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      December 31, 2018, 8:53 pm to Public
      Happy new year! We hope the old year was great and we wish this year to be even better!
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      December 30, 2018, 9:30 pm to Public

      News time!

      Unfortunately, the "Ascendance" update is confirmed to be cancelled, so the current update is the last to be released. However, the "Spire of Souls" project as a whole has been continually developed and we've been through many iterations of updates and internal content testing getting ourselves familiar with 1.13+ changes, and we've hit some grand milestones along the way.
      We've already built a minigame that supports multiplayer switchable PvE and PvP modes that was part of our internal "getting familiar" process that we do not intend to release, but it had provided us with a lot of feedback in terms of functionality we can achieve and it had server as the baseline for our current project, alongside the "Spire of Souls" map.

      As of now, the state of the project stands at "work in progress" and to be more specific we're actively focusing our forces to building a framework to support this project and more projects to come. This map has evolved into something bigger than we had initially planned and anticipated, growing from a short series of quests, a handful of dungeons and simple mechanics to something entirely different.
      What this mean is that not only are we going to go further with our idea of creating a role-playe game styled map, we're pushing the boundaries even further to craft a trully grand experience with many more quests than planned, with more sophisticated internal mechanics and much more content rich environment.

      For those interested in following our development progress we invite you to browse our goals here: https://github.com/srQianna/minecraft/projects
      Alternatively, you can also review any changes to our current build here: https://github.com/srQianna/minecraft/commits/master
      If you're willing to contribute to our datapack, please refer to this page: https://github.com/srQianna/minecraft/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md

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      April 15, 2018, 5:38 am to Public
      News time!

      This post is now deprecated. See https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/qianna/wall/post/109480/ for information.
      -- EDIT --

      "Spire of Souls: Ascendance" is scheduled to be released after Minecraft 1.13 hits and therefore the remaining two encounters will be added within the new version only. That being said, the existing content will be also rebuilt and released alongside the new update, with further improvements and new features.

      1. We're going to add support for multiplayer, adding group size scaling and difficulty scaling, and completely remove item level scaling.
      We'll be adding a third difficulty, and so:
      • Normal - Will now scale with group size up to a 5-man group. Lowest difficulty.
      • Normal > Heroic - New flexible difficulty, scaling to a group size up to 5 man. Medium difficulty.
      • Challenger > Epochal - Non-flexible difficulty, capped at a 5-man group scaling. Highest difficulty.
      All encounters will be reworked to fit the new scaling system, but the core concept of the fight will remain unchanged.

      2. We're planning to expand the project even further, adding a few new smaller dungeons in comparison, and creating a series of quests, a story, to allow players to unlock the entrance to the Spire of Souls, and a few more neat stuff.
      We have some great ambitions and ideas for this project and eventually will turn it into an RPG styled adventure map, creating and even more immersive and exciting experience as never before.
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      April 8, 2018, 1:24 am to Public
      Hi there!

      We've been lately late on responding to messages we received through our chat on our website, and we apologize for that!
      We replied to all messages we have received with in-depth information regarding presented issues, but you can write us back if you wish!

      Tell us about your experience through our chat, here: www.skyreaver.net/
      Or let us know by sending us an email, here: www.skyreaver.net/contact-us
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      April 5, 2018, 8:54 am to Public
      We're on the final testing phase of Update 2.0: Titanfall!
      Still tweaking here and there, but we're getting stuff at a ridiculous pace, as well as settling down some other issues we had (see Changelog), so be sure to get ready for the upcoming release!

      Visit us here: www.skyreaver.net
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