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McR - Gear Overhaul [1.14 - 1.17] - Over 100+ Armors, and 300+ Tools and Weapons

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Required Resource Pack
Ryuggo's Avatar Ryuggo
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Programmer
Hi there,

This datapack adds 46 new Armors, 51 new Elytra, and over 350 Weapons and Tools
You'll have more variety in the game and it'll be interesting to switch your equipment instead of relying only on diamond and netherite

You can watch the playlist on youtube to see a video for each part if you need help :

There is an Alternative Resource Pack for all the armors and the tools and weapons, you can check it out HERE !!

Weapons Update
[1.14 - 1.17]
More Weapons and Tools
Here are the new "ores" you can use to craft more tools :

- All planks type (acacia, birch, dark oak, jungle, oak, spruce, crimson, warped)

- All rocks type (cobble, mossy cobble, andesite, diorite, granite, blackstone)

- The unused ores (emerald, lapis, redstone)
  => You'll need Block to make these, because it would be too easy otherwise

- And some others (nether brick, prismarine shards)

Better Handles
- You can use bamboo, bone, blaze rod or end rod instead of Stick to craft your tools and weapons

- Each new handle will give your item some improvements (attack speed, attack damage, ..)

- If you put a Diamond tool with a better handle in the smithing table to change it into a Netherite tool, it may lose its handle
  => To make Netherite tools with better handles :
    Place a Smithing Table (if a small anvil appears on top of it, it's good, if not, try placing it again looking in a different position)
    Hold a netherite ingot in your off hand/ place an item frame on top of the Smithing Table and place the netherite ingot in it
    Drop a diamond tool on top of the Smithing table

Armors Update
[1.14 - 1.17]
Click to reveal
You need Optifine to be able to see the custom texture when an entity is wearing it !!


You can give yourself armor sets using this command :
/function mcr_gear_overhaul:give/...

Here are the new "ores" you can use to craft more armors :

- Rotten Flesh    => Zombie armor
  Armor < leather
  Durability = leather

- Rabbit Hide     => Rabbit armor
  Armor < leather
  Durability = leather

- Gold Nugget     => Brute armor
  Armor < gold
  Durability = gold

- Phantom Membrane  => Phantom armor
  Armor > chainmail
  Durability = chainmail

- Lapis Block     => Lapis armor
  Armor < Iron
  Durability = Gold

- Redstone Block   => Redstone armor
  Armor < Iron
  Durability = Gold

- Emerald Block   => Emerald armor
  Armor < Diamond
  Durability = Diamond
 => You'll need Block to make these, because it would be too easy otherwise

- Scute       => Turtle armor
  Armor > Netherite
  Durability = Diamond

- Obsidian      => Obsidian armor
  Armor < Diamond
  Durability = Iron

- Crying Obsidian   => Crying Obsidian armor
  Armor < Diamond
  Durability = Iron

- Coal Block      => Coal armor
  Armor = Leather
  Durability = Leather

- Quartz       => Quartz armor
  Armor = Iron
  Durability = Gold

- String       => Swim Suit armor
  Armor < Leather
  Durability = Unbreakable

- Bedrock      => Bedrock armor
  Armor > Netherite
  Durability = Unbreakable

Armors Effects - 1.14+
When you wear a full armor of the same set, special effects will apply to you :

If you find a Base Game Armor (leather, iron, ..) in a Chest or on a Mob, Custom Effects won't work on it
  => For them to work, throw your armor on a Smithing Table and it should update it (You'll see the Armor's type written in purple under its name)

/!\ I'm not sure about these Base Game Effects, I may change them in the futur /!\
Leather Armor => You have Luck

Chainmail Armor => You have Strength

Iron Armor => You have Resistance

Golden Armor => Nothing (gold already has the piglin protection and enchantments boost)

