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One Piece: Datapack (Includes Devil Fruits, Awakening, Haki, Races, and more)

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globgor's Avatar globgor
Level 53 : Grandmaster Cow
NOTICE: When downloading the pack, make sure to use the "one piece" folder you are met with once opening the zip, not the one inside the _MACOSX folder, as that one doesn't work; once you have the correct folder, drop it into your datapacks folder to start using it

Make sure to do /reload for the pack to work properly.

Use /function minecraft:g[​fruit name] to give yourself said devil fruit, such as /function minecraft:gmochi to give yourself the Mochi Mochi no Mi.

NOTE: Most items and moves in this pack are activated by being placed in the offhand, an example being fruit consumption

Eating a devil fruit bestows you with mysterious power, but with the con of removing your ability to swim. These curious fruits are found in some shipwrecks’ chests, with some even having the ability of being awakened. The available devil fruits in the pack are:

Gomu Gomu no Mi:
- User is immune to all Goro attacks

Gomu Gomu no Pistol: Stretch arm a fair distance forwards, damaging anything in the way

Gomu Gomu no Gatling: User is slowed down, but anything in a close distance in front of them will be caught in a barrage

Gomu Gomu no Rocket: User stretches their arms a decent distance forwards, and if contact is made with a block, the gomu user will be shot forwards towards said block as a form of transportation

Third Gear: User blows into their hand, expanding it; the gomu user then throws their enlarged fist forward, causing devastating damage if making contact with an enemy or block

Second Gear: User activates second gear, accelerating their blood flow; the user’s physical capabilities are enhanced for a time, and during this period Pistol and Third Gear transform into Red Hawk and Red Roc respectively

Fourth Gear (Unlocked via the attainment of armament haki):
- Jump and hold shift to fly
- Increased durability and strength
- Constant bouncing
- Normal moves are colored with haki, increasing their damage
- Has a constant stamina drain (hunger effect)

Gomu Gomu no Jet Culverin: Aim at an entity, and stretch your fist forwards at fast speeds; no matter your target goes, your fist will follow their movement, eventually catching up and damaging them

Gomu Gomu no Leo Bazooka: After a short windup, the gomu user throws their arms forward, causing devastating damage to anything standing in front of them

AWAKENING / FIFTH GEAR (Unlocked by putting a nether star in offhand slot, requires armament haki to be unlocked):
- Enhanced physical capabilities
- Jump and hold shift to fly around
- Normal moves have the added effect of rubberizing enemies, leaving them flimsy and relatively immobile
- Has an intense stamina drain
- Audible heartbeat

Gomu Gomu no Gigant: Transform into a giant through self-inflation; the gomu user will leap in the air, leaving a large impact wherever they land. They will shortly return to normal afterwards

Gomu Gomu no Kaminari (recommend using it during flight for an easier time): The gomu user will grab a bolt of lightning, rubberizing it and hurling it forwards, causing immense damage


Goro Goro no Mi:
- Jump and tap shift to teleport forwards a fair distance forwards via lightning
- (Logia) Constant regeneration, unless attacked with armament haki

Vari: Shoot a quick electrical discharge forwards, momentarily stunning and damaging anything in the way

Sango: Strike any entity in a small radius around you with lightning

El Thor: Send a stationary beam of electrical energy down from the sky, frying anything caught in its wake

Raigo: Send a sphere of energy into the ground from the collecting clouds above; makes a huge explosion, electrocuting anything in its wake


Gura Gura no Mi:

Kabutowari: Grab the nearest entity and crush its skull with a shockwave, blasting it backwards

Shima Yurashi: Grasp the air and manipulate it, shaking the very Earth; this will send nearby enemies into the air, while also warping the landscape

Kaishin: Crack the air to your left and right, driving a tsunami towards you. This will suck any nearby enemies in, drowning them (the gura user cannot drown in this particular water)

Gekishin: Shatter the air in front of you, destroying anything within a large distance of the move


Ito Ito no Mi:
- Jump and tap shift to swing throughout the skies using string

Pentachromatic Strings: Slash in front of you, causing bleed damage to any nearby enemies

Stitch: Causes mild pain, but will repair the ito user’s body, restoring some health

Parasite: Makes the nearest non-player enemy passive, with them being forced to follow the ito user

Birdcage: A cage of string is formed around the user, with the string slicing at any enemies in its range. The cage will shrink, eventually smashing into the ground with great force


