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    Hello to everyone who views my page. I've been around Minecraft since it came out in 2009. 10 years later, I decided to hop onto the train of people who want to make adventure maps. I am a new creator but I am not new at the process involved in the making adventure maps. I have a few projects in mind that I would love to build and if I can assemble a team of map makers, I'd like to finance these projects. It's kind of like a life goal I'd like to complete someday. I'll share a few projects that I had in mind for the start of my page.

    Heart of Darkness: Heart of Darkness follows two heroes throughout an adventure with inspiration from the Legend of Zelda Games (Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, Skyward Sword) and Skyrim. The map will be 5kx5k based on a "Continent" as you would call it named Athenry (Name derived from Ireland) which neighbors a friendly continent named Theles Isles and an enemy continent Zothmor. The other continents are simple just for lore purposes (and if you guessed we named everything by making absolutely random names off of the top of our heads you are absolutely correct) and will have elements through out the story. The Map features 16 different Regions: Lowlands, Highlands, Wetlands, Tropics, Desert, Mesa, Savanna, Volcanic, Tundra, Glacial, Oceanic, Forest, Subterranean, Floating Island, Hidden Region, and a Wasteland. This is a 3 part adventure map. First part is an adventure through what Zelda Games call "Mini-Dungeons" to find the 16 stones, one located in each region. The second part is to beat the boss in each of the 16 temples to save a Guardian (not the Minecraft fish monster.) Third and final part is too travel to Mortra (where the dead goes) to defeat a final boss only to realize that your going to the Forgotten Void and you'll see what happens when you get there. Story simplified is this: An ethereal being named Gaeron (God of this world) decides to create land and life. Creates Soal (the earth of this world) but realizes he needs balance. He then creates Aurora, the Princess of Light, and Nefaris, the Prince of Darkness. He treats the mas his children. He creates life with Aurora and death with Nefaris. Gaeron creates the humans and other life and the world is good. Nefaris is tired of being the overseer of all things terrible as it drains his mentality and wants to change. Gaeron says no because he needs balance. Nefaris rebels and tries to kill Aurora by refusing to keep the balance. The lack of balance stops Gaeron and he asks a human to defeat Nefaris by giving him a weapon. Nefaris corners Aurora but the human stops him by being a distraction. Aurora takes the heavens and the human defeats Nefaris and sends him to his own underworld. Gaeron makes humans the superior race. Gaeron creates 16 guardians to help keep the balance stronger. An extremely long time later, Ancastor is the main kingdom of Athenry and is at war with Nazu, the desert Kingdom over religion. Ancastor worships Aurora and Nazu worships Nefaris. The Abergale Highlands and Avondale Forest are sub-kingdoms of Ancastor after a previous war. Atticus is a native Ancastorian who wants to be an official to the king like his father. Moalmhuaidh (Mwale-vooey) is an Avondale Knight who wants his people freed but is forced to serve in the Ancastorian Army. The king sends Atticus and Moalmhuaidh on a quest to meet the Princess of the Theles Isles and the quest starts there.

    Mob Arena (PvE): The name is to be determined. This is more of a mini game type map, a little different then the story above. Players will travel through multiple arena's with different themes based on the mobs inside of the arena's. The players will start off with 5 base classes and will be able to unlock more classes by playing through the arena and collecting loot. Idk how many rooms their will be yet, however I do know that the arena will start off with one mob in each room for the first set, second set will have two in each room, third set three, fourth set 4, and so on until they reach the final arena which has every mob inside of it. After completion of all arena's, the players will be teleported to one final arena where they will fight a boss. Now I want to make the game difficult enough to where the players must play through a few times to unlock various things and classes to be able to progress further into the Arena. I would also like to allow the players to play an infinite mode where they can survive in a specific arena for as long as they can to see what wave they make it to. for the main game mode, I would like to hide secrets in each arena for the player to find to activate a special occurence specific to the arena they are in. I also want to hide a main easter egg within the entirety of the arena where the player has to find a piece of it in each arena to unlock the final bit before the boss fight.

    These are just two of the main projects I have in mind that I would like to complete and I'd like to put a good amount of time into each one. I'm looking to create and expand a team of crafters who would be interested in doing so. I'm looking for people for specific roles to manage parts of the team and projects. I myself, have proficient skills in storyline writing, plot designing, content ideas, and surprisingly redstone. I am a medicore builder, designer, and have very little skills in command blocks and worlds rules. Here are specific roles I am looking for:

    -Builders: Those who are good at creating original designs and making the "Main body" of each creation.
    -Designers: Those who can take what someone else has built, and give it more character and appeal.
    -Redstone Engineers: Those who are proficient in the use of redstone to give a creation its functionality.
    -Command Team: Those with the knowledge necessary to use command blocks effectively and change world rules.
    -Landscapers: Those who can change and create land formations to fit a map better. Terraformers if you will.
    -Resource Pack Artist: Should be self explainatory.
    -Writers: Those proficient in plotlines, storylines, and content who would work with me to bounce ideas for the projects.
    -World Painter: ´╗┐Someone who is amazing at world painter. This would allow us to create our own seed designs and make it easier for the landscapers and builders to morph a seed into our project.
    -Noteblock Musicians: Those who can use noteblocks to create custom sounds for our maps.
    -Grunts: Not to be taken negatively. Those who aren't necessarliy talented in any category but want to be part of the project and can easily copy and paste what's put in front of them. It's like an oppurtunity to learn. May also have very mundane and annoying tasks that need to be completed.
    ´╗┐-Youtuber/Media: Don't have to be a famous one. I would like someone to create and manage a youtube channel and social media accounts for our team. Promtions for our maps, progress updates. Keep an audience engaged fr our creations.

