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Golden Days is a group for the fans of Classic Minecraft to share content, conversation, and memories.
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    Golden Days is a group for all the fans of Classic Minecraft. Whether you grew up playing Alpha, made friends in Legacy Console, or discovered your love for these versions recently, we welcome you with open arms to our community on Planet Minecraft. With content inspired by or directly for the older versions making its presence on PMC known, it's our hope to bring together these creators for fantastic collaborations and to make something that everyone can enjoy; or at the very least reminisce on the Golden Days.

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      Golden Days post by Jesha avatar Jesha
      March 2, 2022, 6:26 am to Public
      Do you or a friend still have your old worlds saved? If so, what lengths would you go to revisit them in the modern versions of Minecraft?

      I recently reconnected with one of my friends from school recently. He and I used to play the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft along with many other of our online circle, and one of the worlds we frequented happens to still be saved on my old system fortunately enough (I take great care with my systems and hard drive devices for archival sake of data.) Naturally, we discussed this topic while playing Halo: Reach, another game we bonded over throughout High School.
      I mentioned this to him and both of us knew what needed to be done: we had to continue where we left off, as so many additions and updates had been released since we last played in 2013. With the Bedrock Edition's existence, I knew that it was possible to migrate your old worlds from the various editions that once populated the consoles (PS4, Xbox One, etc.) but not for the Legacy Editions that predated those. I attempted to convert the world manually through the use of Horizon & MCC Toolchest, however, player & chest data did not carry over. I looked all over the Xbox One Marketplace (Microsoft Store?) for a digital download for the Xbox One Edition, and unfortunately it had been discontinued.
      I searched online for a physical copy, as none of the retailers locally or even private individuals had any for sale. Luckily, Amazon has online sellers that have them for a not-so modest price. You may have better luck if you ever need to convert your worlds to Bedrock, either from Xbox or Playstation, but ~$45 later with tax, I am close to revisiting a world that has not seen any player activity in almost 10 years.

      It may have cost me more than I should have paid, but the reward in being able to continue such a great little world my friends and I shared is worth all the money and effort, and I hope many of you could say the same if you were in my shoes. If you have any similar experiences, I'd like to hear. Hope you didn't mind such a long nostalgia-hunting dump! sentiment_very_satisfied
      MA78 said 2022-03-19 13:17:23
      can u check out my server? teloc.aternos.org
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      Golden Days post by blank3times avatar blank3times
      February 19, 2022, 9:41 pm to Public
      Before 1.18, I had a favourite seed to just input, which was an ice spikes spawn I had found with my friend by chance. I was a creative mode player, and the first time I played it fully I heard you can make a village just by having homes. (I don't remember how the door policy from back then worked) I went around hollowing out the spikes and adding birch doors to make it look nice. I tried to make the homes look nice and be spacious. I travelled really far and never got a villager, and sometimes lost track of the spikes.
      Later on, I'd do peaceful survival worlds just gathering resources to build a nice home out of a particularly large cluster of spikes. I've gotten pretty far, but I wouldn't play on these for too long. I would usually have them on another computer or not update them to the next version and start anew.
      I don't know what become of the seed after worldgen was overhauled, and while it's not my most nostalgic seed (my most nostalgic one I stopped using which makes it more nostalgia and less current), I used it a ton. Did you have a favourite world or seed, maybe one you used repeatedly?
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      Golden Days post by bogie8 avatar bogie8
      February 9, 2022, 9:57 am to Public
      I just remembered a funny world I had from a super old version of pocket edition. It was the version before they added minecarts. I had a survival world with a wooden block for a house on the edge of the world (that was a thing) and I trapped two animals inside. All I recall is that the cow was named Manny and the sheep was dyed light blue. I had two bridges that went opposite ways over the ocean connecting to larger piece of land. The left side led to 'Creeper Island' because I found five creepers there once and it freaked me out. The other side did not have a name and I did not go often.
      Resources were very scarce in this version, you were super lucky to find lava or mushrooms in a world. I only ever found enough diamonds for a sword and a pick, and once they broke that would be it for a long time. I only explored half of the world, it was a strange seed with a large ocean in the center and the only terrain hugging the world border. One side had steep cliffs, behind Creeper Island. I had an incredibly crude mob farm next to my house. Low to the ground and far too cramped, the pathetic thing never worked, but I would sit for minutes at a time and hope a zombie would fall down.
      This was just a random memory I had, probably my favorite world when I was a little kid. I used to have old recordings of me playing on it but they are long gone. If you have any stories of your own like this it would be fun to share. If your a group member feel obliged to make a seperate post.
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      Golden Days post by bogie8 avatar bogie8
      February 8, 2022, 11:34 pm to Public
      I just uploaded some pump and dump birch prog packs to the group. A little scummy, I know, but I wanted some legs for the group to stand on for the time being. The actual project I will probably begin is a programmer themed CIT pack for both items and models, since I have yet to see one for even the default art style (in the model department at least). I will probably update it in chunks so an early version should be out eventually. Hope you all enjoy!
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      Golden Days post by Jesha avatar Jesha
      February 8, 2022, 3:56 am to Public
      When were you first exposed to Minecraft? The fondest memories I have were those spent playing Minecraft Classic during middle school after hearing about it from some friends online. At the time the game was in Alpha, but many hours were wasted building neat structures and painstakingly creating schematics from graphing paper during free periods in school from everything ranging to skyscrapers and space ships. The idea of a game like Minecraft at the time was incredible, and I especially recall trying a few of the knock-offs on the Xbox 360 (CastleMinerZ, Total Miner Forge, etc.) when I wasn't able to play at home on my old PC -- this was before Minecraft Bedrock Edition mind you. tag_faces
      bogie8 replied to SoapSoapSoap's comment below 2022-02-08 15:50:28
      Stampy was my biggest influence, still see and play the game the way I do thanks to him. All the respect for him keeping it PG despite being only 14 I think(?). There is no way I could have done that, I have such a sailor's mouth.
      AttackerMR said 2022-02-08 04:55:25
      man, I good friend of mine told my about the game, I played it on my dad's iPhone when it was in alpha phase!
      SoapSoapSoap said 2022-02-08 04:07:58
      Stampylonghead introduce Minecraft. He is influental.
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      Golden Days post by bogie8 avatar bogie8
      February 6, 2022, 11:24 pm to Public
      I juts added a guest book. Also there's some new collections.
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      Golden Days post by bogie8 avatar bogie8
      January 28, 2022, 2:34 pm to Public
      I'm gonna work on some more organized collections and maybe make a blog later. To any members reading this, feel free to add blogs or content about whatever you want if you so please.
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      Golden Days post by bogie8 avatar bogie8
      January 27, 2022, 9:43 am to Public
      Just launched the group! Having a little trouble setting things up but I have a hunch it was because of draft mode and not bugs. If you want to become a member send me a pm!
      bogie8 replied to MA78's comment below 2022-01-31 19:44:17
      not yet
      MA78 said 2022-01-29 16:39:01
      is there a server for this group?
      chloe_burbank said 2022-01-27 17:28:07
      goldne days,,
      bogie8 said 2022-01-27 11:29:48
      No bugs encountered, just my incompetency.
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    Not currently. The name similarity is coincidental, albeit based off a common trope.
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    Better categorized collections for programmer packs and classic content, collaborative packs and content between names in the community, blogs and articles talking about aspects of the old game from texture-making to history and childhood memories, and once the group lineup is more concrete, possibly a discord community or actual Minecraft server.
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