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Level Up Renewal Part I: Warden's Fall

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Ajana's Avatar Ajana
Level 42 : Master Grump
About me                               
Hello! My name is Ajana
I would like to finally release to you my first
publicly released Data pack.

I've been make Data packs and Adventure Maps for a few months for my friends and myself.
But I feel that this one was decent enough to be released to everyone.
I do plan to release the ones i've made for myself and others but that will
take time to make it good and fun for everyone, so please stay tuned for my next
releases and updates. Enjoy!

Game Info

What this data pack adds is a level up game mechanics like,
Combat - Deal more and take less damage!
Survival - Survive and gain powers to keep you alive at the worst of times!
Mining - Spelunky! Autosmelt and more!.
Logging - Chop down trees and get double the wood!
Fishing - Fish and reach max level without ever moving from your spot!
Hunting - Provide for the family!
Cooking - Find those hidden tastes that could very well save your life
Farming - Learn that hard work pays off with bonus XP and crops!

Newest update
Thank you peA_sh0ter for the immense help with this update.

Warden's Fall
???: The warden's are the first to descend upon us,
and definitely wont be the last but...

All we can do is fight now and we wont go silently.
Info: From what we know right now, there are
four different types of warden's

The Water Warden

It uses deadly water infused attacks
to slow and disable it's targets,
Extremely dangerous if not prepared to
dodge lightning attacks.

The Flame Warden
The intense heat this warden gives off
makes it dangerous to anyone near
when he gets angry. Extremely dangerous
if not prepared to fend off his lethal minions
The Fire Sprinters.

The Crippled Warden
This warden seems to possess no intelligence
resorting to violent and primal attacks. Extremely
dangerous if not prepared to run if it.. Remembers?

The Scarlet Warden
Artificial, created by the scarlet king's fanatics,
he spreads disease and decay. Extremely dangerous
If not resistant to explosions. A herald to whats coming..

If you somehow manage to eradicate one of these beings
make sure to rip out its heart. They seem to be-able to merge
with our DNA and make us stronger.

Find these evolutions in the
/trigger PrestigeShop


How to Install

From an existing world
Do /reload if that shows no results
do /trigger startgame

From a new world
There is an installer in-game :)
If the button doesn't pop up, try /reload if you are in a single player world

do /trigger startgame or /function levelup:stop

If you have experienced the boosts disappearing
put these commands in as OP
/scoreboard players add @s Death 1

Toggle Menus
Do /trigger Togglemenu to

Disable or Re-enable some perks.
and prestige level 20 stats


If you encounter any bugs or problems.
Please leave a comment here, or
message me on discord.

I will fix it as soon as possible
and add you to the list of bug testers :D
CreditThank you to my Bug testers: Marco, Rayman, Knowlann and peA_Shooter!
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

19 Update Logs

Update #19 Wardens Fall : by Ajana 10/07/2022 6:54:11 pmOct 7th, 2022

New Things
Warden Boss fights!
Warden Evolutions!
Hunting and Cooking Stats!

Increased how quickly you level Fishing
Increased how quickly you level Logging
Removed Sugarcane from farming (for now)
Made Excavation harder to level.


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12/24/2022 3:40 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Lode's Avatar
Hey i have a qeustion with the leveling system, how do i acces it, how do i invest my xp and will the levels i have reset on death? thank you a lot in advance
11/13/2022 10:51 am
Level 1 : New Miner
PSboy's Avatar
how do i update it? just replace the older version with the new one? (just want to be sure i dont break anything)
11/30/2022 4:57 pm
Level 42 : Master Grump
Ajana's Avatar
Yup, just replace the older pack with the new version and it'll update itself!
09/08/2022 8:49 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Network
peA_sh0ter's Avatar
Is this ever going to be updated or are you done with this?


09/19/2022 7:33 pm
Level 42 : Master Grump
Ajana's Avatar
100% There is an update on the way that is taking way to long due to my procrastination and lack of motivation.
It's about 80% of the way done just needs balancing and bug fixing.

One of the new features added in this next update will be,
Warden boosts that will allow you to mimic abilities from the special wardens this update adds

And yes, this will update the pack to all versions of 1.19
09/21/2022 7:08 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Network
peA_sh0ter's Avatar
Any way I can help? I would also like to beta test if you need someone to do that. As of now, I kinda want some higher levels, like 30, and better fishing stuff. I have a bunch of ideas if you want to hear some.
09/24/2022 2:23 pm
Level 42 : Master Grump
Ajana's Avatar
Sure you can help! beta testers are always appreciated, ive never really had one but myself lol.

I would love to hear about your ideas aswell
I see this update as the last big update for this pack
and any more ideas would be fantastic.

If you dont mind,
i reply much quicker on discord, anyone can add me there for whatever questions
Add me!: Ajana#6720
05/10/2022 5:23 am
Level 1 : New Miner
RimuruTempest_'s Avatar
Hey i play with this datapack with some other mods, those mods add pickaxes. The problem is that those pickaxes don't count as pickaxes in the way that they don't give you hast. So can I add those manually to the table or is there any other way??
11/02/2022 8:04 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Network
peA_sh0ter's Avatar
I think that you can manually add it, but it may be tricky.
04/01/2022 11:14 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
Dragonboi's Avatar
Can you add an option for auto smelt that only does ores, and one that does all the other options? annoying sometimes when you don't want some blocks to be smelted, but some you do
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