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Weather Trident Datapack

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AceXHunt avatar AceXHunt
Level 19 : Journeyman Fish
Ever Wanted to use the Channeling Trident but theres no thunderstorms?

this is the datapack for you.

how to use:
  1. get a trident with channeling enchantment
  2. get a conduit
  3. throw the trident at the conduit
  4. the weather will change for a whole day
< get back a few blocks..safety reasons >

    CompatibilityMinecraft 1.15
    toMinecraft 1.16

    1 Update Logs

    Update 1.1 : 03/28/2020 4:09:31 amMar 28th, 2020

    - able to toggle weather now ( clear / thunderstorm ) {wont add rain since thunderstorm is more practical}
    - conduit now has to be waterlogged/in water to work

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    06/19/2020 10:02 am
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Megaminx avatar
    I am also using carpet mod and so I can make a sponge farm (by striking guardians to make elder guardians) and charged creeper farm (you can set carpet up so that only creepers spawn in jungle temples).
    04/08/2020 11:16 pm
    Level 53 : Grandmaster Miner
    WandererReece avatar
    This is great! I've only seen 1 other pack do something like this, and it required a Nether Star plus a little setup using commands. I think your pack is better and not too OP.

    Also, hitting that conduit with a trident is hard! At first I thought the pack wasn't working properly, then I realized it was a combination of the conduit's tiny hitbox and the trident not quite flying true.

    FYI: This pack works flawlessly in 1.14 (If you can hit the target, lol.)
    07/24/2020 2:40 pm
    Level 1 : New Miner
    Megaminx avatar
    works 1.16.1
    03/18/2020 9:35 am
    Level 16 : Journeyman Bear
    Bermsy avatar
    This is amazing i have been looking for a datapack like this. I think those updates would be great. 1 diamond for you. Also could you add the ability to change the weather back to normal.
    03/20/2020 11:47 pm
    Level 19 : Journeyman Fish
    AceXHunt avatar
    thanks, im still new at this, still figuring out how to check for weather conditions. when i do il update it asap
    03/26/2020 11:42 pmhistory
    Level 1 : New Explorer
    Kawsiphek avatar
    I am no expert with datapacks, so there may be a better way to achieve this, but this is what I did to enable toggling between each weather type. Thought you might be able to work with this. Hope it helps!

    - add a dummy scoreboard wtToggle

    keyboard_arrow_upAdditions to wt:strike
    scoreboard players add #value wtToggle 1

    execute at @e[​type=minecraft:trident,tag=zapping,nbt={inGround:1b}] run summon minecraft:lightning_bolt

    execute at @e[​type=minecraft:trident,tag=zapping,nbt={inGround:1b}] if score #value wtToggle matches 1 run weather clear 1200
    execute at @e[​type=minecraft:trident,tag=zapping,nbt={inGround:1b}] if score #value wtToggle matches 2 run weather rain 1200
    execute at @e[​type=minecraft:trident,tag=zapping,nbt={inGround:1b}] if score #value wtToggle matches 3 run weather thunder 1200

    tag @e[​type=minecraft:trident,tag=zapping] add alreadyZapped
    tag @e[​type=minecraft:trident,tag=zapping] remove zapping

    execute if score #value wtToggle matches 3.. run scoreboard players set #value wtToggle 0

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    03/28/2020 4:07 am
    Level 19 : Journeyman Fish
    AceXHunt avatar
    thanks that does it :)
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