Jiki Jiki no Mi:

Magnetize: Repel any nearby enemies that have metal in their inventory back a small distance

Magnetize (shift while using): Magnetically control the movement of a nearby enemy that has metal in their inventory

Punk Gibson: This move will only proceed if the jiki user has any metal in their inventory; said metal will form into a giant metal arm, which will grab nearby entities. Putting this metal arm in contact with a block will result in the enemy being smashed, with minor landscape damage

Punk Rotten: This move will only proceed if the jiki user has any metal in their inventory; said metal will form into a giant metal construct which can be piloted by the jiki user. After entering it, put “Travel Forward” in your offhand to move forwards, which effectively utilizes this ability as a form of transportation. Using Punk Vise on the other hand will have the construct grab any enemies in front of it, smashing its hands together. This will immediately cause the construct to dismantle and fall apart; on the other hand, it has the potential to stay together for longer if this is never done

AWAKENING (Unlocked by putting a nether star in offhand slot):

Assign: Touch the nearest enemy, assigning it a polarity. Any metal in the enemy’s inventory will begin to crush them, while any metal in a large radius will fly towards them, attempting to enter their inventory and injure them further (if it is a non-player entity, mere close proximity with such metal will suffice, causing damage)


Mera Mera no Mi:
- Jump and hold shift to fly, thanks to flame propulsion
- (Logia) Constant regeneration, unless attacked with armament haki
- Fire immunity

Firefly: Release a few small, aimless, green orbs; these orbs ignite and create small explosions upon contact with an enemy

Fire Fist: Punch forwards, sending a powerful, flame projectile

Fire Pillar: The mera user is surrounded by a whirlwind of flame, which soon collapses and makes a large explosion, igniting any nearby enemies

Entei: The mera user creates a huge ball of flame above their head, which is thrown in the direction of wherever they are looking; when said ball makes contact with an enemy or block, it creates a huge, fiery explosion


Mochi Mochi no Mi:
- Jump and tap shift to become a giant mochi donut; transportation is made easier in this form, due to the increased mobility
- (Special Paramecia, Logia mimicry) Constant regeneration, unless attacked with armament haki

Mochi Blade Bullet: Launch a small, speedy mochi projectile; causes mild damage and has a low cool down

Fried Mochi Punch: Launch a mochi fist coated in fire, igniting any enemies caught in its wake

Buzz Cut Mochi: You enlarge your mochi forearm, now covered in spikes; you spin in a circle, with any enemies close enough getting stuck to your sticky, spiked arm. When ending the attack, said arm is slammed into the ground, along with anyone unfortunate enough to be stuck to it

AWAKENING (Unlocked by putting a nether star in offhand slot):

Chikara Mochi: Two large, floating donuts form behind the mochi user. A fist punches out from its respective donut; whenever the user shifts during this period of time, these fists will be thrown down, smashing anything caught in their way

Chestnut Mochi: Aim at any enemy; if a target is found, a large donut will be made above the mochi user; said donut will send volleys of spikes towards the target

Flowing Mochi: The mochi user uses their awakened abilities to turn the ground below them into mochi, causing anyone in it to be impeded by the sticky substance for a time


Ope Ope no Mi:
- (Inside of dome) Aim at an entity, jump and tap shift, and you will swap places with it via the Shambles ability

Room: Make a large dome; the ope user can only use their moves inside of the dome, and on enemies that are in said dome

NOTE: The following moves can only be used in the aforementioned room

Amputate: The ope user temporarily severs the limbs of the nearest people that are inside of the dome, slowing them and making them unable to attack

Amputate (shift while using): The ope user must be within a block distance to the enemy (who must be within the previously mentioned room; if this criteria is met, then the ope user will extract the enemy’s heart. This heart can be crushed (even outside of the room) by being put in the offhand, but this doesn’t have to be done immediately. Crushing the heart will almost always leave whichever enemy it was stolen from near death

Injection Shot: Aim at an enemy; if an entity is found, the ope user will propel themselves towards the target, dealing a decent amount of damage when making contact. The move is automatically cancelled if the ope user hits a block or the edge of the room

Takt: Telekinetically grab the nearest enemy, with any other nearby enemies floating aimlessly in the air, doomed to fall to the ground

Takt (shift while using): Aim at an enemy; telekinetically raise a spike from the ground at their feet

