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Required Resource Pack
iheartstriders avatar iheartstriders
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Lava Rider

This data pack adds a new item called the Jet Helmet! it works like a jetpack but for your head!


To start flying, just start to sneak and jump! then you will start flying, but you will lose fuel!


You have a limited amount of fuel when flying, you will lose 1% of your fuel every second, but you can get 1% fuel back every 0.5 seconds if you stay on the ground and don't fly!


To craft the jet helmet, you need gray concrete, a glass pane, and 2 fireworks! (look at the images to see how to put them)

NOTE: I can't find fitting sounds for the jet helmet right now so there is no sounds for it, when I do find fitting sounds for it I will update it with the new sounds!

Code by me

Advancements made with TheDestruc7i0n's advancements generator

Tell me if there are any bugs with this data pack!

if you don't know how to install data packs, take a look at this tutorial!
CreditUsed Blockbench for the icon, advancements made with TheDestruc7i0n's advancements generator.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.18

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06/10/2022 4:34 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Matthew51n avatar
Why is there no hover option?
03/15/2022 5:20 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Aibach avatar
For sounds I would recommend the opening of a soda can or some carbonated drink. Except maybe drag out the sound via editing and make it loopable.
02/20/2022 5:01 am
Level 36 : Artisan Fish
Zulfish avatar
firework sounds work well for the helmet, also cool datapack
03/12/2022 1:47 pm
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Lava Rider
iheartstriders avatar
well, i was thinking of the sounds to be looping while your flying, but theirs no looping firework sounds im pretty sure
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