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Minecraft: Ultimate Tarot

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    Required Resource Pack
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    Welcome to Minecraft: Ultimate Tarot!

    Don't forget the Resource Pack! :)

    Add this data pack to your new world at creation time to turn the world into a Tarot reading! You'll get a Past/Present/Future spread using three cards.

    You'll arrive ready-to-go on the tableau when you create & join your world. Just step on each numbered tile in succession (1, 2, 3) to see your card move (with animation!) off the top of of the deck and into position. To reset, you'll find the reset tile at the back of the tableau (once the first card has been drawn); the reset is also performed when you join the world, for a fresh start each time.

    The project includes three separate data packs, which allows you to choose which deck you'd like to use for your reading. You can use:
    • The traditional 78-card deck (Minor & Major Arcana) *available within the download .zip as ultimate_tarot_78_datapack.zip
    • The smaller 22-card deck (Major Arcana only) *available within the download .zip as ultimate_tarot_22_datapack.zip
    • A special 100-card deck... keep reading to find out more! *available within the download .zip as ultimate_tarot_100_datapack.zip

    The Cards

    The Minor Arcana (56 Cards)

    The Major Arcana (22 Cards)

    And now for something super secret... I've invented an additional 22 Arcana, which I call the 'Master Arcana'; when added to the original 78-card deck, we have 100 cards.
    The Master Arcana (22 Cards)

    Whenever a card is drawn, you'll see a title & subtitle for it, and you'll receive a written book with the card meaning.

    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
    toMinecraft 1.17 Snapshot

    1 Update Logs

    Update #1 : 02/13/2021 2:12:02 amFeb 13th

    •Completed adding the card text via titles & written books

    •Marked the project as complete and made download available

    02/12/2021 10:58 am
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