Diamond Armor => You have Night Vision

Rotten Armor => Zombies don't attack you anymore

Rabbit Armor => You move faster and Jump higher

Brute Armor => The Less Health you have, the Stronger and Faster you are

Phantom Armor => You have Slow Falling + When Sneaking you get Levitation

Lapis Armor => Disable negative potion's effect

Redstone Armor => Double the duration of all positive potion's effect

Turtle Armor => You're Slower on the ground, but you'll move faster in water

Emerald Armor => Villagers give you better prices

Obsidian Armor => You have Fire Resistance

Crying Obsidian Armor => You have Fire Resistance + When you're Burning, you get Speed and Strength

Coal Armor => You have Haste

Quartz Armor => You get more Strength and Resistance the more Xp you have on you

Swim Suit Armor => You have Dolphins' grace

Armored Skulls and Elytra - [1.14 - 1.17]
Works with the base game armors and also the ones added by this datapack


Skulls :
- You'll need to place a smithing table
  (if the datapack detects correctly the smithing table, a small anvil will be shown on top of it)

- Drop a skull on top of it

- Hold a helmet in your off hand (works with the turtle shell helmet) / place an item frame on top of the Smithing Table and place an helmet in it
  => The helmet will be destroy and the skull will now have the helmet's stats (armor, armor toughness, knockback resistance)

Elytras :
- You'll need to place a smithing table
  (if the datapack detects correctly the smithing table, a small anvil will be shown on top of it)

- Drop an elytra on top of it,

- Hold a chestplate in your off hand / place an item frame on top of the Smithing Table and place a chestplate in it
  => The chestplate will be destroy and the elytra will now have the chestplate's stats (armor, armor toughness, knockback resistance)

Note : Armored Elytra don't add a visual chestplate when wearing them, don't worry about it (you won't see a chestplate with your elytra when wearing them, you'll only see the elytra)

Note : If the armor (chestplate/helmet) has an enchant that is already on the elytra/skull, only the enchant from the armor will be kept

Note : If you drop an armored elytra on a Smithing Table without any armor in your offhand (or in the item frame), it will take off the chestplate from the elytra (all enchants will be on the chestplate only

Armors on Mobs (and in Chests) - [1.15 - 1.17]
Natural Spawn :
Structures' Chests that contain Armors will have the "Updated version" of the armor (the purple word below the name)
  -> Allow the datapack to fully work with these armors
  Datapack that affect natural structures Loot Table will broke/ be broken by this datapack

Mobs that can spawn with armor may have a custom armor on them instead of a base game one
You can choose yourself which armors can appear on them with the command : /trigger mcr_GearOv

Effects :
Mobs wearing Armors can also have the armor's effect if you enable it in the settings
  To reduce potential lags, only entites that are in 32 blocks around you will receive the effects
  Be aware that this functionality may be laggy as it has to check a lot of entities around you

Costumes - [1.14 - 1.17]
You can rename your armor so they'll have a different appearance

Change the skin manually :
- Change the name of your armor in an Anvil

Change the skin automatically :
- Place an Armor Stand on a Loom
  The Armor Stand should start to rotate slowly
- Place any Armor type on him (leather, chain, emerald, ..)
- Hold an item in your offhand to change the skin of your armor / place an item frame on top of the Loom and place an item in it

List of Items usable :
Milk Bucket -> Remove Custom Skin
Sunflower -> Solaire
Iron Block -> Iron Man
Oak Log -> Groot
Brown Mushroom -> Mario

Note : Please send me skins that would be interesting to add as armors, I can add lots of them (I'll stop once every blocks and items from Minecraft have been used)

Netherite Update
The default craft using the smithing table has been removed for this part to work as intended

Inferior Craft
- You'll need to place a smithing table
  (if the datapack detects correctly the smithing table, a small anvil will be shown on top of it)

- Hold a netherite ingot or a netherite scrap in your off hand / place an item frame on top of the Smithing Table and place a netherite scrap/ingot in it
- Drop an armor on the smithing table
  => You'll have a netherite version of your armor (can be any default type, leather, chain, iron, gold or diamond)

Scrap : will simply make your gear fire proof, so you can die in lava, it won't be destroyed
Ingot : will also add 1 Armor Toughness to the armor piece

