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Eledwhen started 08/31/2020 10:28 am history
and replied 09/02/2020 1:53 pm

i'm looking for a rather easy way to overcome the size limitation of the structure that a structure block can save.
I want to use these structures in my datapack, so i need one nbt file.

Anyone has a solution?

Edit: if it is possible, without a mod.^^
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09/01/2020 9:20 pm
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Well, you can split the structures in differents parts.

1. Starting by the last part, you'll save this as normal.
2. In the middle, you'll put a load structure block, to load the last part, and a redstone block. Then you will save the middle.
3. Repeat step 2 for how many parts you'll need.
4. Load the first part, it should load the entire structure.

Note: this lags a lot!
09/02/2020 1:53 pm
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Ok, i will try that.

Luckily, i can hide the two block in the ground.
09/01/2020 10:06 am
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That's sad, but thanks guys.

It's a shame because this spaceship was pretty cool.
09/01/2020 3:10 am
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I don't believe you can save huge structures as nbt files, unless you can somehow convert .schem files into a nbt file. However I do not believe that is possible.

Other than that, maybe if you cut the build into a few pieces, and make some sort of code that tells Minecraft that these two structures cannot exists if it is not specificlly placed by each others side.
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The only method(s) to save structures without mods is by using MC-Edit (which unfortunately doesn't work on versions above 1.12) or the Amulet Editor, the latter still being in beta and I don't know if it can save structures yet. Even then, I don't believe they're saved in NBT format so you'd probably have to install some sort of mod to export them.
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