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Longer Night 1.15+ [wip]

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Ryuggo avatar Ryuggo
Level 57 : Grandmaster Programmer

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Hi there,

This datapack makes the night last longer (20min instead of 10) every 7 minecraft days (2h20)

During this longer night, you won't be able to sleep (if you try, lightning will strike you)

I plan to add random events happening during this special night, such as a blood moon (stronger mobs), falling stars with loot, crops growing faster, ..
If you have any ideas that could be a cool event, feel free to tell it in the comments

Not Done Yet
If you have any ideas that could be a cool event, feel free to tell it in the comments


Blood Moon -> Stronger and faster monsters + they detect you from great distances

Falling Stars -> Precious items might fall from the sky

Yellow Moon -> Crops grow way faster

Slime Moon -> Slimes spawn everywhere !

Moonster -> Only one type of monster will spawn during this night

Spooky Moon -> Witches are preparing some sortileges tonight

Screaming Moon -> Shadows, sounds coming from the darkest areas of the forest,

Harvest Festival -> Villagers are celebrating something, you might get extra deals

Full Moon -> Wild wolves become enraged (be also cautious with your own dog)

Eclipse -> The Moon is gone tonight, it won't light your way and darkness will swallow you

True Moon -> Reveal the true identity of living beings, cow might become mushroom, pigs hoglins, villagers witches or pillager, ..

Celestial Moon -> Blessing you with its divine light, you feel life flowing through your veins

Hardcore Moon -> There is 2x more loot, but if you die during this night, you'll lose a life
  --> After losing 3 life (or more, it will be tweakable), you'll be dead forever


You can tweak how much longer this night can be, simply go into data/custom_night/3tick
  End of Line 2 -> change the 2t with something else (2t = 2times longer, 3t = 3times longer, ..)

You can tweak how often the custom night occurs, simply go into data/custom_night/1main
  End of the file -> change the 6.. into something else (0.. = every days, 1.. = every 2 days, ..)

I'm making this datapack for my server, so it won't be as supported as my other datapacks

How to Install
- Download the Datapack
- Start Minecraft (Java Edition)
- Click on "Singleplayer"
- Select your world in which to install this Datapack (Don't click on play!)
- Click on "Edit"
- Click on "Open World Folder"
- Place the .zip file inside the datapacks folder (Don't unzip it!)
- Join/Rejoin the world or use /reload
How to have a clean Uninstall

- In your world, use /function custom_night:uninstall
- Then, exit your world, and delete the file which is located in your world's datapack folder


Bugs Found :


Translations :
To help with Translations : In the resource pack -> assets/minecraft/lang/..
- Ryuggo - English;

Patrons :
- xStormiix

If enough people support me on Patreon, I'll make a vanilla minecraft server with a few datapacks to improve the global experience
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15
toMinecraft 1.17 Snapshot

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03/24/2021 2:24 pm
Level 23 : Expert Blacksmith
Herobrine2014 Studios
Herobrine2014 Studios avatar
Is there a way to get rid of the lightning strike when you try to sleep part?
03/24/2021 6:59 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Programmer
Ryuggo avatar
Why would you install this pack if you want to skip the night when it happens?

But ye, somewhere in the files there is "summon lightning_bolt", simply remove this line of code
03/25/2021 7:57 amhistory
Level 23 : Expert Blacksmith
Herobrine2014 Studios
Herobrine2014 Studios avatar
Well I wanted to possibly use it on my smp and thank you
03/07/2021 6:40 amhistory
Level 22 : Expert Carrot
Runnybabbit223 avatar
Awesome concept! Excited to see where this goes!

A 'few' suggestions:

Perhaps a rare 'slime moon' where slimes can spawn in any biome not just swamps?

Or a 'dimensional anomality' event, basically the same as slime moon but instead greatly increased enderman spawnrates?

Something featuring witches and bats would be cool and spooooky :)

'Harvest festival' where villagers briefly give better deals

Something where cows have a low chance of being turned into mooshrooms if exposed to the moon?

'Celestial blessing' where players get bonus health (golden hearts) for a while afterwards?

'Shadow Night' where players are given the blindness effect if exposed to the moon?

Maybe a night where players in villages will trigger a pillager raid. You could theme it as the pillagers going to war or something.

Same as cows to mooshrooms but pigs to hoglins?

'Full moon' where untamed wolves turn aggro?

If I think of any more I'll be sure to post them! :))
03/07/2021 12:32 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Programmer
Ryuggo avatar
Wow, thanks a lot for all these ideas !
03/07/2021 3:25 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Bonzaiii avatar
had it happen to me and my friend just the last Minecraft night and it was fun paired with some other datapacks and it truly felt like an rpg event. maybe label what will happen on that blood moon so that people can know what to expect on that night?
03/07/2021 12:32 pm
Level 57 : Grandmaster Programmer
Ryuggo avatar
I've written all the ideas I got so far
03/05/2021 10:33 am
Level 27 : Expert Strawberry
Arthur_cds avatar
Looking foward to you progress
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