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Required Resource Pack
Minecraft Maniac X avatar Minecraft Maniac X
Level 42 : Master Herobrine
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This datapack adds a magic system to minecraft, but not in the way that most datapacks do. In this datapack, you use a bed as a sort of portal to a nightmare, where you can get magic items. Nightmares can be kept at bay quite easily. The hard part is beating them, making nightmares a mid to end game goal.

What are the nightmares?
Nightmares are experiences where you find yourself in a dark room, and something happens to you. It could be mobs attacking, or falling from the sky and having to save yourself. Nightmares are fairly hard, but you can get good rewards from them. To get into a nightmare, all you have to do is sleep in a bed, and there is a 20% chance of getting one.

How can I stop nightmares?
To stop nightmares, put a item frame next to your bed and put a cobweb in it. You will make a dreamcatcher, which stops nightmares if you are sleeping in the bed it is next to.

What can I get from nightmares?
Here's the fun part. The magic. When you beat a nightmare, you get a dream fragment. dream fragments on their own are pretty boring. The fun part comes when you use one to craft a dreamcasting wand. Throw a diamond block, a nether star, a stick, and a dream fragment on the ground, and you will be given the dreamcaster. The dreamcaster uses dream fragments as fuel, so make sure you have them in your inventory. Put the dream fragment you want to use in your offhand, and right click with the dreamcaster. One dream fragment in your offhand will be used up, and all non undead mobs in a 10 block radius will take 3 hearts of damage. As long as you have dream fragments in your inventory offhand, you can cast the dreamcaster.

Normal dreamcasters only can cast every 60 ticks and only affect mobs in a 10 block radius (or different for some fragments), but you can upgrade the speed and range of your dreamcaster with a dream rune. Get dream runes by entering the herobrine nightmare and taking it from his hand. Then, throw the dreamcaster and the rune on the ground to receive your dreamcaster level 2, which can cast once every 30 ticks and has a bigger attack radius of 17 blocks (may differ for certain dream fragments).

PRO TIP: The dreamcaster will check to make sure the dream fragment is in your offhand, but it will use up the fragments in your inventory before it uses the one in your offhand. This means you can have one dream fragment in your offhand, and 64 dreamfragments in your inventory, and still get 65 casts.

You can also get different types of dream fragments that do different things.
More dream fragments
In addition to the generic dream fragment, you can get other ones too.

undead dream fragment
The undead dream fragment works on undead mobs, even though the normal one doesn't. Craft it by throwing a bone, a rotten flesh, and a dream fragment on the ground. (You can only convert one fragment at a time)
magnetic dream fragment
this fragment teleports all items within a certain radius to you. The radius is different than normal fragments. 20 blocks for a level one dreamcaster, and 40 for a level 2. Craft it with a compass, iron ingot, and dream fragment. (You can only craft one at a time)

How do I install the datapack?
1.15.x or 1.16.x+ : First, unzip the datapack so you have a folder. Next, navigate to your minecraft world folder (there are millions of youtube videos on how to do this) and put it in your datapacks folder within the world. Type /reload within the world, and it should work.

1.16.x : When starting a new world, click datapacks. Click open folder, and drag the unzipped file in. Click done, and then click datapacks again. The datapack should be on the right column. You can then bring it to the left column and start your world.

Nightmare list
  • anvils

  • bunnies

  • demise

  • drowning

  • falling

  • ghast

  • herobrine

  • lava

  • phantoms

  • ravagers

  • spiders

  • vindicators

  • zombies

Popular questions
Q: Does it work in multiplayer?
A: Sort of. If one person is having a nightmare, and another person's nightmare starts, the first nightmare stops and the second one begins with both people in it.

Q: How can i trigger nightmares directly?
A: First, type in "/function nightmares:nm/nightmares/" DO NOT PRESS ENTER!!! look in the command prompt, and you will see a list of the functions that run the nightmares. click the one you want to run, press enter, and sit back and scream :).

Q: Will you be adding more nightmares?
A: Definitely. I stopped because I ran out of ideas. If I come up with one, or you guys give me one through the comments, I will definitely add it.

Q: How can I get the items directly?
Dream fragment : /give @s quartz{CustomModelData:1,display:{Name:"\"Dream Fragment\"",Lore:["\"normal\""]}} 1
undead fragment: /give @s quartz{CustomModelData:4,display:{Name:"\"Dream Fragment\"",Lore:["\"undead\""]}} 1
Magnetism fragment: /give @s quartz{CustomModelData:5,display:{Name:"\"Dream Fragment\"",Lore:["\"magnet\""]}} 1
Dream Caster: /function nightmares:nm/craft/dreamcaster
Dream Caster 2: /function nightmares:nm/craft/dreamcaster2

Q: Where are the nightmares taking place?
A: The nightmares are in a giant box at 0, 0 made of jigsaw blocks (so that I can edit textures. Don't worry, you won't open them in survival), and the nightmares are created when you enter. If anyone sends me a better texture, I will consider replacing it.



planned features:
-more nightmares
-nightmare chance influenced based on experiences (dying)
-fixing bugs
-anything else you guys recommend
CreditThanks to the comments for the ideas to turn this from a small nightmares datapack to a whole system of magic. Thanks especially to @explodoboy for a detailed list of their opinion of the nightmares, and @puffa for help debugging and adding nightmares.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15
toMinecraft 1.17

27 Update Logs

Update #27 : by Minecraft Maniac X 10/01/2020 2:33:08 pmOct 1st, 2020

Deleted some stuff in the description

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12/20/2020 5:51 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
Puffa avatar
Nice, it evolved so much ever since I played it
12/06/2020 12:18 pmhistory
Level 13 : Journeyman Warrior
Mr_Awesome7865 avatar
I think that the dreamcatcher should lower the chance of a nightmare but not stop it
but I think you should be able to upgrade the dreamcatcher with dream fragments so it is less likely to happen
12/06/2020 12:11 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Warrior
Mr_Awesome7865 avatar
I think you should do a nightmare where you are in a house and you are trying to escape but there is a creature that when it sees you it becomes really fast so it is sorta like a stealth nightmare
🚪O( 0_0)O ╰(‵□′)╯
12/06/2020 12:22 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Warrior
Mr_Awesome7865 avatar
I made a bedrock version of the beast in tynker if you want to look at it

09/14/2020 10:50 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Engineer
Atolite avatar
I really think think the power of the wand should be better..
09/14/2020 3:58 pm
Level 42 : Master Herobrine
Minecraft Maniac X
Minecraft Maniac X avatar
can you give me numbers of distance and time (in ticks)?
07/24/2020 11:54 am
Level 42 : Master Herobrine
Minecraft Maniac X
Minecraft Maniac X avatar
1k downloads?! Thanks so much everybody!
07/16/2020 11:42 am
Level 42 : Master Herobrine
Minecraft Maniac X
Minecraft Maniac X avatar
Hey guys, respond to this comment with any update ideas :)
08/05/2020 7:13 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
IlaiCoolGamer avatar
you should add a way to have a higher chanse to have a dream like a dimond block and a dream caster? or a dimond block and a 10 dream fragments and it has a limet just a littel help
08/06/2020 7:32 pm
Level 42 : Master Herobrine
Minecraft Maniac X
Minecraft Maniac X avatar
Yeah. I wan to implement this, but currently there is a glich that lets you garentee a nightmare, so once I fix this I will implement that.
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