Regular Craft
- Using a crafting table, you can use netherite ingot or scrap and craft an armor with the usual pattern

Scrap : Will give you a netherite armor with the same stats as the vanilla one
Ingot : Will give you a netherite armor with the same stats as the vanilla one, and will give you a total of X new heart for each armor points you have (so a total of 10 new hearts)

Once you have a full netherite armor on you, made from scraps or ingots using Regular Craft or Upgraded Regular Craft, you'll have an absorption effect of 10 hearts that will replenish every 180 seconds
/trigger mcr_GearOv to disable it

If you don't like the bonus hearts from the Full Ingot Armor, you can choose how much bonus hearts the armor will give in /trigger mcr_GearOv

You can also add an effect for when you're wearing a full set of Regular Ingot Netherite Armor
  -> Go into data/mcr_netherite/functions/2effect  -> Change the ??? into the effect's name

Upgraded Regular Craft
- You'll need to place a smithing table
  (if the datapack detects correctly the smithing table, a small anvil will be shown on top of it)

- Hold a block of iron/ gold/ lapis/ ... in your off hand / place an item frame on top of the Smithing Table and place a block of iron/ gold/.. in it
- Drop a regular netherite scrap/ ingot armor on top of the smithing table
  => You'll have a better version of the netherite armor you had, with custom effects depending on the type of block you used

The more you're wearing armors with the same upgrade, the stronger the effect linked to this upgrade will be
1 Armor Piece = Boots OR Leggings OR Chestplate OR Helmet
2 Armor Pieces = Boots + Leggings OR Boots + Chestplate OR ...
3 Armor Pieces = Boots + Leggings + Chestplate OR ...
4 Armor Pieces = Boots + Leggings + Chestplate + Helmet (Full set with the same armor type)

Iron : Saturation
  1 Armor piece -> Replenish 2 foods every 180 seconds
  2 pieces -> 2 foods at 180 and 45 seconds
  3 pieces -> 2 foods at 180, 135 and 45 seconds
  4 pieces -> 2 foods at 180, 135 and 45 seconds + 4 foods at 90 seconds

Gold : All the bonuses from a gold armor (Piglins don't attack, you get better enchantments, etc..)

Redstone : Improve positive potion effect on the player
  1 piece -> +33% duration
  2 pieces -> +66% duration
  3 pieces -> +100% duration
  4 pieces -> +100% duration And the effect is 1 level stronger

Lapis : Remove malus effects on the player
  1 piece -> Remove Unluck and Slowness
  2 pieces -> Remove Before + Hunger and Poison
  3 pieces -> Remove Before + Blindness andd Weakness
  4 pieces -> Remove Before + Wither and Mining Fatigue and Bad Omen

Diamond : Stronger in the Overworld but Weaker in the Nether
  1 piece -> Overworld : Mobs around get Weakness      | Nether : You get Weakness
  2 pieces -> Overworld : You get Speed          | Nether : Mobs around get Speed
  3 pieces -> Overworld : Mobs around get Slowness     | Nether : You get Slowness
  4 pieces -> Overworld : You get Strength and Resistance  | Nether : Mob around get Strength and Resistance

Emerald : Better trades with villagers
  1 piece -> Hero of the Village 1
  2 pieces -> Hero of the Village 2
  3 pieces -> Hero of the Village 3
  4 pieces -> Hero of the Village 5

Netherite : Add Protection V to the armor

Recycling Netherite Armors
You can take back your Netherite Scrap/ Ingot from an Inferior Armor by throwing the Armor on a Smithing Table

You can Remove the Upgrade on your Upgraded Netherite Armor by throwing it on a Smithing Table, it will give you back a Regular Scrap/ Ingot Armor

Copper Update
[1.17] Won't be available until the Netherite update is done

Unique Items
[1.15 - 1.17]
These are Items made specially for my Patrons or for myself with Custom and Unique Abilities

Storm Sword
Crafted like a sword but with Nether Stars as the main materials (handles can be stick, bone, bamboo, blaze rod, end rod)
Gives Wither to the entity hurt by it
Has a 5% chance to summon a Lightning Bolt to the Entity hurt
Storm Sword

