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WASD Moar Helmets [Datapack] 1.20.2

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Eastonium avatar Eastonium
Level 87 : Elite Deity

Moar Helmets V1.6.6
For Minecraft 1.20.2

The Moar Helmets datapack adds new helmet types to the game. This pack doesn’t focus on statistical upgrades but instead aims to add helmets that have special abilities and traits. Because of this, it fits in very nicely with the other datapacks in the ‘Moar’ series. This pack was commissioned to be made for the CAMP Minecraft YouTube series. They were kind enough to let us post it, so please go thank them for letting us do so.

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WASD Moar Helmets [Datapack] 1.20.2 Minecraft Data Pack

So, what do the helmets do?
  • Helm of the Deep:
    This helmet gives you permanent conduits power while worn. This allows you to stay underwater forever and gives water vision. However, it is a very expensive item to craft.
  • Mining Helmet:
    The Mining Helmet gives you night vision when worn. This makes caving nice and easy. It is quite expensive however.

  • Helm of Knowledge:
    While worn nearby mobs glow. This allows them to be easily seen, even through blocks.

  • Librarian Hat:
    The Librarian Hat gives you 5 XP points (not levels) per minute when worn. This does not heal mending items, but the XP can be used for enchanting or anvils. While it isn’t a ton of XP, it does add up over time.

  • Helmet of Tranquility:
    This item is a rather troll one. It gives the wearer 5 seconds of levitation while worn, so even when taken off they will continue to levitate for a bit. This can be used to troll people into floating up into the sky.

  • Lucky Hat:
    A shiny bling bling hat. It gives the wearer luck II, which makes loot from chests and fishing better.

  • Farming Hat:
    The farming hat increases the growth speed of nearby crops fairly substantially. It only works on crops that grow on farmland currently.

  • Attractive Hat:
    Makes you glow.

  • Curing Helmet:
    Removes potion effects from you.

  • Magnetic Helmet:
    Pulls items to you.

Patron Exclusive Helmets ($1+)

  • Pickaxe Helmet:
    While below blocks, jumping mines the blocks.

  • Ramming Helmet:
    Sprint while looking down to damage and knockback mobs in front of you.

  • Potato Helmet:
    Slowly restores your hunger when it isn’t full.

  • Crossbow Helmet:
    Press Sneak to shoot an arrow. Reloads in 3 seconds.

To install, follow the instructions contained in the “instructions.txt” file included in the download. If you are still having issues installing or want help knowing how to do something with the pack, ask for help on our discord.

Fully Multiplayer compatible!

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17
toMinecraft 1.20

18 Update Logs

Update V1.6.6 : by Eastonium 09/28/2023 9:31:42 pmtoday

Updated to Minecraft 1.20.2
Changed all RNG commands to use /random for some super minor performance improvements.
Fixed the Curing Helmet that completely broke from the potion NBT changes.

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07/14/2023 8:58 am
Level 5 : Apprentice Crafter
Pomidorus9 avatar
how to craft xp diamonds?
07/14/2023 1:02 pm
Level 87 : Elite Deity
Eastonium avatar
Download Moar Diamonds and then craft them in the Diamond Crafter
07/11/2023 5:14 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
LiamCampro avatar
Can you get with commands?
And can you show crafting recipes for all helmets?

03/19/2023 7:23 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
Francesco_09 avatar
they have durabily the helmet i mean if a mob attack me the durability goes down?
03/19/2023 2:38 pm
Level 87 : Elite Deity
Eastonium avatar
Yes, though it is leather durability, so they break pretty quick.
10/02/2022 9:58 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User4334657G avatar
how do i craft the custom crafter?
10/02/2022 1:26 pm
Level 87 : Elite Deity
Eastonium avatar
The recipe is in-game if you press L
06/02/2021 7:20 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Narwhal
alexbluedragon0 avatar
06/02/2021 10:10 am
Level 1 : New Miner
PandaPro_ avatar
how do i install the library pack
11/26/2020 9:26 am
Level 1 : New Miner
flashdrian avatar
Hey I have a question the custom crafter didn't work in my world how can I repair that error or other solution please
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