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Required Resource Pack
Pleasenotme's Avatar Pleasenotme
Level 59 : Grandmaster Nerd
Are you looking for a world full of magic? A world with powerful wands, charms, and more? Look no further!

Be sure to comment if you enjoyed it! My goal is to give as many people as I can the enjoyment of trying out my creation! It will make me happy to know that you liked it!

It would be great if you could give a diamond and try out this data pack! It took 9 months to make it, and it contains over 750 files, with thousands of commands! Have fun trying it out!

NOTE: Due to certain problems, the dark dimension and graveyards have been removed

Alert: Very long description: TL;DR - Wand and other stuff really cool magic

Sorcery Pack is an extensive data pack featuring several wands, some magical monsters, and more! Everything is multiplayer compatible. In fact, it is designed to make PvP more enjoyable with magic and custom weapons!



Each player has energy, which gradually increases over time until it reaches 1200 energy. If a player has over 1200 energy, it decreases with time. Standing on blocks of gold or copper boost energy regeneration. Gold does this more than copper.


Wands are the primary means of execution of magic. They generally cast ray-based magic, which is generally offensive. All wands require a netherite ingot to craft. The magic done using wands depends on the user’s experience level; high experience levels result in stronger magic, capped at level 31. Some features of wands are only available at higher levels. The types of wands are listed below:

Regular Wand :

Crafted using a stick and netherite, the regular wand is a versatile weapon; it blocks projectiles at the cost of energy, gives you saturation at the cost of energy when you are high on energy and hungry, heals you when you are low on health, gives you energy at the cost of hunger when you are low on energy, blocks most magic damage at the cost of energy, and shoots magic blasts when pointing at an entity. These blasts do not consume much energy. The regular wand is mainly defensive.

Fire Saber :
Crafted using a blaze rod and netherite, the fire saber is an offensive wand. It deals very high damage, but drains your energy a lot. For high level users at high energy levels it will shoot a flaming figure of a bird that flies forwards and explodes, setting fire to the nearby land, on impact. There is also a flamethrower attack that shoots a constant beam of fire, which is useful for blocking the paths of enemies using fire and is deals more damage against non-physical opponents like wraiths and the Eye of Doom that can only be damaged by magic means, due to their lack of a damage immunity period. The fire saber can also be used as a melee weapon, though it is quite weak. It also grants the user temporary fire resistance on use.

Marine Sword :
Crafted using gold, prismarine crystals, and netherite, the marine sword is a versatile weapon that is most useful underwater. When underwater, it shoots powerful pulses that deal high damage. When above water it acts much like a regular wand, but it also lets out a spray of water that douses fires, and consumes extra energy. It also gives the user dolphin’s grace and water breathing on usage. It is a viable melee weapon.

Lightning Blade :
Crafted using copper, an amethyst shard, and netherite, the lightning blade is a powerful weapon. It gives the user speed on usage, and summons lightning bolts that deal relatively high damage. The advantage of lightning bolts over normal wand-blasts or wand-fire is that due to being a harnessed force of nature rather than a projection of magic energy, they ignore most forms of magic protection, such as wand-blocking, or the Wither’s natural resistance to magic. They do not, however, ignore enchantments like Protection. However, this also means that the damage they deal is not magic damage, and therefore will not affect creatures that can only be hurt by magic damage.

Necromancer’s Staff :
Crafted using a bone, a Totem of Undying, and netherite, the necromancer’s staff is a weapon of dark magic. It is used to summon allies in battle. While it is a form of dark magic, it can be used by non-dark users. It summons creatures to aid in battle, such as the undead. These creatures cannot be commanded, but will not attack nearby necromancers. However, be warned, after some time the authority that the staff provides over summoned minions will fade, and the minions will act as they normally would towards you. This leaves the staff best saved for emergencies. The creatures summoned will depend on the creatures near the user. Using it near an iron golem, for instance, will result in a group of undead warriors, who will attack the golem. Using it near piglins will result in the summoning of Wither Skeletons, the natural rivals of Piglins. As a melee weapon, the staff deals low damage, but higher level users will get healed on using in melee combat.

