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Everything in Skyblock 1.13 (alpha)

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    nekem_nyolc avatar nekem_nyolc
    Level 35 : Artisan Miner

    This is an alpha version. It isn't completed and may contain bugs. Currently you can't achieve everything you can in vanilla survival but I'm working on it. I uploaded this version because I think this is a playable and almost completable version.

    I don't know if everything works or not, e.g. the large field for animals.

    You can find recipes in the datapack but later I will make images.

    If you need only the datapack:
    Click here to download



    Basics 1:
    1) Build a cobblestone generator.
    2) Build a small tree farm.
    3) Build a mob farm.
    4) Craft a grass block and build at least a 4x4 area.
    5) Use a bonemeal and harvest wheat seeds.
    6) Craft a chicken egg.

    Blocks 1:
    1) Explode a cobblestone with a gunpowder in a crafting table. (gravel)
    2) Explode a gravel with a gunpowder in a crafting table. (sand)

    Spawner eggs 1:
    1) Craft a zombie head.
    2) Craft a creeper head.
    3) Craft a skeleton skull.
    4) Craft a zombie spawner egg.
    5) Craft a creeper spawner egg.
    6) Craft a skeleton spawner egg.

    Resources 1:
    1) Explode a zombie spawner egg with a gunpowder in a crafting table. (iron nugget)
    2) Craft an iron ore from 8 nuggets and a stone.
    3) Smelt an iron ore. (infinite iron source)
    4) Craft iron bars.
    5) Craft a basic spawner from the spawner eggs and iron bars. (food farm)
    6) Build a road to the floating chest and obtain the resources:
    - 2 snow block.
    - 1 cactus.
    - 1 melon slice.
    - 1 pumpkin seed.
    7) Build a melon and a pumpkin farm.
    - 16 melon and 16 pumpkin.
    8) Make a snow farm.

    Tools 1:
    1) Craft a full iron armor and tool set.
    2) Craft shears.

    Basics 2:
    1) Build a large area to spawn witches and get sugar.

    Resources 2:
    1) Make an infinite water source:
    - Melt snow block using flint and steel and an empty bucket.
    2) Craft a sugarcane from grass, sugar, leaves, bonemeal, wheat seeds, water bucket.
    3) Build a sugarcane farm.

    Blocks 2:
    1) Use cobblestone, gravel, sand, bonemeal and a bucket of water to make dirt blocks.
    2) Use dirt, sand and a bucket of water to make a clay block.

    Spawner eggs 2:
    1) Build 3 towers and place at least 4 spawner in each tower.
    2) Use the spawner eggs on the spawners.
    - In one tower use only one type of mob.

    Basics 3:
    1) Build a large grass field with a size of 4 chunks. (32x32 block area)
    2) Wait until animals spawn on the field, then breed them together.
    3) Separate the animals with fences.
    - Bonus: custom fence for every animal.
    4) Kill cows for leather.
    5) Shear the sheeps.

    Tools 2:
    1) Craft a leather armor set.
    2) Craft a lot of books.

    Basics 4:
    1) Build a slime farm on a low height.
    2) Build a lake:
    - At least 15 block square and 3 blocks deep.
    - Bonus: not flowing water on the bottom.
    3) Build a guardian farm and get prismarine shards and prismarine crystals:
    - minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Guardian_farming
    4) Build a library and make a place for the enchanting table.

    Resources 3:
    1) Craft prismarine, prismarine bricks, dark prismarine and sea lantern.
    2) Make a bucket of lava with 3 stones, 2 iron blocks, 1 empty bucket, 1 flint and steel and 2 gunpowders.

    Basics 5:
    1) Make enough obsidian for a nether portal.
    2) Go to the nether.
    3) Find a nether fortress.
    4) Gather nether wart and soul sand.
    5) Kill ghasts for ghast tears.
    6) Kill blazes for blaze rods.

    Spawner eggs 3:
    1) Use ghast tears, an egg and a bonemeal to craft a ghast spawn egg.
    2) Craft a blaze spawner egg with 2 blaze rods, an egg and a bonemeal.
    3) Use prismarine crystals and a prismarine shard to break the ghast spawn egg and get a phantom spawn egg.

    Resources 4:
    1) Kill zombie pigmans for gold nuggets.
    2) Craft a gold ore from 8 nuggets and a stone.
    3) Smelt a gold ore. (infinite gold source)
    4) Craft blaze powder from blaze rods.
    5) Craft eye of ender.
    6) Build a nether wart farm.

    Basics 6:
    1) Cure a zombie villagers.
    2) Build a place for the villagers to breed them.
    3) Have an iron farm with iron golems.
    4) Buy redstone and lapis from villagers.

    Spawner eggs 4:
    1) Build two towers with spawners.
    2) Use the phantom spawn egg on the spawner in one tower. (phantom membrane farm)
    3) Use the blaze spawn egg on the spawners in the other tower. (blaze farm)

    Tools 3:
    1) Craft a full gold armor and tool set.
    2) Craft a trident from prismarine crystal, prismarine shard and 3 quartz.