Gamma Knife: Mobility is enhanced during activation; if the ope user comes into close contact with an enemy, the enemy will be stabbed with the gamma knife. This will fry their insides, causing constant damage to them for a time, also impeding their ability to run

Close Room: Close the currently open room

AWAKENING (Unlocked by putting a nether star in offhand slot):
- Room has a significantly larger radius
- Awakened ope moves do not require a room
- Awakened ope moves are revealed by putting any weapon/tool in the offhand
- Using awakened moves will exhaust the ope user, momentarily reducing the size of any room they make

Shock Wille: Enlarge your weapon momentarily, stabbing it into the ground; any nearby enemies are electrocuted, leaving them stunned for a time

Puncture Wille: Enlarge your weapon momentarily, stabbing it into the ground; send a devastating shockwave from it downwards, destroying anything caught in the blast

Silence: A special room is temporarily made around the ope user, rendering anything in a small radius around them mute; any sound they make will also be silenced.


Nikyu Nikyu no Mi:

Pad Ho: The nikyu user repels the very air in front of them, sending a shockwave forward that deals minor damage

Repel Pain: The nikyu user repels their own pain, restoring some health; this repelled anguish is sent forwards in the form of a projectile. If it hits a living entity, it will be dealt the repelled damage

Puni: The nikyu user repels any incoming damage/projectiles headed for them; this move lasts a little over a second

Repel Individual: Repel any nearby entity to wherever you are looking; the possible range is infinite

Repel Individual (shift while using): Repel yourself to wherever you are looking; the possible range is infinite

Ursus Shock: Gather a large amount of air in your palms, compressing it into a small projectile, and sending it forwards; if it makes contact with an entity or block, it will result in a huge blast


Pika Pika no Mi:
- Jump and tap shift to transform into a ray of light, capable of traveling a theoretically infinite distance; deactivate by hitting a block or by shifting again
- (Logia) Constant regeneration, unless attacked with armament haki

Gleaming Beam: Send forward a ray of light capable of burning targets and of illuminating the environment

Floodlight: Emit a bright flash, disorienting nearby enemies; the pika user will now also act as a light source for the next half minute

Sunspotted Ray: The pika user generates a construct made from light; if it is daytime, this construct will funnel sunlight into a dangerous laser beam, targeted at the ground below it. If it is nighttime, nothing will happen. The previously mentioned laser ignites any enemies that make contact with it

String of Jewels: The pika user launches themselves into the air in the form of a ray of light; once reaching an appropriate height, they return to their physical form, launching a volley of explosive rays wherever they are looking. Once the move has ended, the user will be slowly let down to the ground (and their cool down for light travel will be reset, in case things get hairy)


Ryu Ryu no Mi, Pteranodon Model:
- Jump and tap shift in human form to transform into a pteranodon
- Jump and hold shift in pteranodon form to fly

NOTE: The following moves can only be used in full zoan form, and their usage is recommended only when flying in the air, as they can be otherwise difficult to aim and control

Barizodon: The fruit user swipes their wing in front of them, making an air slash

Tankyudon: The fruit user dives towards the ground/a target, leaving a large impact where they land

Tempuraudon: The fruit user pulls back on their head crest, stretching their face flat and causing their beak to retract into their face. They then lets go of the crest so that their head flings forward at an extreme speed, spearing any enemies that are caught in its path

Return To Normal: The fruit user morphs back into their human form


Soru Soru no Mi:

Soul Pocus: Use on any nearby, non-player enemy that is very low on health; they will immediately be killed, with their soul being deposited into your inventory

Soul Absorption: By putting a soul in their offhand, the soru user can extend their own life span. This effect stacks to a certain extent, with each soul adding a few extra hearts. The max is an entire second health bar, with this extra life lasting a few minutes until depletion

Homies: If a soul is dropped at the feet of an armor stand, it will come to life, being instantly hostile towards everything except the soru user. The same thing will happen if a soul comes into contact with an item on the ground; the item will be given life, and though it has less health than any other homie type, it will be speedier

Special homies:

Soul + sculk catalyst = warden

Soul + iron block = iron golem

Soul + snow block = snow golem

Soul + light gray carpet = tamed wolf

Soul + totem of undying = villager that gives special discounts only to the soru user


