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Vanilla Expansion Datapack Beta 3

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Vanilla Expansion Datapack Beta 3 Minecraft Data Pack


Vanilla Expansion is a mod-like datapack, that at the moment adds many new advancements, new mob variants, modifies generation on some of the biomes, adds a bunch of new structures, as well as some brand new biomes, such as Twisting Hollow, Withering Hills and Dead Forest. You'll also expirence some of the new mechanics, such as Infernal Wind, Spore Infection, Withering Presence, and some block drop consistency. New mechanics can be turned off in the config file.

Terms of Use

By using Vanilla Expansion data pack you agree to observe the rules written in TOU.
If you wouldn't like to accept the rules of TOU, just stop using this pack.

General provisions:
You are allowed to use, share, write articles and modify the pack for personal use only.
You are not allowed to: monetize, share the original from unofficial download sources, redistribute unmodified or modified version and claim to be the author of the original data pack, redistribute unmodified or modified version even if the original author is mentioned.
Full Terms of Use can be found inside of README.txt file.


This pack requires extra steps during proper instalation for versions up to 0.3.1. If you wish to use version 0.3.2 or newer, proceed with regular instalation. Please read How to install..

How to Install
-create a vanilla Minecraft world
-type /seed-click the seed to copy it
-exit opened world
-download the datapack
-open it with winrar/7zit/etc.
-enter data/minecraft/dimension
-open the_nether.json and overworld.json
-change all (there are exactly 4 parameters of this kind)"seed": 0,to
"seed": [your world seed],for example
"seed": 123456789,-save changes
-confirm archive override
-select your world and click recreate
-enter datapack selection menu
-add VE.zip
-enable VE.zip
-create the world

Vanilla Expansion Datapack Beta 3 Minecraft Data PackVanilla Expansion Datapack Beta 3 Minecraft Data Pack

Updates & Official Releases Info

Vanilla Expansion v0.3.2 (1.19+) - RELEASED


-10 new biomes (6 nether biomes and 4 overworld biomes*)
  • Infernal Dunes,
  • Twisting Hollow,
  • Withering Hills,
  • Corrupted Forest,
  • Fungal Fields,
  • Soul Soil Wastes,
  • Wooded Beach,
  • Steppe,
  • Dead Ocean,
  • Dead Forest
-5 new structures
  • Ghost Bastions,
  • Guardian Bastion,
  • The Infernal Lord Ruins,
  • The Great Devourer Ruins,
  • The Wraith of Depths Ruins.
-4 new mechanics
  • Infernal Wind - Thunderstorms may occur in the Infernal Dunes biome in a form of Infernal Wind. This environmental hazard will continuously damage you and all of the other vulnerable mobs if not protected. Danger zone begins on Y level of 25 and lasts to the height of 125.

  • Withering Presence - Visiting Withering Hills biome for too long will lead to being attacked by wicked souls of the past. They'll always spawn behind you. They're really strong when compared to their Fortress friends but are also decaying very fast - their bones are really fragile. Deacaying Wither Skeletons don't drop their skulls.

  • Spore Infection - Stepping on warped fungus without leather boots makes them explode spreading spores all around. Near Zombiefied Piglins will turn into their infected variant and player will get covered in spores that make Infected Zombiefied Piglins angry on sight. Non-infected Zombiefied Piglins will also get mad at you if they notice you being attacked by / you attacking their infected brothers and sisters. Effect wears off after 5 minutes / by entering water or powder snow.
    note: Infected Zombiefied Piglins will still spawn naturally on Twisting Hollow Biome - regular zombies will not transfor into them.

  • Intelligent Skeletons - When skeleton submerges to the state where bow is useless, it withdraws its weapon and try to kill you with a wooden sword. When melee skeleton stands out of water with at least its upper half, it'll snipe you again.
-126 new advancements
  • Most of Bedrock Edition achievements
  • Legends of the Lost Kings discovery advancements,
  • Meme advancements,
  • Tutorial advancements.
-4 new mob variants
  • Piglin Emperor - a new boss with phases and custom attacks. Can be found in Guardian Bastion Remntnats. Will drop gear with better enchantements.

  • Blind Hoglin - a variant of Hoglin which will not attack you until you doesn't move fast. If they spot you once, good luck in losing them. Will spawn in Guardian Bastion Remnant... Somewhere...

  • Infected Zombiefied Piglin - a Zombiefied Piglin that got infected by Warped Spores. It'll get mad at you if you break their precious fungi.