What's next
What is it?
In the next update :
- Weapons Update !!  - Tweak Translations  - Rename Scoreboard  - Change some scoreboard into tags  - Weighted Armors Option  - Tweak the page to have more images and shorter explanations  - Change /trigger settings into a /function  - Add back the ticks settings

1.17 - Weapons Update :
  Idea (for me)
  - More Weapons
    "1 Hand"
      (Throwable ?) Daggers
    "2 Hands"
      Long Sword
      War Axe
  - More Tools
  - Custom Shields (with gold, diamond or netherite instead of iron)
  - Custom Bows/ Crossbows (with bones, bamboo, blaze rod, end rod, ... instead of sticks)
  - Upgradable Trident ?
  - Custom Durability (should be achievable with 1.17 : Video for me)

1.17 - Copper Update :
  - Copper armor (SimplySarc made a video with a great concept, I'll try to implement it)
  - Amethyst armor + tools
  - Lightning Rod Handle

Armors Update :
  - New Armors
    Ender Dragon => Fast travel to your spawn point/ Instant warp between dimensions/ random teleport in the dimension you're in/ The area around you is covered with fire particles that burn every entities that touches them/ You can travel through the end and the overworld with elytra/ ?
    Wither   => Every undead mob is friendly to you/ Every mobs around you become hostile towards every close entities/ Projectiles can't touch you/ ?
    Elder Guardian => Guardians don't attack/ Lots of bonus in water/ In water(?) automatically beams closed entities/ ?
    Ghilli   => Invisibility
    Skeleton  => Skeletons don't attack you
    Brute  => Piglin and Brute don't attack you
    Shulker  => Extremely resistant, but extremely slow, able to teleport
    Slime  =>
    (crying) Obsidian  => Lose durability when in lava
  - Chests can spawn with Custom Armors
  - Need to fix the Effects on mobs (don't need a full armor set to have the effect)
  - Change Player Head item Skin with skins from actual player

Misc Update :
  - 3D Armor Display when crafying Inferior or Upgraded Netherite Armor (Like in McR Enchant Overhaul)
  - I need to test if everything works correctly in other version (1.14 - 1.17)
  - Translations for the Settings Menu
  - Advancements
  - Change Armor Stand Detector into an Item Frame (this one is for me to remember)
  - Custom Lore for Weapons with HideFlags:0 needs to be fixed (this one is for me to remember)
  - Remove some Scoreboard and replace them with Tags (this one is for me to remember)


- Completely compatible with McR - Enchant Overhaul
  But for now, if an armor from Enchant gives you Strength 1, and an enchant from this pack gives Strength 1 too, you'll only have Strength 1 and not Strength 2

- You NEED Optifine to see the custom armors' texture (link here)
  Alternative version HERE
  Only Optifine versions that have CIT does work
  Don't forget to enable the settings in "Video Settings/Quality/Custom Items : ON"

- You NEED the Resource Pack (downloadable below the datapack download button)
  It will work even if it tells you it's for an Older Minecraft Version, don't worry about it
  I'm not a professional for editing textures, so they may look a bit weird

- Disable Datapacks that Unlock Recipes

- /trigger mcr_GearOv
  To tweak the Settings by Enabling/ Disabling Armor's Effects, Armoured Skulls and Elytra, and other ..
  If you blocked the settings but want to change them, use this : /function mcr_gear_overhaul:settings

- /trigger mcr_FixCraft
  If you have Issues with some Crafts, this command should fix them

- Works on Single and Multiplayer

- The datapack was made and mostly tested in 1.16.4 -> it should work on older versions, but I don't know about the newest versions
  I will eventually test the other versions and fix bugs if there are any

- The Datapack detects automatically in which version you're playing, you don't need to do anything

- If a part of the datapack doesn't suit you, you can simply go into the datapack's folder and delete the pack you don't want
  Make sure you don't delete minecraft, mcversion or mcr_gear_overhaul as they are the main files
If you don't want the Netherite Upgrade, you'll have to delete mcr_netherite, mcr_netheriteeffects, and also go into minecraft\recipes\.. and delete netherite_helmet_smithing.json and so on for the other armor pieces

- If you find a video of this datapack on youtube, send the link in the comments and I'll pin it somewhere here (whatever the language of the video is)

- I remove Messages reporting bug that have been fixed, so other are not "misled" by them

I won't answer to comments about issues if these issues are explained below (textures not showing, crafts not working, ..)

