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Required Resource Pack
Maabs's Avatar Maabs
Level 54 : Grandmaster Sus
Moon Stones

Hi everyone! Im Seta and i bring to you my datapack about waypoints!
I hope you enjoy it!

Moon Stones | DP Minecraft Data Pack

What does this datapack do?
This datapack will bring to your word a lot of color and funny teleportations!
With this datapack you will be able to create a Moonstone neighborhood, linking places.

What is a Moonstone Neighborhood?
A moonstone neighborhood is a group of moonstones that you are owner, you have 3 moonstone neighborhoods (1 per dimension).
A moonstone is a kind of structure that you can interact with, letting you teleport to other moonstones that you are owner.
Also, you can use a moonstone that is not in your neighborhood to teleport to a moonstone that you are owner. You can not teleport to
moonstones that are not in the same dimension you are.

How to make a Moonstone?
You have to make a structure like this, placing the lodestone last.

Moon Stones | DP Minecraft Data Pack

How to interact with the moonstone?
Once you have a moonstone neighborhood you will be able to teleport between your moonstones.
To select a moonstone, sneak while punching the moonstone, once you find the moonstone you want to teleport with, punch the moonstone without sneaking until you teleport to the moonstone selected (~7 times)

Also, the moonstones need amethyst to work:
Moonstones have two states, the activated moonstone, and the deactivated moonstone. You can only teleport to activated moonstones. If you see a deactivated moonstone, punch it while holding an amethyst shard and it will activate it.
An amethyst shard can give you the power to travel 250 blocks. The power of the amethyst will decrease depending on the number of blocks you teleport. Once you run out of amethyst the moonstone will deactivate.

Moon Stones | DP Minecraft Data Pack

You can give your moonstones the colors and names you want. To name a moonstone, just make a nametag and left-click while holding it. To make colorful moonstones place concrete powder under the moonstone (only when you are creating it)
You have 9 different options to choose from:
White (Default)

(Early concept). You cant make black moonstones

Also, if you no longer want a moonstone you can remove it by destroying the slab under the moonstone.

-You have to install my Obsidian Datapack
-Each player can have a moonstone neighborhood of ~60,000 per dimension
-This datapack only works in Overworld, The Nether and The End

And thats it!
I want to mention that this datapack was completely inspired by PauseKawa's Waystones datapack . When I first saw his datapack I completely fell in love with the concept so I decided to make my own version >.<
Thanks for your download!
Made by Seta

If you feel lost, watch this small guide i make: www.youtube.com/watch?v=eS9sThgwuZ8
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

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01/05/2023 1:54 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Explorer
Nihilistique's Avatar
Hi there. Lovely datapack but we are having an issue.

The datapack and Obsidian are installed, we can build and see Moon stones and activate them but when we try to teleport to another one it says "no moon stone found"

I built two 20 blocks apart as a test and got the same result, "No moon stone found". Any idea what the issue is?
08/17/2022 10:19 am
Level 44 : Master Engineer
Luish54's Avatar
¡Felicidades por las 100 descargas! Tan solo te tomó... espera... ¡¿Tres semanas?! 😳
08/08/2022 7:31 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
ashuat's Avatar
hi! Is there a way to disable the nausea effect on teleport or to decrease the intensity? also is it possible to have the moon stone get highlighted while cycling them like when regularly punching them? thanks! i really like the pack :)
08/14/2022 2:39 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Sus
Maabs's Avatar
hi! thanks im glad you like it:)

i didnt think that the nausea effect would be so aggresive so i didnt add a option to disable/decrease its intensity. If you see the nausea effect as a big problem tell me, to give you a special copy of the datapack where there is no nausea effect.
In the beta version of the this datapack you was able to have the moon stone get highlighted while cycling them like when regularly punching them, but it was removed, maybe in a future update i can add that feature again:)
08/13/2022 9:17 am
Level 1 : New Miner
ashuat's Avatar
also, is there a way for waystones to work for everybody, and not just the owner?
08/14/2022 2:40 amhistory
Level 54 : Grandmaster Sus
Maabs's Avatar
nope, at this moment you can not teleport to other people moon stones, you just can use them to teleport to moon stones that you own. The feature you are saying will be added 100% in a future update, but this update wont be released soon since the demand for this datapack is too low. :)
08/15/2022 1:50 am
Level 1 : New Miner
ashuat's Avatar
ok, thanks for the response! i just decreased the nausea in the accessibility settings, so it's ok. i hope this pack gains more traction in the future! it's probably the most balanced waystone datapack right now, and i'd love to be able to use moon stones to travel to all my friend's bases :D
08/07/2022 4:12 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Zephemus's Avatar
Doesn't seem to work on 1.19.2

The moon stone appears, I can activate it, but it doesn't seem to show me connections.

I mean, when I shift + right click after I activated it doesn't do nothing.

Obsidian Installed
Function Installed
Fabric Server
08/14/2022 2:46 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Sus
Maabs's Avatar
Hummm, weird, i just tested it and it seems to work fine, i would need more information to know what its the problem u.u
08/01/2022 11:14 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Miner
TheChair's Avatar
Hey i love the concept but when i try to activate it nothing happens? i have both datapacks installed
any tips?
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