🌍 The PMC Weekly August 17th, 2019

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Welcome to yet another edition of the PMC Weekly! Don't hesitate to have a read, because it's free as always. 😉



We're nearing the deadline of the Medieval Times skin contest. With just over a day to go, there's still some time to get your last-minute entries in! Looks like everyone is excited about the skin contests this season, because we haven't seen this these numbers of entries in PMC skin contests since 2016! Nice work, community! We hope you're having fun. 😁

Also, make sure to diamond your favorite entries in the contest, because it can make a difference in the leaderboard. 💎


If you're a builder, you have a bit more time left to enter this month's contest than your skin-making colleagues. The Project 2048 build contest will run until August 26! Did you start on your entry yet? We know PMC member Gheppio has one in progress, because they shared a teaser video of their entry in a wall-post this week. We wonder what it might be!? 😮

Meraki's contest teaser:

Gheppio's entry teaser:


🌞 Summer isn't over just yet, but the Summer Vacation event ended about two weeks ago on July 31. We've received a lot of beach-appropriate skins, vacation resorts, sunny images and much more! Make sure to head over to this forum thread to view and read a summary about a lot of the amazing entries that were contributed this season.

You may be back to school or work by now, or perhaps you didn't have a break at all! Whatever the case may be, we hope you enjoyed a nice, warm (but not too hot!) summer and some fun outings too!


Community events and contests are a fun way to engage with the community on Planet Minecraft. This month we've noticed that increasingly more members are hosting building contests, which is awesome because we love to see some variety in contest and event topics. Good stuff!
Check the table below for some recent contests, or head over to the Community Event Calendar for a complete overview.

(Projects) TypeTitle + LinkHostDeadline
Themed contest[trusted external link] DioramaMilitary BuildersAugust 18
Themed contestThe Ultimate Tree House Building ContestSir_CraftypantsAugust 20
(Skins) TypeTitle + LinkHost Deadline
Reshade contesttomboy tinadeerrieAugust 27
Team battleTeam Death Match: A War of Skinskitt-chanSign-ups

is hosting a writing event with a very unique concept; Writing Extravaganza - Simulacrum! Instead of it being a competitive tournament where contestants each create their own entries, there will be a single final product that will showcase the work of everyone involved. One person begins writing, then the next continues that story and so forth until all participants have had their turn. A schedule was made for participants who signed up. But worry not, for you can still be added to the planning if you wish! 😁


Experienced pixel artist and new PMC member MSTRYFE made quite the first impression, when they started posting skins for their "The Huntsmen Corps" pack this week. So far, they posted 5 out of what seems to be growing toward a 12-skin pack. You can definitely tell they have some epic pixel painting skills up their sleeve. Make sure to head over to their submission gallery and check these skins out! 😁

Digital artist and PMC member eatcheeseordie (ehh... 🧀🍴), now also known as Seb2D on YouTube, shared an amazing video to our forums, showing the process of going from a Minecraft screenshot to an enchanting artwork by altering it and painting over it in Photoshop. The best part? This video is only episode 1 in what should become a series of these videos, and Seb2D is asking for screenshots of your builds to base them off! Head over to their thread to submit your build for a chance to have it turned into an amazing piece of digital art! 🎨

Builder ChikuwaLecker created a sweet looking oasis city with download! Al-Afdal in the arabian desert. The detailing on this build is amazing, all thanks to several mods that were used to put all of it together. Overall the city looks cozy, unique and even if modded it feels quite true to the vanilla Minecraft setting.

Visit an isolated city in the desert Al-Afdal!
Explore this small city surrounded the tall and strong wall.

In this city people eat, drink, work hard and sometimes fight against enemies.
In brief, they enjoy a normal lifestyle.
You can take a look at a day of this city.

- ChikuwaLecker

This weekly is brought to you by: DinowCookie


Looks like we have more Sci-fi geeks than History buffs on Planet Minecraft! Last week we asked you if you'd rather explore distant galaxies, or travel back in time. The outcome was a close one, because 51 of you voted for going back in time but space travel won with 70 votes!

🔴 42,1% would rather visit past times 🕐
🔵 57,9% would rather explore galaxies 🌌

This week, our poll question is:

Do you take part in member-made PMC community events?

Poll ended 08/23/2019 6:23 pm.

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08/23/2019 12:39 pm
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Next time baby, next time!
08/17/2019 12:37 pm
Level 50 : Grandmaster Engineer
Thank you very much PMC for mentioning my work in progress! :-D
I'm quite satisfied of how the project is coming along, and I hope you'll find it interesting too when it's finished!
Ready for the future? Everything will change...
08/18/2019 11:57 am
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I thought way more people would want to explore galaxies. I'd rather go to the past to be honest.
08/18/2019 8:20 am
Level 31 : Artisan Architect
Thanks for introducing my build!
08/17/2019 7:32 pm
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