Dark Battleaxe :
Crafted using a Wither Skeleton’s Skull, a bone, a Nether Star, and netherite, the dark battleaxe is a weapon of dark magic and power. The most expensive of the wands, the battleaxe deals very high melee damage, more than a netherite axe enchanted with Sharpness V, and is no less impressive in its magic. It allows the player to shoot wither skulls. The cooldown time and energy cost of each skull decrease with increasing level.

Dark Scepter :

While not technically part of the wands, the dark scepter behaves much like a wand, and so is included here. Its primary use is harvesting of dark energy from sources such as soul sand, crying obsidian, and any undead creature. When the user is low on dark energy, it also shoots magic blasts. When the user gains dark energy, it summons lightning.


Amulets are one-time use items that can be used to store magic for later use. There are several kinds of amulets, some of which are listed here:

Amulet of Energy Regeneration :
This amulet is crafted using a gold ingot, an emerald, and glowstone dust. It dramatically increases the rate at which the user’s energy regenerates for some time.

Amulet of Cleansing :
This amulet is crafted using a gold ingot, an emerald, and coal. It rids the user of dark energy.

Amulet of Energy Storage :
This amulet is crafted using a gold ingot, an emerald, and lapis lazuli. It stores half of the user’s energy on use, and when used again returns that energy to the user.

Amulet of Absorption :
This amulet is crafted using a gold ingot, and a honeycomb. It applies absorption and regeneration to the user, for use in emergencies.

Amulet of Explosion :
This amulet is crafted using a gold ingot, two iron ingots, 5 gunpowder, and an emerald. It summons an explosion at the user, giving the user a short burst of resistance to survive the explosion. It looks like a gold-and-emerald coloured TNT block.

Amulet of Speed :
This amulet is crafted using a gold ingot, sugar, and quartz. It gives the user a burst of speed that gradually fades away.

Amulet of Searching:
This amulet is crafted using a gold ingot, a diamond, and lapis lazuli. It makes the user hear beacon sounds when looking in the direction of nearby ores. It can detect ores through walls.

Forge of Sorcery

A Forge of Sorcery is a powerful utility, made by:
9 gold blocks, for the base in a 3x3 square,

1 netherite block, for the core,

4 gold blocks, horizontally adjacent to the core, and

1 lodestone, on top of the core.

A forge thus created can currently be used to forge and modify bracelets


Bracelets are powerful magic items that can be worn in the mainhand or offhand. There are currently two kinds of bracelets:

Diamond-Studded Golden Bracelet

Will be forged using a gold ingot and a philosopher’s stone in a magic forge. Its functions will be:
  • Passive Mainhand: Speed to wearer.
  • Passive Offhand: Resistance to wearer, +4 energy per
  • Active Mainhand: Strength to user for 5 seconds.
  • Active Offhand: Slowness to nearby entities for 10 seconds.

Bracelet of Sorcery

Will be forged using a gold ingot and a philosopher’s stone in a magic forge. Its functions will be:
  • Passive Mainhand: Speed ii and Night Vision to wearer.
  • Passive Offhand: Speed, Saturation and Resistance ii to wearer, +20 energy per second.
  • Active Mainhand: Magic shield and projectile shield while user has 800+
    energy, gives nearby entities Slowness ii and Weakness for
    30 seconds.
  • Active Offhand: Magic shield and projectile shield while user has 800+
    energy, Strength ii to the user for 10 seconds.
There are also some more bracelets and a system of modifiers to be added to bracelets, which will soon be revealed.


Manuscripts are items that can be used as paper, and can also be used to craft books to get information about the features added by the datapack. The books are still a work-in-progress.

