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Prehistoric Mob Pack - 0g SugaR | 1.19.2-1.20.2 |

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Required Resource Pack
0g SugaR's Avatar 0g SugaR
Level 48 : Master Pegasus
Hello and welcome to 0g SugaR's new Prehistoric Mob Data pack! Here you will find some information to help prepare you for these fantastic animals in-game.

  • We currently have 6 naturally spawning mobs
  • 4 New advancements
  • Does NOT require Optifine
  • 8 New recipes
  • Several new items.

If you would like to artificially spawn these animals you can type "/function prehistoric:giveeggs" in-game to get spawn eggs.

Prehistoric Mob Pack - 0g SugaR | 1.19.2-1.20.2 | Minecraft Data Pack
The titanoboa is a massive, fifty-foot snake that can be found slithering throughout the lush scenery of the jungle. Adventurers beware, as this behemoth will constrict any foes it may consider its next meal! It drops 2x Titanoboa Scale and 2-6x Raw Titanoboa.

Prehistoric Mob Pack - 0g SugaR | 1.19.2-1.20.2 | Minecraft Data Pack
These colorful, flightless birds can be found roaming in many different biomes. Female dodos may even lay an egg, so keep an eye out if you wish to hatch your own. They will come in 3 variants, each drops 1-2x Drumstick and 0-2x Feather. The egg that females lay can be obtained by breaking the block underneath. If you would like to hatch your own dodo you can drop it again, and it will begin incubating again.

Prehistoric Mob Pack - 0g SugaR | 1.19.2-1.20.2 | Minecraft Data Pack
These fearsome felines prowl the snowy plains in packs of two. They use their daunting fangs to help shred their next meal. They drop 1x Raw Saber-toothed Tiger and 1-2x Leather.

This ferocious river monster wreaks havoc on the unsuspecting prey, whoever they may be. Although it's so aggressive, perhaps a gift of salmon could calm the beast. See Barrel o' Salmon, or Salmon on a Stick below for more info.

This sophisticated pack-hunter dwells in the great pine taigas, with its group of up to 5 prehistoric canines. It may look friendly, however, don't get too close or you might not get the chance to step back.

Cower in fear, adventurer! The terror bird is a new prehistoric animal added in this pack. This giant scavenger-like bird isn't scared of any player and will gladly take a good chunk out of your flesh if it feels threatened. Watch out for it's blood-curdling screech, it'll charge up all hostile mobs around it!


All Meats

This recipe includes 1x Raw Drumstick, 1x Raw Saber-toothed Tiger, 1x Raw Titanoboa, and 1x Stick to create the Prehistoric Kabob, a food item that can be eaten three times before being fully consumed, it also gives extensive regeneration, and fills all your hunger immediately. Drop all items onto a campfire to craft

This recipe includes 1x Raw Sarcosuchus, 1x Dried Kelp, and 1x Bowl to cook up the Crocpot Stew! This item, similar to the kabob, can be consumed 3 times before disappearing.

Serpentite Ingot

Throw the 1x Scale, 1x Clay Ball, and 1x Iron Ingot on the ground together to form the Serpentite Ingot.

Serpentite Armor

To craft Serpentite gear, you must place 1x Serpentite Ingot with 1x Golden Chestplate/Helmet/Boots/Leggings in a normal crafting table.

The armor is as strong as netherite, yet has different perks. Serpentite armor gives the player a luck effect allowing for better dungeon loot and fishing catches.

Barrel o' Salmon

This item is used by dropping it on a sarcosuchus to tame it and make it ridable!

Salmon on a Stick

This item is used to control the direction of where you go, while riding the sarcosuchus!

This datapack also gives 4 new advancements, of which you will find in-game, by playing the datapack!

If you have any suggestions, bugs, or questions, please join our Discord!
CreditInfaa32 - Programmer, Chewy_Chicken - Artist
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.20

6 Update Logs

Update v1.6 3.5k DOWNLOADS SPECIAL : by 0g SugaR 11/26/2023 1:07:02 pmNov 26th, 2023

+ Added in the Terror Bird (specifically Titanis)

+ Nerfed Sarcosuchus spawns due to them spawning too much

+ Added Spawn Eggs for both Dire wolf and Terror Bird

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11/28/2023 3:43 am
Level 1 : New Miner
shrimplyp's Avatar
Hi I'm having trouble with the pack, the mobs spawn however they are combined with a vanilla minecraft mob.
0g SugaR
11/28/2023 10:31 am
Level 48 : Master Pegasus
0g SugaR's Avatar
What version of the game are you playing on? Are you playing with any other add-ons?
01/27/2023 7:25 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Coots's Avatar
Hii, I'm having trouble with the resource pack, I am in 1.19.3, is it because there's no compatibility with this version?
0g SugaR
11/19/2023 11:34 pm
Level 48 : Master Pegasus
0g SugaR's Avatar
At the time you posted this, there was no compatibility. However, the pack has been updated, so you can now play on 1.19.3-1.20.2 with it.
09/14/2022 7:11 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
CringeMan08's Avatar
do they spawn naturally or do we need to use commands?
0g SugaR
10/30/2022 8:39 pm
Level 48 : Master Pegasus
0g SugaR's Avatar
They spawn naturally.
08/18/2022 2:49 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Network
killmenowgg's Avatar
Yo lad loving the modpack as far as I've gotten with it
Small question, I seem to only be able to receive the male and female dodo and sabretooth tiger eggs when I use the "giveeggs" function, any ideas on what to do to fix this?
0g SugaR
08/18/2022 3:15 pm
Level 48 : Master Pegasus
0g SugaR's Avatar
Right, so the Titanoboa, since it's a boss, can only have one instance in the world at a time, so spawn eggs would break that. However, I did forget to add a Sarcosuchus spawn egg, which I will add soon now that you've mentioned it. Thank you for the feedback!
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