    You can hold mutliple positions within the team example being "I'm great at building, designing, and the use of command blocks." I just want a solid team of map makers who are ambitious to put your ideas out there.

    Contact me at: if you are interested. (I made the email as simple as I could, I don't expect this to be a team name.)

    Discord is BM13#5710
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    • BM13
      February 13, 2020, 5:26 am to Public
      So I've got a small team creating an Open World adventure map that is 5000x5000 similar to the Legend of
      Zelda games if they met Skyrim. A fair number of people on other sites are super excited for this, and I am already spending my own personal money to finance the project so that it can be an actually fun and playable adventure map, not one of those maps created on a random seed and given a story equal to a child's reading book. We are using a custom coded erosion generator that is compatible with World Painter to create a 16 region map. Each region is based of the Minecraft colors and paired with a biome. I'll post the regions below in a minute but I was curious who would be interested in this project? We are creating a custom texture pack, resource pack, sounds and music, and we are doing all we can to make this map have a large amount of hours play time. Not one of the 30 minute to two hour maps. We are trying to have enough content for this too take multiple days to beat just the main story without any side stories. Here are the regions below:
      Pink - Lowlands
      Red - Volcanic
      Orange - Mesa
      Yellow - Desert
      Lime Green - Jungle
      Green - Forest
      Cyan - Floating Island
      Light Blue - Glacial
      Blue - Oceanic
      Magenta - Ancient Valley
      Purple - Savanna
      Brown - Wetlands
      White - Snowy Mountain
      Light Gray - Highlands
      Gray - Subterranean
      Black - Wasteland
      There will also be a Nether Region, Crimson Region, Warped Region, and an Ender Region. If their are further updates, we will consider adding those in.

      Please comment what your thoughts are and any interests in the project.
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  • How to make Unbreakable items with a Title, Lore, and Enchantments

    Here's how to make an Indestructible tool with Enchantments, a Title, and Lore. I'll post the whole command, then go bit by bit with it.

    /give @p iron_sword{display:{Name:"\"Knight's Blade\"",Lore:["\"A Sharpened Blade used by a knight\""]},Enchantments:[{id:sharpness,lvl:5}]Unbreakable:1} 1

    /give @p iron_sword{display:{Name:"\"Knight's Blade\"",Lore:["\"A Sharpened Blade used by a knight\""]},Enchantments:[{id:sharpness,lvl:5}]Unbreakable:1} 1

    /give is the main function command here.
    @p is who the command is for.
    iron_sword is the item being given.
    { = the start of the command process of the item and } = the end of the command process.
    ´╗┐display: is used to give the item it's title and lore.
    {Name:"\ is the set up for whatever you want your title to be. Your title begins after the space and second " in this case it's Knight's Blade and the title command ends after the \"" note there is two quotation marks here. To move onto Lore simply add a comma , after the quotation marks.
    Lore:["\" works similar to the title command as this is how to start your Lore. Lore starts after the second quotation mark here. Notice the [ after the Lore: this is to separate the lore lines on your item. Simply put a | (Same keyboard key as your \ but shifted) if you want to create a new lore line. The Lore ends after the \""} make sure you start the {Name: with a bracket and end the \""} with a bracket so it ends the command for display. Note these { brackets are not the same set of brackets that come after iron_sword{.
    Put a , comma after the \""} so that you can move onto the Enchantments:[{ command. Enchantments:[{ works similarly to the display commands with the [{ except that they are reversed. This creates another command spot specifically for enchanting the item.
    id:sharpness identifies what kind of enchantment you want on the item. In this case it is sharpness. After add a , comma.
    lvl:5 is the level of the enchantment. In this case it's 5 making it Sharpness 5. You can go above 5 which is the highest in a survival mode with an enchanting table. It can go up to 1000 if you like. End this part of the command with a }]
    Unbreakable:1 is what makes the item indestructible. You know you did this right once you see a blue Unbreakable under all the other writing for your item. Notice theres no , comma after the }].
    } will be the final bracket ending the command. The Single 1 behind this bracket signifies the amount of this item that will be spawned.

    Note: If you want multiple enchantments on your item, put a , comma after the } bracket after the level of the other enchantment, and type in your new one. It'll look like this: {id:sharpness,lvl:5},{id:sweeping,lvl:3}

    Hope this helps you guys. This was a lot of work to figure out.
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