Tori Tori no Mi, Phoenix Model:
- In human form, jump and tap shift to transform into hybrid phoenix form
- In hybrid form, jump and tap shift to transform back to human form
- In full zoan form, jump and hold shift to fly
- Constant regeneration, a byproduct of the fruit’s ability
- Receive even faster regeneration upon being damaged

Regenerating Flames: Spread your flames to the nearest entity, restoring its health

Bluebird: Send forward a fireball made of special flame

Talon (only available in hybrid form): Swipe at any nearby enemies with your clawed feet

Full Form (only available in hybrid form): Initiate a complete transformation into a phoenix

Fenghuang Seal (only available in full form, usage is recommended only if the fruit user is flying): The fruit user flies forward, making a large, fiery explosion upon contact with a block; this ignites any nearby enemies that are caught in the blast

Return To Normal: The fruit user morphs back into their human form


Yami Yami no Mi:
- You take more damage than a typical fruit user would
- All of your moves are able to cancel out any possibly advantageous effects a fruit user may have at the moment

Vortex: Drag any enemy in front of you into arms reach, during which they will take constant damage

Black Hole: Suck any nearby enemies into your ring of darkness; they will take damage, after which they will be expelled and sent flying into the air

Die in the Dark: The yami user makes a huge ball of darkness in the sky; after a few moments, it will burst, washing everyone in range with darkness and misery


Yomi Yomi no Mi:
- When very low on health, the yomi user is revived as a skeleton
- As a skeleton, you are much lighter and less dense; this means your sprinting speed and mining speed is faster, and your jumping height is increased. You are also light enough to run across water
- As a skeleton, put milk in your offhand to drink it; this will rapidly repair your bones
- Dying in your skeletal state will revert you to your typical, fleshy form; next time you are very low on health, you will still be revived

Cold Soul: Temporarily exit your body, and be able to travel through walls; this can be used for finding ores. Also, while in this soul form, when flying through an enemy, they will be left frozen for a time

Soul King Concert: Let out a rhythmic beat, and wash your enemies in your soul’s power; all nearby enemies will be severely disoriented, with any nearby homies being instantly killed


Zushi Zushi no Mi:
- Hold shift to force a piece of the Earth from under you upwards; you can ride this chunk, and steer it in any direction by continuing to hold shift. Making close contact with the ground while on this rock would immediately end transportation

Dominion: Make everyone around you tons heavier, limiting their movement and ability to attack

Gravitational Attraction: By gravitational means, will your enemy towards you

Meteor Shower: Gravitationally pull a few meteors from orbit, sending them hurtling into the immediate vicinity



Armament haki:
- Unlocked from a haki trainer, a rare NPC in villages; the cost is a netherite ingot and a heart of the sea

Activate by looking all the way up momentarily; this will offer a black coating, along with highly increased resistance and strength. This will drain stamina, but armament haki can be deactivated by momentarily looking all the way down


Observation Haki:
- Unlocked from a haki trainer, a rare NPC in villages; the cost is an eye of ender and a heart of the sea

Activate by tapping shift once; this will offer the user night vision, and a highlight surrounding nearby enemies, including invisible ones. If hit while observation haki is active, the user will dodge up to three times. After the third time, the user will have exhausted their observation haki, having their vision now limited. After a short cool down, your dodges and vision will return. Alternatively, you can avoid the sudden blindness by deactivating observation haki, which is done by jumping and tapping shift once


Conqueror’s Haki:
- Unlocked from inheriting the Ender Dragon’s will, via its egg

Hold shift to eventually knock out any enemies in close proximity for a few seconds (this has a cool down); this does not work on players who know at least one type of haki. Knowing conqueror’s haki also allows its infusion into armament haki, greatly increasing attack power when armament is active



Races are unlocked by finding a rare NPC named Vegapunk, who spawns in villages. Vegapunk is conducting research on devil fruits, and would like a sample of one; an enchanted golden apple should suffice. In return, he rewards you with a Genetic Scrambler™, which can randomize your race when used. It has a high probability of doing nothing, while it could alternatively turn you into the following races:

- Underwater breathing and enhanced swim speed
- Increased strength and resistance
- WIP fighting style update will add to this race

A humanoid with fish-like qualities, capable of impressive strengths feats


Genetically Modified Human:
- Impressive regenerative abilities
- Increased strength and resistance
- WIP fighting style update will add to this race

A typical human, but now accompanied with a tough exoskeleton which enhances both attack power and defense; they also have the ability to rapidly repair wounds


