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Required Resource Pack
iheartstriders avatar iheartstriders
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Lava Rider

This data pack adds a giant Strider Mech you can control! it can shoot TNT and lasers and it can super-stomp and more! Based on the Fortnite B.R.U.T.E and Sakarias88's Combine Mech for Garry's Mod

Getting the Mecha Strider

To make the mecha strider you must find 3 parts for it; the left leg, right leg, and the head! you can find these in chests in different nether structures. The best place to find the parts is in the piglin bastions chests!

Then once you have all the parts, just throw them onto the ground close to each other, then the mecha strider will be crafted!

Controlling It

To enter the mecha strider, just right click on the area around its mouth. Then, you will enter it! Your hotbar will have 9 items that will let you control the Mecha Strider. (Don't worry, any items that were in your hotbar before will come back when you exit it) to use them just select the item and right click!

Toggle Walk: Enables or disables the Mecha Strider walking
Turn Left: Rotates the Mecha Strider to the left
Turn Right: Rotates the Mecha Strider to the right
Quick Turn: Rotates the Mecha Strider 180 degrees
Shoot Lasers: Activates the laser eyes every click, it will shoot 2 lasers at once out of the two eyes! Don't shoot them too fast or else the laser eyes will overheat.
Super-Stomp: Activates the Mecha striders' Super-Stomp. It will lift it's leg up, then stomp it's leg into the ground, creating a shockwave. Any player or mob underneath will take a lot of damage; most mobs and players will die! It will also make a shockwave that will launch up nearby mobs or players! you can use this every 8 seconds after doing a Super-Stomp.
Shoot TNT: Activates the mecha striders' TNT launchers. You cannot control how much it shoots or how long it does, but you can still move and turn around. If you throw the item, it will switch the TNT to the back!
Roar: Makes the mecha strider roar! ("ROOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR")
Disassemble: When activated the mecha strider will disassemble turning back into the craftable parts. Careful, when the disassembled parts are crafted together again the mecha strider will be depleted of supplies.


When inside the mecha strider you'll notice 4 lights with respective icons below these lights. From left to right they are: TNT amount, health, power, and laser supply. it will also appear on your HUD! You can disable either the 3D dashboard or the HUD dashboard in settings.

Limited Supplies

As you use the mecha strider functions; it will lose its supplies and power. This means it will lose different supplies depending on what you are doing. Ex: shooting with the TNT Launchers will decrease your TNT supply, the power will also reduce with usage.


You can resupply the mecha strider by throwing items into the tube on its back!

Lava Bucket: Adds 500 power. 4 buckets will fully charge a mecha strider without power. The max amount of power is 2000!
Instant Damage Potion: Adds 43 lasers. 3 potions will fully fill a mecha striders laser supply, the max amount of lasers is 128!
TNT: Adds 1 TNT to the launchers, the max amount of TNT is 80!
Warped Fungus: Gives 20 HP. the max amount of health is 800!


The mecha strider can take damage, it starts with 800 HP and you can lower this it by hitting the head. When it loses all its health, it will blow up!


The data pack comes with 8 advancements you can get! Some of them include: finding the parts of the Mecha Strider, super-stomping yourself, giving the dashboard lights a holiday surprise, and more!


There are settings that you can change if you want to. They are:
Toggle Extra Sound Effects: if disabled extra sound effects like the "I AM A ROBOT" will be disabled
Hide 3D Dashboard: If enabled the 3D dashboard inside the mecha strider will be hidden
Hide HUD Dashboard: if enabled the HUD dashboard inside the mecha strider will be hidden

And there's an admin's only menu at the bottom of the settings. This lets you do things such as spawning mecha striders, removing all mecha striders, uninstalling the data pack, AND A PORTABLE ROAR BUTTON!!!! (ROAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRR) XD

TNT launching code by Timber Forge
Based on the Fortnite B.R.U.T.E and Sakarias88's Combine Mech for Garry's Mod
Movement, Super-Stomp, spawn, enter, Quick Turn mech sounds, laser sounds and TNT launcher sounds from Fortnite
"I Am A Robot" Sound by timtube
Disappearing Sound from Homestar Runner
WTF BOOM Sound uploaded by J Gaming
Quick Turn icon from onlinewebfonts.com
Quick Turn ding uploaded by ryan1
Roar sound made by iheartstriders
I used Data Pack Generators and MCStacker

Tell me if there are any bugs with this data pack!

if you don't know how to install data packs, take a look at this tutorial!
CreditUsed paint.net for the icon, and I used Data Pack Generators and MCStacker
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

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11/27/2022 6:27 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Network
Mattoo-on-PC avatar
This is soooooooooooo well made i love it
11/27/2022 6:46 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Explorer
Sans__Undertale avatar
fortnight bad minecraft good
11/28/2022 12:42 am
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Lava Rider
iheartstriders avatar
i think they arent even comparable XD they are very different games
11/27/2022 11:04 am
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Lava Rider
iheartstriders avatar
thank you! also nice fortnite icon!
12/24/2022 8:50 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Network
Mattoo-on-PC avatar
lol my friend put that on i rarely play it but i like the idea of te game and the cartoony style

have you considered making a strider themed texture pack lol just striders everywhere
12/24/2022 10:08 pm
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Lava Rider
iheartstriders avatar
XD that strider texture pack sounds like a funny idea I might make that
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