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Natural Forces Disaster Datapack 1.19.2+

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Clarence365's Avatar Clarence365
Level 32 : Artisan Miner
This datapack adds natural disasters like volcanoes, meteors, and tsunamis to Minecraft.

This Datapack has 20 Disasters added.

This Datapack is W.I.P

/function natureforce:giveitems to get started

Natural Spawning Generation:

Disasters naturally spawn after 7000 seconds (except Floods and Tsunamis as they were triggered by disasters.) (W.I.P)

Super Disasters naturally spawn after 50000 seconds (except Mega Eruption, Famine and Mega-Tsunamis as they were triggered by disasters.)

List of Normal Disaster in this datapack.

1. Sinkhole:

They dig the blocks down as it collapse and create a hole.

To Survive: Stay away from the Sinkhole

2. Tsunami:

Tsunamis wipe vegetation and land and ruins Redstone machine, gardens, and buildings.

They were naturally triggered by earthquakes occurring in the Y 62 on water

Will clean up after 119 seconds removing water.

Spawn Naturally when the Earthquake struck in ocean biome.

To Survive: Tsunamis are harmless to players but quickly rise up because you will drown.

3. Volcano:

Fire fountains spewing debris and lava high to the skies.
They have pipes connected from the surface to the bedrock.

They will become dormant after 5000 seconds.

Will Naturally become extinct after 30000 seconds when inactive.

Reactivated by Earthquakes by in 200 block radius.

Burn Items in 200 block radius due to heat. (Prevents Lag)

To Survive: Avoid the debris as the flying blocks are very harmful to mobs. Don't build houses near to the volcano. DO NOT FLY OVER VOLCANOES WITH ELYTRA.

Even you drank the fire resistance potion, Volcanic debris are still very dangerous.

4. Meteor:

Rocks falling to the surface on a blazing speed impacting the ground with an explosive force.

To Survive: Stay away from the impact site, Do not go near to the meteors with your elytra as it will damage you.

5. Earthquake:

Violent shakes happened on the surface.

Reactivate the Volcanoes.

Resetting the duration of the erupting volcano.

Triggering the Tsunami.

To Survive: Stay away from cliffs as shakes will knock you over, Stay away from walls as it will suffocate you

6. Flood:

Small waves flooding the landscape.

Unlike Tsunamis, They don't disappear adding to the problem

Naturally triggered by Tropical Cyclone on water in Y=62

They were harmless to players

7. Geyser:

Water sprouting fountains.

To Survive: Basically Stay away from it.

8. Tropical Cyclone:

Violent windy rainy weather.

They cause floods.

To Survive: Stay on water.

9. Heatwave:

Fire wave that burns entities, and items who stands on the area.

Naturally spawn on desert.

To Survive: Stay on water.

10. Tornado:

A pillar of clouds destroying land on its path. Sending mobs to the sky until they fall.

To Survive: Stay away from the Tornado.

11. Firenado:

A blazing version of the Tornado but deadlier, Burning mobs while swirling up in the air.

To Survive: Stay away from the Firenado.

12. Mudpots:

A mud volcano the spews mud. Shoots you up to the air

To Survive: Stay away from the Mudpot.

12. Lava Vent:

A vent of the volcano. Gives you wither if you're near.

Spawn naturally near the volcano.

Actually linked to the volcano

To Survive: Stay away from the Lava Vent

13. Drought:

A disaster gives you hunger, weakness and wither

To Survive: Eat the food immediately.

List of Super Disaster in this datapack.

1. Megaquake:

A powerful version of the Earthquake. Violent shake will knock you falling from the edge.

Triggers a Massive Volcanic Eruption.

Triggering the MegaTsunami.

To Survive: Find the Flat surface, DO NOT GO NEAR TO THE CLIFF.

2. Massive Volcanic Eruption

A powerful eruption of the volcano will cause catastrophic events. Different from normal eruptions, It erupted pyroclastic materials.

Forms a Caldera by the Big Explosion

Triggering the Global Famine

Triggered by the Megaquake

To Survive: GTFO
from this and use milk to clear the effects.

3. Comet:

A dirty Ice falling to the ground with a powerful boom

To Survive: Stay away from the impact site, Use the milk to clear the effect.

