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Level 19 : Journeyman Button Pusher
This datapack is yet another lives datapack, this one allows you to replenish lives by eating enchanted golden apples (God apples)
You can die 5 times, and will be warned when you enter the danger lives, which are the last two lives that don't last forever.

The fourth life lasts for 6 hours of gameplay, and pushes you into the 5th life when the time runs out

The fifth, and final life will last for 2 hours, with warning messages every 30 minutes, hinting at ways to restore your lives.
The final warning occurs 15 minutes before you are forced into spectator mode, outright stating that you need to obtain and eat a godly apple.
Once you do, if in the danger lives, you will be restored to the 3rd life. Otherwise, you will only get one life back for each god apple.

God apples are enchanted golden apples and can be found in a few different locations, such as dungeons and mineshafts in vanilla minecraft.. A few other structures like nether fortresses and bastions also have them, but keep in mind god apples are very rare.

Don't worry about eating too many god apples, as you replenish your lost lives you will be told what stage of recovery you have reached.
If you have not had any lives restored, nothing will happen, you just used an incredibly rare god apple and got the buffs, nothing more.

At this stage, the datapack is almost feature complete, with only a few more minor details I may add later.
Please let me know if you run into any issues, I cannot even attempt to fix anything going wrong, if I don't know anything is wrong in the first place.
CompatibilityMinecraft 1.13
toMinecraft 1.18 Snapshot

2 Update Logs

Update #2 : 09/19/2021 11:52:51 amSep 19th

I have changed the fourth life to now be time limited like the fifth, only this life lasts for 6 hours, occasionally sending a message roughly every 2 hours, to remind you that you are on the 4th life. When time runs out, you automatically enter the 5th life, but do not instantly die/enter spectator mode.

I have added messages each time you lose a life, for the "Safe" lives, as in lives 1-3, while the "Danger" lives are 4-5, which slowly deteriorate, have several messages that play as you run out of time.
When you are in a "Danger" life, any god apple consumed will reset you to your 3rd life, getting you out of the danger zone, so no matter if you are in your 5th life or your 4th life, you won't need to obtain multiple god apples. To recover more lives still needs multiple god apples, this just helps save you from a slow downfall if you get unlucky and only find god apples near the end of the 5th life, starting over from the fourth.

I have also edited the messages somewhat, so they may be slightly different from what you remember.
The internals of how the datapack works has been separated into multiple functions, for easier understanding/maintenance, but this does not affect gameplay visibly in any way.

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