once stepped on a warped fungus),
  • Unstable Fungi (Warped Fungus will explode after being stepped on, unless player is wearing leather boots).
-3 new advancements
  • The Days Before You,
  • Great Devourer Home,
  • Infernal Lord Home.
-Infected Zombiefied Piglin mob
-Glow Squid natural spawn** (spawns in all of deep oceans)
-13 new tags (4 entity tags and 9 block tags)

*New Overworld biomes do not generate naturally yet, it will be changed in future, however you can access them by using this command
/execute in minecraft:custom_overworld_biomes_test run tp @p ~ ~ ~**Not included in version 0.2_r16

Know Issues

All Versions:

-jungle villages generation is broken (connectors)
-villager can't pathfind the workstation in Cartographer house causing him to become stuck
-infernal king ruins can float above lava level
-Great Devourer Home and The Days Before You can unlock when entering a village partly located on mountains biome

Version 0.2.3_pre1

-swamp village doesn't generate

Future Plans

There are huge plans for this pack, however they may change as the time goes by (limitations of current custom worldgen)
Official roadmap

Programs and sources used to create:

-Minecraft Assets
-Minecraft Vanilla Worldgen File
-Minecraft Wiki (technical related stuff)
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
toMinecraft 1.17

15 Update Logs

Maintenance break ended! : 07/20/2021 6:56:56 amJul 20th

Vanilla Expansion 0.2.3 has been re-enabled

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08/28/2021 4:44 pm
Level 20 : Expert Cake
THCDPRO avatar
good datapck hope it keeps getting updated
07/30/2021 1:20 pm
Level 9 : Apprentice Miner
tigris62716 avatar
ok so the description was very confusing for me can you please make a video or a picture step by step how to do it? please im not good with these kinds of things and that would be sooo much help
07/20/2021 5:44 am
Level 51 : Grandmaster Nerd
Pleasenotme avatar

The infernal dunes remind me of a custom biome I once made!
07/05/2021 4:47 am
Level 1 : New Miner
lubie_PLADZKI avatar
Devu or biomes in Overlworld run on full version 1.17 ??
07/11/2021 12:54 pm
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Waffle
Devu Projects
Devu Projects avatar
06/30/2021 2:57 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Wildflare avatar
so the hovering inferno is in this?
07/11/2021 12:54 pm
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Waffle
Devu Projects
Devu Projects avatar
06/15/2021 12:52 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
BOI123 avatar
Is there a way to edit is config? I'm not a fan of a mechanic that allows me to explode while stepping on warped fungus.
06/16/2021 9:31 am
Level 61 : High Grandmaster Waffle
Devu Projects
Devu Projects avatar
at the moment there isn't. But that's a good idea actually
06/15/2021 9:57 am
Level 1 : New Miner
MegaMaksiu avatar
Będzie update na pełne 1.17?
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