Problems, Issues and Questions
Read this if you encounter Issues
- If you don't see the textures on ITEMS
 Install the resource pack
 Alternative version HERE

- If you don't see the textures on armor when Wearing Them
 Install the Latest Optifine's Version (it needs CIT)
  Enable Custom Items in "Video Settings/Quality/Custom Items : ON"

- If some Crafts aren't working (you get the green book but nothing else)
  Use /trigger mcr_FixCraft
  Disable Datapacks that unlock recipes

- If you get every items added by this datapack without having to craft anything (every items spawn on you/ every players and stay on the ground)
 Disable Datapacks that unlock recipes

- Why does the craft says it will give me a book of knowledge ?
  Using Minecraft crafting table, I can't directly give items with custom data (textures, stats, ..), so I have to use the book of knowledge to detect which craft you've done, and then give you the right item with custom data
  -> Sometimes the book of knowledge isn't deleted after a craft, do whatever you want with it, it's totally useless

- If the little anvil doesn't appear on the smithing table when you placed it, you can stand on it and crouch for a second (or break and replace the smithing table)
  => For some reasons, it doesn't work in 1.14 unless you crouch on it

- How to craft X ?
  The craft pattern is the same as regular item from minecraft
  For the Required Materials, everything is written above in Better Weapons and Tools and Better Armors

- Will you add Custom Durability ?
  Unless Mojang change the way it is coded, No
  Durability is hard coded into Minecraft, which makes it impossible to change
  It's still possible to make Custom Durability, but it's not real durability
    => The commands to make it will be laggy if you have a lot of items with Custom Durabilty and it might break when used in multiplayer
    => In 1.17, there is a new command that could make it work without it being laggy, and still be multiplayer friendly

- How can I see the craft In Game ?
  The way I use crafting (with the green book) doesn't allow to store the craft in the Minecraft Recipes Book
    => And no, if I want to use the Crafting Table, I can't use another way

- How to repair a Custom Armor/ Weapon/ Tool ?
  When the Advanced Item Tooltips (F3 + H) is Enabled, you can see the actual item
    => Depending on the Actual Item, use the require material for this item (ex : a Redstone armor is actually a Golden armor, so use a gold ingot in an anvil to repair it)

- I don't get the effect when I have an armor equipped
  Try removing the armor from one of your equipment slot, wait a second and put it back
    => The datapack only check your equipped armor when your armor stat is changed (ex : Leather and Brute chestplate are both +3 Armor -> if you directly switch between both armors, your armor stat is the same, so the datapack won't try to detect which armor you're wearing)

- Armor taken from the Creative inventory may not work for some craft
  Craft them manually
  Or drop them on a smithing table, it will update them (if there is the material's name in purple below the armor's name, it's all good)
  If you don't, it won't work with the armored elytra and skulls, and it may not work correctly when doing Inferior Netherite Craft (and probably other craft)

- Some other Datapacks may Disable Custom Recipes
  You can use this /gamerule doLimitedCrafting false to enabled Custom Recipes again (custom armors, tools and weapons)
  Some pack have a loop that constantly disable Custom Recipes (jjba as an example)
    => Either delete the pack, or try to find the gamerule doLimitedCrafting command and remove it

- Can I give myself Armors/ Tools/ Weapons from this pack?
  With this command : /function mcr_gear_overhaul:give/...

