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Extended Magic PvP Framework

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DanMizu avatar DanMizu
Level 57 : Grandmaster Technomancer
Extended Magic PvP Framework Minecraft Data Pack

This pack is an expanded version of Bertiecrafter's Magic PvP Framework for PMC's Magic Event. It was made mainly to incorporate new features while allowing original features intact. This means datapacks can use these features in their packs, and packs that weren't using this framework still work as they were originally intended to.

Please see the original pack here to understand how it works.

New spell features usable in your spells_register.mcfunction file:

You can specify a CustomModelData tag per spell now, so that you can give each spell a unique texture using a Resourcepack.

Default: 300000
data modify storage bertiecrafter:mpp SpellsMeta[-1].CustomModelData set value 300001
Ray Type"linear" (Default)
Travels in a straight line over time.

Travels in a curve, affected by gravity.

Instantly hits the location the user is pointing at, with no drop or traveling time.
data modify storage bertiecrafter:mpp SpellsMeta[-1].RayType
set value "projectile"
Ray Range
Allows you to specify the range of the projectile.

Default: 160
data modify storage bertiecrafter:mpp SpellsMeta[-1].RayRange
set value 200
Projectile Gravity

"normal" (Default)
Projectiles fall with normal gravity.

Projectiles fall slower.
data modify storage bertiecrafter:mpp SpellsMeta[-1].ProjectileGravity
set value "low"

Ray Piercing

(Take a look at my Magicka Datapack to see how it works. The "Thunderclap" spell.)


false (Default)
Hitscan ray ends when it hits the first entity, misses, or hits a block.

Allows the hitscan ray to go through multiple entities and only ends when it hits a block or misses.
data modify storage bertiecrafter:mpp SpellsMeta[-1].RayPiercing
set value true

If you need better examples, please look at my Magicka datapack, which uses this framework.

Extended Magic PvP Framework Minecraft Data Pack
How To Install
1. Download the Datapack from this page by clicking the download button. Also download and install Bertiecrafter's Magic PvP Datapack, here.

2. Drop the Datapack .zip file in the "datapacks" folder in your world's folder. This can also be done while creating a world using the "Data Packs" button.

Potion of Spelunking - See Ores Through Walls Minecraft Data Pack

3. Type "/reload" in your game to enable the pack!

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CompatibilityMinecraft 1.18

1 Update Logs

v1.1 : by DanMizu 02/17/2022 7:17:00 amFeb 17th

I had the pleasure of working together with Bertiecrafter to combine some of the features of this pack into his original Magic PvP Pack. With this new version, CustomModelData was removed since it's now native to his pack. You can still use it the same way in your packs. The other features are still implemented by this pack.

In v1.1, this pack now also requires you to have the Magic PvP Datapack by Bertiecrafter to also be installed.

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02/17/2022 3:26 amhistory
Level 69 : High Grandmaster Kitten
FunkyToc avatar
awesome ! I was looking for fiew more spell's properties :D
Adding a velocity metadata could be amazing !
02/17/2022 7:20 am
Level 57 : Grandmaster Technomancer
DanMizu avatar
Just updated this pack to be compatible with Bertiecrafter's new Magic PvP Datapack version. I'll consider making velocity a new feature- but with the new Magic PvP Datapack version, it's now possible for you to change how spells are handled in your pack as well! Take a look at the main Magic PvP page and inside the code of this pack to see how it all works.
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