    Resources 5:
    1) Use phantom membrane, charcoal and bonemeal to make a coal.
    2) Craft coal blocks.
    3) Craft a diamond from 9 coal blocks.
    4) Craft end portal frames from diamond, phantom membrane, eye of ender, prismarine bricks, obsidian and dark prismarine slab.

    Tools 4:
    1) Craft a full diamond armor and tool set.
    2) Craft an enchanting table and place it in the library. (now you can enchant things)



    1) Garden of trees:
    - Have every type of saplings. (creeper drops saplings)
    - Have 4 grown trees of every type at the same time.
    - Bonus: make a stylish garden.

    2) Garden of flowers:
    - Have every type of flowers.
    - Plant a lot of every flower.
    - Any type of flower can be made from a white flower and a dye.
    - Build one or more of every flower with wool.

    3) Stronger than the insomnia:
    - Don't sleep for 3 days.
    - Kill the phantom and obtain it's membrane.

    4) End of the world:
    - Go to the end.
    - Kill the ender dragon.
    - Go to the end city.
    - Find the elytra.
    - Bonus: kill the ender dragon 10 times.

    5) It's a city:
    - Have more than 32 npc-s.
    - Build more than 16 houses.

    6) The monument is flying:
    - Build an ocean monument in the air.

    7) Oh, the old days:
    - Build a museum.
    - Have all the weapons, tools, armors in there.
    - Use armor stands, be decorative.



    - If you make the building tasks stylish, it's a bonus point.
    - Build everything on a different height.
    - Play on hard or hardcore.
    - Don't fall down to regenerate your food and health.



    Build a nether portal like structure from almost every block you can get:
    - Stones (stone, andesite, diorite, granite, cobble)
    - Dirt
    - Planks (oak, birch, spruce, jungle, acacia, dark oak)
    - Logs (oak, birch, spruce, jungle, acacia, dark oak)
    - Ores (coal, iron, gold, diamond, redstone, lapis, emerald)
    - Glass
    - Wool (white, light gray, gray, black, brown, red, orange, yellow, lime, green, light blue, cyan, blue, purple, magenta, pink)
    - Ore blocks (coal, iron, gold, redstone, lapis, diamond, emerald)
    - Quartz
    - Snow
    - Smooth stone
    - Bricks
    - Bookshelf
    - Purpur block
    - Pumpkin
    - Netherrack
    - Soul sand
    - Glowstone
    - Stone bricks
    - Nether bricks
    - End stone
    - Terracotta (basic, white, light gray, gray, black, brown, red, orange, yellow, lime, green, light blue, cyan, blue, purple, magenta, pink)
    - Hay bale
    - Prismarine
    - Prismarine bricks
    - Dark prismarine
    - Sea lantern
    - Magma block
    - Bone blocks
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13

    2 Update Logs

    Update #2 (2018. 07. 27) - Creeper loot table : by nekem_nyolc 07/27/2018 6:03:55 pmJul 27th, 2018

    The creeper loot table was in the wrong folder.

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    04/23/2019 1:58 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    codenok avatar
    when I found the iron ore only get one? or im bugged?
    01/10/2019 4:41 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    oxilive avatar
    Hello guys. Do you know how to craft a grass block ? in the basics 1 it say "4) Craft a grass block and build at least a 4x4 area." I look internet but impossible to find the craft. If anyone knows it ? Thx !
    12/30/2018 8:48 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Trollgaard avatar
    Great work Nekem. I do feel the grind for iron nuggets to be a bit too tedious though. Even with a large spiderfarm, the droprate for spider eyes is terrible and you only get 4 bars of iron out of a stack. I have built a large tower so I'm set for the normal drops from mobs. I've also built mobfarms for skeletons and zombies with spawners. This helps as you can melt the armorpieces that you don't use, but it's still very tedious and makes the game become a bit too grindy for me.
    09/26/2018 7:29 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Alqx24 avatar
    Where can I see all craftings?
    08/04/2018 8:42 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    foxyfan1987 avatar
    i recomend you to add advancements to know what you need to do. you can do pages in the advacements to see all the categories (a page for basics 1, a page for spawner eggs 4, etc.) also you can modificate the vanilla advacements.

    07/29/2018 7:30 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    DragonY2Dragon2 avatar
    how do i Craft a chicken egg ??????
    07/29/2018 1:02 pm
    Level 35 : Artisan Miner
    nekem_nyolc avatar
    8 bones around a wheat seed.
    07/30/2018 10:26 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    DragonY2Dragon2 avatar
    ok but how to craft mobs heads ????
    07/27/2018 3:02 am
    Level 30 : Artisan Cake
    Sythviper avatar
    you put the creeper loot table in the wrong place, its got to be "data\minecraft\loot_tables\entities\creeper.json" if you want it to work
    07/27/2018 5:58 pm
    Level 35 : Artisan Miner
    nekem_nyolc avatar
    Thank you, I fixed it.
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