Wandering Wizards

If you play with the data pack, you may have noticed several wandering traders without llamas that have different trades. These are wandering wizards. They trade magical materials, most notably selling wands. They also do magic of their own: they use the area regeneration charm (from the spellbook ‘Basic Spells’), attack nearby undead creatures with magic blasts, and even heal themselves.


These are terrible creatures of destruction that spawn rarely, or when an iron golem is killed. They can go through walls of non-blast resistant materials, like cobblestone (one can use obsidian walls to protect themselves), and attack nearby creatures, preferring to attack players, golems, villagers, and wandering traders. They can only be killed by magical means, like using fire or regular wands. A player can also become a wraith by being corrupted by a Nether Star.

Witch and Evoker Magic

Both witches and evokers are now much more dangerous. Witches use wands, and Evokers use Necromancer’s Staffs and Dark Scepters. Witches are also resistant to most magic damage. Witch magic can be disabled by typing ‘/scoreboard players set witchMagic value 0’ in chat, and Evoker magic by typing ‘scoreboard players set evokerMagic value 0’. Please note that this requires cheats to be allowed.

Golden Rain

Occasionally, there will be a rain of gold, during which gold nuggets will fall from the sky. This event occurs in any dimension.

The rain will cause a lot of particles, along with server side lag. Currently there is no way to disable this feature.

Random Events

There are some random events that occur during gameplay. These include spawning of items, undead creatures, wraiths, wandering wizards, and witches, and also include events like golden rain.

Eye of Doom

The Eye of Doom is a large, flaming eye that can be created using dark magic. The Eye will give the wither and glowing effects to nearby creatures that it identifies as enemies, such as villagers, iron golems, or players with low dark energy. It also has a line of sight, indicated by a line of smoke, that constantly shifts. If it sees an enemy in its line of sight, it will attack.

The Eye will attack enemies that are very close with lightning bolts, also giving them blindness. The Eye is only affected by magic damage, such as wand blasts.

Low Lag Mode

Running the command ‘/scoreboard players set lowLag value 1’ with cheats enabled will activate ‘low lag mode’, which may improve tps.

This works by making certain parts of the data pack, such as updating most of the player’s scores, checking for usage of amulets, checking for usage of wands, etc. run 4 times per second instead of 20 times per second, accounting for the difference in number of executions. Note that this may cause a few minor bugs.

Nether Star Mechanics

A Nether Star in item form has several special mechanics. It will float when near a player, display particles, and slowly move towards the player. It will also whisper tempting messages to nearby players, and cannot be destroyed by fire or explosions, and destroys cacti.

Special Weapons

There are a few special weapons that can be crafted in-game.

Philosopher’s Stone

A powerful object, the Philosopher’s Stone, can be used to turn copper or iron ingots to gold ingots, or water to Elixir of Life, by throwing the items with the Philosopher’s Stone one at a time. Obtaining it, however, is a tedious and expensive process.

Link to alchemical procedure


Spellbooks can be crafted by throwing a book and quill along with an item, which depends on the spellbook, on a lectern. A gold nugget creates Basic Spells, a gold nugget creates Common Spells, lapis lazuli creates Basic Enchantments, a golden apple creates Basic Healing Spells, and a dirt block creates Basic Terrain Spells. Throwing a book and quill along with a netherite ingot on crying obsidian creates Spells of the Dark, which is a book containing dark magic spells.

Dark Magic

Dark magic is a form of magic that usually involves dark energy. This includes using the Dark Battleaxe, the Dark Scepter, the book Spells of the Dark, and the Necromancer’s Staff. Having dark energy causes annoying sound effects. More events may be added in the future. Wearing netherite armour gives the user dark energy.

Armour Mechanics

A full set of golden armour doubles the rate of energy regeneration, and a full set of diamond armour increases it by 1.5 times. Netherite armour increases it by 1.5 times as well, with an additional increase in dark energy. Each piece increases energy proportional to the amount of material used to make it.