  • Withering Skeleton - a very fragile version of Wither Skeleton. Its bones break so easily, they crush once they hit the ground. Will sneak behind the player if they're spending too much time on Withering Hills biome.
-changed nether biome distribution
-removed all of the structures from Basalt Deltas biome
-made Lush Caves rarely generate below y=0

-most of the biomes have different water color (bedrock parity)
-bedrock structure generation parity
-bedrock mob drop parity
-more consistent and useful loot tables
  • mobs (more consistent and bedrock parity),
  • special event drops (bedrock parity - vindicator and pillager during a raid)
  • fishing (bedrock parity),
  • blocks (more consistent and bedrock parity)
  • blockstates (bedrock parity).
-more consistent reciepies
-biome improvements
  • wild crops on Swamp,
  • huge mushrooms on Swamp.
  • diamond ores generation changes on Savanna
-many new block, item and entity tags

*New Overworld biomes only generate naturally in 0.3.1 or newer. In 0.3 you can access them by using this command
/execute in minecraft:custom_overworld_biomes_test run tp @p ~ ~ ~


This Data Pack allows you to configure some of its options to your will. In order to get into the CONFIG file, navigate to VE\data\ve\functions\data_pack_config and open "configurable_options.mcfunction" file.
There you'll find all the needed instructions and explanations.

Future Plans

As of the release of Beta version No. 3, Vanilla Expansion as we know it is becoming unsupported. This particular data pack will not get any new content anymore, but will be split into few different, themed data pack in the future.

Data Packs announced because of the split:

Eternal Challenges [​DOWNLOAD NOW]

Pillage the Village

Legends of The Lost Kings


-Minecraft Assets
-Minecraft Vanilla Worldgen Files
-Minecraft Wiki (technical related stuff)
-Misode - Data pack updater (misode.github.io/upgrader/)
-seehowtheyroll - help with updating biome pool for the overworld

Created and Released by

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.19

22 Update Logs

Update 0.3.2 is OUT! : by Devu Projects 07/09/2022 6:10:20 amJul 9th

Vanilla Expansion Beta 3.2 is now available for download, what means you can play with the data pack on 1.19 forward.

*Updated to 1.19

*Piglin Emperor - reworked healing
*Withering Skeleton - can now spawn on mangrove roots, muddy mangrove roots, mud, ochre froglight, verdant froglight and pearlescent froglight

*Nether - tweaked biome distribution

+Deep Dark - changed water color

*Infernal Lord Ruins - fixed structure leviting above lava level

Additional update: Vanilla Expansion: Eternal Challenges is the first data pack in the process of spliting original Vanilla Expansion content, both already added and that was still in the works. Be sure to check out the first entry to the series, which adds 160 new advancements with more on the way, many quality of life recipes and some new and parity changes for loot table.

Check Eternal Challenges Now


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09/05/2022 3:13 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Juleea avatar
Looks really good, thanks.
07/24/2022 2:37 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
KovekA avatar
Is this compatible with terralith?
07/25/2022 7:27 am
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Waffle
Devu Projects
Devu Projects avatar
it's incredibly uncommon for 2 worldgen data packs to work together without any problems, so I doubt it.
06/27/2022 2:58 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4213298D avatar
when will it be version 1.19 and will it be at all?
06/27/2022 3:05 pm
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Waffle
Devu Projects
Devu Projects avatar
I tried to, but at the moment the only option is to release it without overworld biomes
02/28/2022 2:12 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
User4062426G avatar
This datapack is not working on oficial version 1.18.2. I have information ,, datapack validation failed". Help me. I download beta 0.3.1
02/28/2022 5:37 pmhistory
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Waffle
Devu Projects
Devu Projects avatar
It's working for me. Did you follow "How to Install" section? If yes, then something must be wrong in one or both of the files in places where data was changed. If you didn't change anything, I can't really tell what causes this issue for you.
03/01/2022 10:06 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User4062426G avatar
It's working corectly on 1.17.1. In 1.18.2 I have information ,, Made for older version od Minecraft". In changelog I don't have any information about 0.3.1. I followed ,, How to install"
03/01/2022 1:23 pm
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Waffle
Devu Projects
Devu Projects avatar
okay, found the issue. Linking in images isn't working the best on this site. Should be fixed by now
02/27/2022 11:16 am
Level 1 : New Miner
AstienGreenhart avatar
Will this pack work in 1.18.1?
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