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    "Can I use or edit your skins?"
    Of course you can use my skins! I don't think anyone's allowed to ban others from using a skin on their minecraft profile. You can edit my skins for that purpose, however please abide by Planet Minecraft's rules and do not repost my skins on here and claim them as your own creation. If someone reposts my skins on Novaskins or Skindex claiming to be me/or have made the skin themself IT IS NOT ME and they most definitely did not make the skin themselves lmao. I do not have a Skindex or Novaskins account.
      You can of course use my skins to edit or references/base for your own. If my original skin is still recognizable, please credit (by this I mean, if you colour swapped one thing from one of my skins but didn't change anything else, and therefore the skin is still recognizable from the one you edited).
    "Can I request a skin?"
    Occasionally, yes. However, please be aware that I do skins for fun and there may be periods of time where I take a bit of a break from working on skins and posting on here. I may also decline certain requests if they seem like a troll (least likely scenario) or if I already have too many things on my plate (far more likely scenario). Please abide by the PlanetMinecraft skin rules if you're requesting a skin.
    "Are you taking commissions?"
    At the moment, no. I have no way to accept payment from anyone, but it is something I plan on setting up in the future.


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    My Java Minecraft accounts are Jqrl and Valkqrie, so the NameMC links I send to prove I'm not reuploading random people's skins will either be one of those accounts. I typically use masculine skins on Jqrl and feminine skins on Valkqrie, but not always. Anyone claiming to be me under a different MC account is not me. These are my only two accounts.

    The gamertags I use for Bedrock Edition are JarlFridulfr and ValkqrieFrey.

     If you want to contact me for any reason and want to guarantee I will respond relatively quickly, message me on Discord: (Jqrl#6990) or Instagram (@jqrlvalkqrie). You can find my other socials on jqrlvalkqrie.carrd.co.

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    "What are you interested in?"
    I love medieval-fantasy related stories, but also fantasy sci-fi. I love reading, and Rick Riordan is currently one of my favourite authors.
    Cats and birds are my favourite animals, although wolves and deer are cool too. I love galaxy or sky themes, ice and snow, the cold north.
      I currently live in Canada, but I would love to visit the British Isles, Scandinavia + Iceland one day.

    For languages I know/am learning, I am a native English speaker from Canada, but I am currently learning Norwegian (Bokmål).
    "Where can I contact you?"
    As stated in the middle section, you can contact me on discord. However my Instagram dms are also open.


    *These abbreviations are for two stories I'm writing (will not disclose the specifics anytime soon), although I'm currently focused on TCT/TIA. They both take place in the same universe, though, just in different locations.

    Name: Casper Greysson*.
    Species: Human.
    Gender/Sex: Male (Cis).
    Title(s): Prince.
    House: Ljosning.
    Quick Info: He is currently eighteen in TCT/TIA. He is from an area of the world I primarily based on Norway and Sweden, although set in the medieval era. Together with his brother, best friend (Fridrika) and a new girl they meet, Fiowyn, they are the protagonists of TCT/TIA.

    Name: Jake Greysson*.
    Human: Human.
    Gender/Sex: Male (Cis).
    Title(s): Prince.
    House: Ljosning.
    Quick Info: Like his brother, he's from an area of a fictional world I based on Norway/Sweden (medieval). He is the younger of the two, and is currently sixteen (almost seventeen).
    *Their father's full name is Grefrydar/Grafrydar (Combined Graa (Gray/Grey) with Fryd (meaning: joy or delightful), and gave it a masculine ending). I just think Grey is simpler + the character himself hates his full name due to personal issues.

    Name: Fridrika Úlfsdottir.
    Species: Human.
    Gender/Sex: Female (Cis).
    Title(s): Lady.
    House: Rómaning.
    Quick Info: She is from an area of their world I based off of Iceland. She is best friends with Casper, although semi friends with Jake. This particular character was based a bit on myself in personality. She is the same age as Casper, eighteen.

    Name: Fiowyn Ulve.
    Species: Human.
    Gender/Sex: Female (Cis).
    Title(s): None.
    House: None (Lowborn).
    Quick Info: She is the youngest of the four, at fifteen. Her name is a creative combination of Irish Fionn and its Welsh cognate Gwyn. She is of mixed origin, with her family pretty over the place.

