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Terratonic v3: Terralith compatibility with Tectonic!

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    If you are using the mod versions of Tectonic and Terralith, you do not need this! The Tectonic mod has Terratonic built in.

    This datapack introduces compatibility between two world generation datapacks/mods: Tectonic and Terralith. Tectonic's expansive terrain and towering mountain ranges are combined with the beautiful Terralith biomes and structures.

    To use this datapack, Terratonic must load above Terralith in the datapack list! Tectonic is not needed, as everything from Tectonic is in Terratonic.

    Your datapack list should look like this:

    In order from top to bottom: Terratonic, Terralith, Default
    CreditStardust Labs for developing Terralith
    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.19
    toMinecraft 1.20

    15 Update Logs

    v3.2 : by Apollo404 06/28/2024 12:24:05 pmJun 28th

    Parity with Tectonic v2.4.0a. 1.21 update.
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