Dark Dimension

Enter the dark dimension, a harsh, hostile, dark land home to the servants of evil. Venture to the Dark Cities to find valuable loot, and defeat the Eye of Doom at the top of the Dark Towers! Capture the Piglin Strongholds, fending off their fiercly protective inhabitants, and defeat the monster at the top of the Wither Lairs!

Beware the depths of the Dead Mountains, the drowned undead will seek to drown you too!

Travel across the harsh volcanic plateaus, filled with blazes, wither skeletons, and piglins!

Make your way across the dark plains, where every step feels like a hundred!

Portal structure:


B - Basalt
C - Crying Obsidian
S - Blackstone

PORTAL WILL NOT GENERATE IN THE EXIT DIMENSION (you need to make another portal)

Flame Serpent

Drop a blaze rod, wither skeleton skull, gold ingot, and a nether star on a block of gold to summon a vicious monster, the flame serpent. (Currently has no drop, but is a challenge to kill)

Please note that you are required to install the accompanying resource pack.

Copyright info (for Youtubers, etc.)
This data pack and the accompanying resource pack are property of the creator, Pleasenotme, all rights reserved. No derivative works may be created, commercial or non-commercial, without explicit permission and proof of permission of the creator, Pleasenotme. If you wish to make a derivative work (such as a Youtube video) you may ask for permission in the comment section below, and if I approve I shall gladly give you permission to use this work.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.17

6 Update Logs

No Worldgen : by Pleasenotme 07/16/2021 4:14:50 amJul 16th, 2021

Temporary version without any worldgen changes

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10/26/2021 4:09 am
Level 1 : New Collective
1800kiaya's Avatar
um is there a recipe of how to make those items?
10/26/2021 4:36 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Nerd
Pleasenotme's Avatar
You throw the respective ingredients on a certain block, which in most cases is a smithing table.

For example, you place a smithing table, drop a netherite ingot and a stick on the top, and it should make a wand.

Bracelets can only be made on a Sorcery Forge.

Brewing and most alchemy is done using cauldrons.
09/06/2021 5:04 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Hamenz's Avatar
I'm trying to craft a bracelet but nothing is working on the forge, I threw a diamond on it and there was a bunch of smoke. I have the correct ingredients but nothing is working.
09/06/2021 5:46 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Nerd
Pleasenotme's Avatar
You need to be a very high level to craft bracelets (lvl 100 is more than enough).

Also, turn particles to "All" and tell me if there are blue flame particles.
09/03/2021 9:53 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
OctoDoodle's Avatar
What/how can I craft with manuscript?
09/03/2021 10:18 pm
Level 59 : Grandmaster Nerd
Pleasenotme's Avatar
Manuscripts are used to craft the book of sorcery (throw 3 of them on a lectern)

However, the lore book system is incomplete, so their best use is selling to Wandering Wizards.
09/05/2021 2:50 am
Level 1 : New Miner
OctoDoodle's Avatar
ah ok, the lectern thing wasn't working for me, cheers for answering though, looking forwards to the remake coming out, also, theres that floating black cloud thingy that kills everything it sees, maybe in the remake have it not kill friendly/ambient mobs as its sorta just annoying, other than that the pack is awesome though!
09/05/2021 3:27 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Nerd
Pleasenotme's Avatar
I don't remember the exact procedure :P

That's a wraith. It's supposed to do that :)

There is a spell to protect against wraiths, so that they can't enter an area!

First craft a Basic Spells spellbook (if i remmeber correctly, it's crafted by throwing a gold nugget and a book-and-quill on a lectern, make sure they fall ON the lecter, perhaps use a trapdoor behind the lectern to prevent them from falling off)

Then look for the anti-wraith charm spell (needs one honeycomb to cast, honeycomb is consumed).
09/06/2021 3:22 am
Level 1 : New Miner
OctoDoodle's Avatar
oh sick, cheers mate
09/06/2021 3:26 am
Level 59 : Grandmaster Nerd
Pleasenotme's Avatar
Also, it can be killed using wands (or if you're very careful you can kill it with an emerald scepter)