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Wilderness Wanderers | Trade datapack

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Maabs's Avatar Maabs
Level 53 : Grandmaster Sus

Wilderness Wanderers
Hey everyone! I'm Seta, the creator and developer of Wilderness Wanderers. It's been a long year without any updates to the datapack. I understand that version 2.0 had a few issues and complications, but the wait is finally over. I'm excited to announce the release of Wilderness Wanderers: Trade Tales, the latest version of the datapack. I'm thrilled to share this new adventure with all of you.

Wilderness Wanderers | Trade datapack Minecraft Data Pack

What does it do?
Introducing an exciting addition to your world: a unique trading mechanic! This remarkable datapack allows you to bring the magic of trading stands to every player in your server. Now, you can engage in item exchanges and foster a thriving economy, even when you're away from the game. Immerse yourself in the joy of seamless trading, enhancing the multiplayer experience for all!
Wilderness Wanderers | Trade datapack Minecraft Data Pack

Up to 12 different stand designs
Discover the wonders of marketplace diversity with up to 12 unique designs of trading stands! Seek out these delightful structures in various villages scattered across the vast world of Minecraft. Each type of village offers its own distinct market design, waiting to be collected and cherished. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere as you explore and trade in these charming marketplaces. Expand your collection, embrace the diversity, and experience the true essence of village life in Minecraft! Each design has a rarity %

Wilderness Wanderers | Trade datapack Minecraft Data Pack

Set up a stand
To set up a sales booth, follow these simple steps:
1. Find a suitable design for your trading stand. Explore different options and choose one that suits your style and needs.
2. Crouch (sneak) to enter a sneaking position. This will allow you to interact with the building mechanics.
3. Locate a clear and open area where you want to place your trading stand.
4. Once you've found a valid location, the area will turn green, indicating that it's a suitable spot for your stand.
5. Right-click (or interact) with the designated spot while in the sneaking position.
6. Voila! Your trading stand will be constructed within the boundaries of the green area.
With these steps, you'll be able to easily set up your very own sales booth and dive into the exciting world of trading!

Stands are beautiful
With this new update, the stands are so much beatiful than the previous ones. They have atmosphere and you can even interact with the trader and have a small talk.

Play Destroy

To remove a trading stand, simply crouch and right-click directly on the white banner at the back of the stall using any type of axe. This action will allow you to dismantle the stall and reclaim the space. It's a convenient way to make adjustments or relocate your trading setup.

How to sell?
You can sell any item by right-clicking on any of the glowing item frames. Then, right-click again to set the price. Hold the item you wish to purchase in your main hand and left-click repeatedly until you're satisfied with the price. Finally, right-click again to finalize the offer. If you change your mind about selling that particular item, you can left-click on it, and it will be released. This user-friendly system allows for easy item trading and provides flexibility in managing your inventory. Happy trading!
Note: You cannot purchase items that have specific tags. However, for my fellow datapackagers, if you want your custom items to be compatible with my datapack, you can give them the tag "CustomItem:1". This will ensure seamless integration and compatibility between different datapacks.

How to buy?
You can purchase items from other trading stalls using the following process: First, select the item you wish to buy. Then, inquire about the price from the merchant. Once the price is displayed, you can proceed to pay for the item until its price reaches zero. The payment will be stored in the barrel located behind the stall. The stall owners can access the payment by right-clicking on the barrel whenever they desire.

UnbreakableNobody can destroy the stand unless the owner or an admin
ReputationDuring the process of purchasing items, you have the opportunity to give reputation to the trading stand. Each stand has five levels of reputation. With each level, the stand's appearance becomes increasingly attractive and eye-catching. (With each level upgrade, all nearby stands reach a discount in all their items). Once you reach level 5, you will be rewarded with a special title as a token of appreciation for your support. So, not only can you acquire fantastic items, but you also have the chance to contribute to the stand's growth and unlock a prestigious title along the way! (You can view the actual reputation of your stand by right-clicking the white banner)
AdvancementsThere are new and interesting advancements that you can earn by playing the datapack (some are hidden!)
Admin functionsThe server admins have access to special functions by typing in the chat /function paper:user/[...]. For example, they can destroy all server stands, be able to destroy any stand even if they are not the owner, or receive all designs
AmbientGet ready for an immersive experience as each trading stall comes to life! To create a lively atmosphere, every trading stand will automatically turn on its lights during the night, adding a warm glow to your village. As the day breaks, the lights will gracefully fade away, giving a natural feel to the marketplace. This dynamic feature adds a touch of realism and enchantment, making the trading stalls truly come alive in harmony with the day-night cycle.

if you want to uninstall the datapack just type /function fire:vanilla/base/settings/uninstall
Thanks for your download and see you in wilderness wanderers v4.0! -Seta
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.20

3 Update Logs

Update 3.1 : by Maabs 10/01/2023 8:40:58 pmOct 1st, 2023

-Now compatible with Shiny Trims and Rose Gold datapacks
-Pack.mcmeta updated

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01/08/2024 12:18 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Marwy's Avatar
Hello! I have one small problem and that is that I don't know how to call the wandering trader. I had this datapack 1 year ago and there was a sign system but now it doesn't work :(
01/01/2024 1:48 pmhistory
Level 36 : Artisan Miner
zox007's Avatar
bro how to use blue print on surface
10/31/2023 7:11 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Aianchupapi's Avatar
Wait you dint say how to get the stand
10/08/2023 2:32 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Briksy's Avatar
Does it work for paper bukkit servers?
10/01/2023 9:07 pm
Level 24 : Expert Procrastinator
The_Maker_CR's Avatar
Why it wasnt compatible with sat and rg?
10/01/2023 9:44 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Sus
Maabs's Avatar
Some functions collided :o
07/21/2023 1:42 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Procrastinator
Mei_awa_awa's Avatar
Hi! I have a question,I don't know if it's me but I can't buy my own merchandise, nor do I know how to buy my own stores (if that's possible)?????
07/22/2023 12:08 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Sus
Maabs's Avatar
oda, no puedes comprar tu propia mercancia, pero si puedes cancelar la venta y te devolvera el item que pusiste en venta :3
07/24/2023 1:11 pm
Level 35 : Artisan Procrastinator
Mei_awa_awa's Avatar
mucha gracias pense que era un bug o algo 💖💖✨
07/24/2023 4:55 pm
Level 53 : Grandmaster Sus
Maabs's Avatar
a tiii por preocuparte 💘
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