    Name: Azreus.
    Species: Archangel.
    Gender/Sex: Technically genderless (all Immortals like him are), but appears/identifies as Male.
    [​No skin done for him yet]
    Quick Info: He followed many of Casper, Jake and Fridrika's ancestors, and was usually the one behind certain unexplainable events (although nobody really knew it). He specifically chose Casper, Jake, Fridrika and Fiowyn for the events of TCT/TIA. He created both Kezethus and Wylu.

    Name: Kezethus "Azreusson".
    Species: Angel.
    Gender/Sex: Technically genderless (all Immortals like him are), but appears/identifies as Male.
    Quick Info: He is in a relationship with Fridrika, which ostracized him from the rest of his Immortalkind. He has made it clear he refuses to go back to Seraflanir (the home of the Immortals) and instead remains in Jerdan (the Human Realm) to be with Fridrika. Before he met Fridrika and them, his main friend was Wylu, another Angel he was created with.

    Name: Wylu
    Species: Angel.
    Gender/Sex: Technically genderless (all Immortals like him are), but appears/identifies as Female.
    Quick Info: She was missing for a while, but was freed by Kezethus.

    TLK (NOT The Lion King*) OCs

    *TLK has nothing to do with The Lion King. It's honestly a placeholder acronym and likely will not be the final name.

    Name: Caio Priscillez*.
    Species: Human.
    Gender/Sex: Male (Cis).
    Title(s): King.
    House: de Jicéya.
    Quick Info: He is from an area that I based on a mix between Latin America + Iberia. The monarchy system is more similar to the Spanish system, though. I've done some art of him in the past, and I plan on doing more later on.

    *Originally it was Leonez, but he changed it to a matronym because his father (Leonell) is a major d. Nobody likes Leonell, even his own kids (Caio has an older sister and younger brother). I get Spanish matronyms are pretty much unheard of irl. It's sort of vital to his story though, and also, y'know, I can take a few creative liberties :'D...

    Name: Sage Seilias
    Species: Seelie.
    Gender/Sex: Female (Cis).
    Title(s): Queen, Princess.
    House: Seilias
    Quick Info: She was the daughter to King Leonidas, a Seelie King, before she met Caio. The Kingdom that she, her sister and brother are from is a matrilineal based, meaning the title primarily passes from mother to daughter. TLK takes place before they (Caio and Sage) end up married, however.


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      September 23, 2022, 2:37 am to Public
      I'm so sorry it's taken so long.

      I moved provinces, moved houses twice, and also dealt with my PC deciding to nuke itself (more like Windows did.. the issue was Windows just stopping my PC from loading up), then *both* my monitors stopped working.

      Within the next week I will definitely be working my way to being back to browsing the site, and be should be back to working on new skins. I should be posting at least once before October hits, at least.

      Thank you to all who have been patient/waiting. Once again, so sorry </3.
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      July 3, 2022, 1:27 am to Public
      My apologies for being gone for so long. I'm not fully back yet, but this is the first time I've been on since my PC decided it needed fixing. I won't be fully back (and posting skins) until probably later in the summer, I'm not sure, though.
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      April 27, 2022, 4:55 pm to Public
      This is probably going to get me flamed lmao.

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      Jqrl shared mirabilia's post
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      April 22, 2022, 4:52 pm to Public
      happy earth day! 🌎

      also, it's important to note that today is a day of silence for the lgbtqia+ community, to acknowledge the constant struggles of lgbtqia+ teens over the years. even if you're not able to be silent today, spreading the message still helps <3 🏳️‍🌈
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      Jqrl shared NotLizzie's post
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      April 20, 2022, 11:07 am to Public
      daily reminder that you are an amazing, talented, beautiful/handsome/amazing person <3

      don't let anyone tell you otherwise or I will bite their toes /j
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      Jqrl replied to NotLizzie's comment below 2022-04-22 03:06:41
      NotLizzie said 2022-04-21 17:36:19
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