How to Install
- Download the Datapack
- Start Minecraft (Java Edition)
- Click on "Singleplayer"
- Select your world in which to install this Datapack (Don't click on play!)
- Click on "Edit"
- Click on "Open World Folder"
- Place the .zip file inside the datapacks folder (Don't unzip it! => .zip are lighter and it would not work if unzipped)
- Join/Rejoin the world or use /reload

How to have a clean Uninstall

- In your world, use /function mcr_gear_overhaul:uninstall
- Then, exit your world, and delete the file which is located in your world's datapack folder


Bugs Found :
- DeZoWaRe; PuckiSilver; ButterPuggy; XionioX; Godraxsz; Harmonycity; xavieraiden; Datatags; DynamitePig; Mr_krush_1; ItsBlizzy; Frostnova; laczkipl;
- A big big thanks to XionioX who helped a lot testing the datapack

Translations :
To help with Translations : In the resource pack -> assets/minecraft/lang/..
- Ryuggo - English; French;
- XionioX (Discord) - Russian;
- xStormiix - Polish;
- CryTechChaos - Fixed a lot of things

Textures :
- Hexerick : Alternative Resource pack (HERE)

Patrons / PayPal.Me :

Support me

If enough people support me every months, I'll make a vanilla minecraft server with a few datapacks to improve the global minecraft experience

Patron    Paypal.Me

What's better between Patreon and PayPal ?
Patreon will charge you every months, PayPal will only charge you once
With Patreon, I only get ~70% of what you sent me. With Paypal, I get your full support (so that's better for me)
Once you've paid, you'll get a special role on my discord server, which will allow you to directly talk with me about my datapacks

Depending on how much you gave me, you'll gain different bonuses :

Feel free to report bugs and to suggest ideas that could fit this datapack, I'll try to add them
CreditHexerick, XionioX, xStormiix, CryTechChaos
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.14
toMinecraft 1.17

41 Update Logs

V3.0 - 1.17 Compatibility : by Ryuggo 08/18/2021 3:52:00 pmAug 18th, 2021

[​Code Update]
- Updated the whole datapack to work with 1.17
  -> I haven't tested everything, so there may be some bugs
  -> It fixed the duping netherite ingot/ scrap bug
  -> Armored elytras et skulls are now also fixed

Go check Hexerick who is making an alternative resource pack for this datapack (it looks amazing) !!
You can find it HERE

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12/19/2022 5:09 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Miner
vamticHUN's Avatar
12/11/2022 10:37 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
RODHI's Avatar
string armor is goofy
11/01/2022 10:08 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Stivola's Avatar
Hello, why enchantments doesn't apply for custom handle items? The rest works well, but, I see that the handles alter the attributes of the item (obviously) and for some reason when you enchant that attributes doesn't change. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for your time.
Professor Scibanana
01/29/2022 8:34 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Professor Scibanana's Avatar
Hi. I have a question-
using commands, it is possible to create higher level enchantments and unbreakable items. Currently, im using this datapack on my creative world to bring more life to my builds, but I would like to know if it's possible to create a custom armor set with higher-than normal enchants. for example, an emerald chestplate that is unbreakable with thorns 5.

01/24/2022 1:20 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Benicsker's Avatar
Will you update it to 1.18 ?

because it would be lovely if you would
03/11/2022 12:59 pm
Level 24 : Expert Engineer
TuTurDuDur's Avatar
It already works for 1.18
If you want to update any datapack, try this out : misode.github.io/upgrader/
Professor Scibanana
01/17/2022 3:16 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Professor Scibanana's Avatar
I noticed I can't seem to craft the top tier armor. when I throw my netherite diamond armor on the smithing table with a diamond block in my offhand, it doesn't work, and just de-upgrades me armor.
05/27/2022 2:01 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Groupix05's Avatar
If you tried to upgrade the diamond netherite armor you cant , you need to craft an armor with netherite ingot then upgrade it with gold block , diamond block , emerald block or any ore block .
01/12/2022 4:22 am
Level 17 : Journeyman Miner
ItzNoobVN's Avatar
the storm sword so op, i like ur datapack :D
12/12/2021 9:21 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Miner
ItzNoobVN's Avatar
it's so many updates, i can't remember xD