- Slower fall speed

Identical to humans if you disregard their small and impractical wings


- Night vision
- Increased jump height and sprint speed

A humanoid with animalistic qualities, capable of impressive mobility feats, along with its enhanced senses; if a mink were to stare straight up as the moon was at the middle of its journey across the sky, they would awaken their sulong form. In this sulong form, they would have their power multiplied, accompanied with an insatiable hunger. This form would immediately deactivate upon daybreak


- Jump and hold shift to fly
- Impressive physical feats
- Fire resistance

A powerful, winged humanoid; this specimen has minor fire manipulation, made evident by the constant blaze on its back


- Unlocked not by the Genetic Scrambler, but by the Cybernetic Implant, which can be traded from Vegapunk
- Cyborgs possess increased attack and resistance, but a slower hit speed due to their heft and mass
- Future cola update

A cybernetically enhanced humanoid, armed to the teeth with advanced weaponry

Strong Right: Launch your right fist (attached by a chain); when it makes contact with an enemy, it will leave a small impact, dealing moderate damage

Radical Beam: Move your arms up, palms facing your enemy; aim using your hands like a weapon’s sight, and launch a laser beam. This beam will cause massive damage wherever it lands

Radical Beam (shift while using): Activates nipple lights, allowing for the user to be a constant source of light and illumination

Weapons Left: The user launches buckshot from their left knuckles, leaving any enemies in its way vulnerable to being damaged by it



The following is a list of special items, and how to get them:

Peculiar Shell: An item rarely dropped by drowned upon death; crushing it will release a bubble, which will envelop whoever was holding it. This bubble will allow them to swim underwater without the worry for oxygen; this also works with devil fruit users

Seastone: An elusive drop from sea beasts (who are a rare spawn in the open ocean); seastone is formed from the gradual collection of mineral deposits traveling through a sea beast’s gut throughout its lifetime. This constant exposure to the ocean imbues seastone with the ability to incapacitate devil fruit users

Refined seastone: Acquired from having a marine blacksmith (a rarely spawning NPC in villages) treat it

Seastone sword: Crafted by having an iron sword in the offhand, and refined seastone in the mainhand. This newly crafted weapon will be able to weaken devil fruit users in close contact

Seastone pickaxe: Crafted by having an iron pickaxe in the offhand, and refined seastone in the mainhand. This newly crafted tool will be able to weaken devil fruit users in close contact

Seastone axe: Crafted by having an iron axe in the offhand, and refined seastone in the mainhand. This newly crafted tool will be able to weaken devil fruit users in close contact

Seastone hoe: Crafted by having an iron hoe in the offhand, and refined seastone in the mainhand. This newly crafted tool will be able to weaken devil fruit users in close contact

Seastone shovel: Crafted by having an iron shovel in the offhand, and refined seastone in the mainhand. This newly crafted tool will be able to weaken devil fruit users in close contact

Let me know if I should add anything in the future, thanks.
CreditThanks to Crimson__Fever for the thumbnail and pack icon
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19

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02/25/2024 4:54 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Lebbog's Avatar
I have few questions, first one is will you update datapack to 1.20.1 And other versions. And second question will you add bosses, sword styles and new fruits like leopard or dragon?
02/10/2024 5:13 am
Level 1 : New Miner
poons2551's Avatar
I suggest you to add sword grade and sword skill for next update also revamp some fruit
01/25/2024 3:20 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
AlpBozkurt19's Avatar
I need 1.12.2 Version ;(
01/06/2024 7:20 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User4962474G's Avatar
when is the update please sorry great pack except for some thigns but whatever
01/06/2024 7:21 am
Level 53 : Grandmaster Cow
globgor's Avatar
wow you must be a big fan but soon
12/29/2023 12:55 am
Level 1 : New Miner
KingCatTheFirst_'s Avatar
How do you remove devil fruits
12/16/2023 7:33 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
User4935302G's Avatar
Bruh the mod aint work :skull:
12/23/2023 2:25 am
Level 1 : New Miner
poons2551's Avatar
it's datapack
12/09/2023 1:26 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
poons2551's Avatar
will you add fighting style, sword style and Armament + conquerer haki (red, black dust and end rod particle appear when hit entity deal huge damage)??
12/03/2023 7:32 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Ktysio's Avatar
is it possible to remove the fruit powers? (to change the fruit)
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