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    Level 45 : Master Sus

    How does exactly this data pack help?

    hmm, are you tired of making an smp? like you have to restart the whole server to just turn off the PVP? just click that toggle button in the config menu then in a 0.05 second, it will happen!!!!
    hmm, you want a peaceful world but you don't want to remove mobs, specially that cute silverfish or creeper? , just click the Everyone chill toggle and everyone will chill (lol)
    hmm, do you want to show your stats to your friend? just click the show stats it will show a lot of stats of you!!!
    hmm, do you want to see other ppl's health by just pressing the tab? just click the Showing health in the tab bar toggle

    other options will be in the next update, it will be soon guys I promise! (there is a ton of new toggles in the next update, so be sure to add this post to your favorites so you can be up to date with this!)

    Just do /function smp:config

    Also if you don't know where to make a good SMP that does not lag and more, I suggest ya:

    so what is actually ploudos? ploudos is a website where you can make your own Minecraft server, own a SMP, or make servers like hypixel :o

    How expensive it is? its completely free!!! :O

    How much ram will I get? 2 GB but there is some ram boosts, for example if you connect your account to discord or if you don't use adblocker or if you boost the discord server you will get an extra ram!!!!!! :

    How can I start??? just sign up in ploudos then you can make over 20 servers!!!! :

    Does ploudos support FTP? like can I upload files from my own pc directly to my server? Yes!!! (my mouth blow up so) o.o

    How long does it take till supporters to help me? Usually if you don't message at 2 AM, under an hour!! O.O

    How famous is ploudos? quite a lot famous! only its discord server has over 20k members its site visits are a lot more than what you think!! ◯.◯

    I am not gonna continue cause my eyes are going to blow up too just join and you will see :D
    Ploudos has a lot of benefits Trust me!

    Site address: Ploudos
    Mirror link: Ploudos
    Discord server: Ploudos

    this post is not sponsered by ploudos, I just suggested it cause its really a good!!

    if you want to be a part of this data pack, just go into my server and create a ticket then you can share your idea with me, I will add it + I will write who's idea is this :D

    Click to join my discord server
    CreditCurrently only AmirhossainJ123
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.16
    toMinecraft 1.19

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