4. Asteroid:

A big rock from space going to collide with earth, Causes Mass Extinction.

To Survive: Stay away from the impact site, Use the milk to clear the effect.

5. MegaTsunami:

MegaTsunamis are stronger than normal tsunamis. Causes mass damage on the region.

They were naturally triggered by earthquakes occurring in the Y 62 on water

Will clean up after 119 seconds removing water.

Triggered by the Megaquake in the Ocean.

To Survive: Tsunamis are harmless to players but quickly rise up because you will drown.

6. Famine:

An Event affects entities with Hunger and Weakness

To Survive: Eat food to survive.

7. Global Famine:

An Event affects entities around the world with blindness, wither, and nausea.

Spawns Naturally

Triggered by Massive Volcanic Eruption in the end of the Stage.

To Survive: Drink Milk to survive.

List of Items.

1. Terraforming Device

A device used to terraform volcanic lands while holding. They have 4 Types:

1. Plains
2. Mesa
3. Desert
4. Mushroom Biome

2. Remove Disaster

Spawn it near the disaster and its removed.

3. Cool Magma

Cools the Lava and Magma block to Basalt block.

Configurations and Functions:

1. Natural Spawning toggle:

/function natureforce:dospawndisastertrue

/function natureforce:dospawndisasterfalse

2. Natural Disaster Spawn Notifications:

/function natureforce:donotificationtrue

/function natureforce:donotificationfalse

3. Get all items:

/function natureforce:giveitems

4. Trigger the Disaster using Commands:

/function natureforce:spawntrigger

/function natureforce:spawntrigger2

5. Show Disaster Beacons

/function natureforce:showdisastertrue

/function natureforce:showdisasterfalse

6. Turning on and off the Volcano

/function natureforce:activatevolcano

/function natureforce:deactivatevolcano

7. Trigger a Massive Volcanic Eruption

/function natureforce:volcanoexplosion

Warning: This datapack will destroy your world. So, make sure to make a copy.

They're sometimes bit laggy.

Future updates will add new disasters, items and improved features

CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

1 Update Logs

Update 1.0.2 : by Clarence365 10/17/2022 1:06:49 amOct 17th, 2022

Added Features:

Normal Disaster:

1. Drought
2. Mudpot and Lava vent
3. Firenado
4. Heatwave

Added Super Disaster:

1. Famine
2. Global Famine
3. Asteroid
4. Comet
5. Megaquake
6. Mega Tsunami

New function command:

/function natureforce:showdisastertrue

/function natureforce:showdisasterfalse

/function natureforce:volcanoexplode

/function natureforce:spawntrigger2

Improved Features

1. Look of the Volcano replace Blackstone block to Basalt for Minecrafty Look
2. Looks of the Meteor
3. Looks of the Sinkhole replaced the Coarse Dirt to Mud Block
4. Looks of the Geyser
5. Terraforming Device added 4 for Biomes
6. Cool Magma device from Blackstone to Basalt

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04/20/2024 5:33 am
Level 1 : New Miner
OrangeSquirrel's Avatar
01/22/2023 12:54 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4445629G's Avatar
Be warned: This mod causes severe entity lag and no, this is not due to hardware.

Minecraft has 8GB RAM allocated, 3070 and R5 5600x running on optifine 1.19.2.
11/01/2022 5:47 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
YaboyBlacklist's Avatar
quick question, is there a way to make the disasters spawn more often?
11/02/2022 11:14 pm
Level 32 : Artisan Miner
Clarence365's Avatar
Im planning an organized spawning event for the Disaster in the future. I will make a configuration of the spawning of the disaster, This would change the seconds of what will the Disaster will occur in.
07/11/2022 2:29 am
Level 1 : New Miner
superrobot500's Avatar
how to get it to work

the zip isn't working like it's supposed to what do I do?
07/18/2022 1:36 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Dragonborn
ZachTwistedDragonLord's Avatar
Thats because you have to unzip the file
07/06/2022 6:41 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
infinitesouls's Avatar
Is there a way to only have certain natural disasters? I like some of them like the heatwave and the meteor but I would rather not have the earthquake or the volcano, though the tornado is acceptable depending on how much damage it does.
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