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  • OCs

    I have a lotta OCs from various stories and things, but I'm just going to be putting my current OCs here. This is still in progress, so most of them don't have a finished bio. Anyway, let's get to it!

    These are all my personas! (2 so far!)

    Gina (Basic Form)
    There are different forms of her depending on the world she is placed in, but the information in this bio is all her basic form, where she is in a world full of humans.

    (Backstory is at the bottom)

    ~Basic Info~

    Name: Gina Amori
    Age: 13/14
    Species: Human
    Sexuality: Pansexual


    Social Interaction: Introvert

    Raw Personality, Mood, etc:
    Shy, careful/cautious, gloomy, kind, quiet, sensitive, fearful

    Likes: sweets, cats, rabbits, coffee, most sports, especially soccer/football
    Dislikes: crowds, small/tight spaces, being left alone, spicy foods

    Fears: Being abandoned, tight/dark spaces, crowds, losing her loved ones, being betrayed

    Interests: soccer/football, cooking, music


    Hair: her hair is usually in a high ponytail or in high pigtails. her hair is curly and also dirty-blonde,

    Skin: She has slightly pale but also tanned skin? I don't know, it's hard to explain x3

    Eyes: Her eyes are normally a medium brown. However, when she is feeling and extreme emotion (ex: extremely sad, mad, excited, etc), her eyes will turn to a deep blue. (in this skin she is annoyed and mad that she has to wear something so uncomfortable XD)

    Skin Details: She has a few optional freckles around her nose, but that's about it

    Build: She has an athletic but also thin build, she is not completely ripped xD

    Clothing: On a normal day she will wear a hoodie or something sporty with shorts. She does not like dresses or wearing anything fancy, but she will occasionally be forced to wear something more formal. She will only wear tennis shoes out of the house, no matter what outfit she is wearing.


    Crush: None yet
    Friends: Ahiru, Raion, John, Logan
    Family: mom, dad


    Gina is a teenage girl who lives with her parents. She is very athletic and her main focus in life is becoming a professional soccer/football player.

    She likes to watch the neighborhood kids play street soccer together, but she's rarely invited. The only times she's been invited is when her best friend, John, is playing, but he's usually not.

    Most people are very cautious around her and run away when they see her. People say that when her eyes are blue it means she is being possessed by a demon. This causes her to become extremely upset and frustrated with herself.
    One day while walking home from school she noticed there was a big rock that had fallen on top of a poor cat. She picked up the heavy rock just enough for the cat to get out, but the rock fell on her foot. She laid there for what felt like hours until finally, someone came. They brought her to the hospital immediately. They did a ton of x-rays and found out she had broken her foot. She wouldn't be able to play soccer/football for weeks/months. When she heard the news, the nurse noticed Gina's eyes turned blue. She thought it was strange and asked another nurse to see if she was just seeing things, but she wasn't. She reported it to the doctor immediately and Gina was on the news as the "Demon Girl".
    After all of that, her life had been ruined. Her whole, normal life was replaced with tons of scientists coming to her house and examining her, and lots of tests. John moved away. Her foot was not getting better quickly, so her lifetime goal of being a professional soccer/football player was ruined. *pun intended* She fell into a deep depression for a while.
    One normal, gloomy day, her parents made her go to dinner with the new family in the neighborhood. Gina didn't have high hopes. She went to the dinner and she met her new best friend, Logan. Logan is very protective of Gina and doesn't like it when people acknowledge the fact that her eyes change colors, or when people call her the "Demon Girl". She will lash out at anyone who gives Gina looks or whispers about her. After meeting Logan, Gina reconnects with John and they all become friends.

    That's all I know so far.
    Geff (Jeff) the Giraffe

    Monster/Immortal OCs ;-;
    Basically, all my OCs that aren't human and are considered monsters or immortal.

    Werewolf Babus
    I love my werewolf babus <3 More will be added later! :D


    Full Name: Kaya Marie Burren

    Age: 18
    Species: Werewolf

    Gender: Female
    Sex: Female
    Orientation: Pan (but will only ever love one person)
    Dating: None
    Crush: (none... yet)
    Friends: None

    Personality: surprisingly strong, clever, sensitive, scared, shy, dandere, caring,
    Likes: Solitude (unless with the one person she loves, not sure who that is yet xD), hiding, silence, plants, gardening, darkness but not too much, bunnies, hamsters
    Dislikes: Most living things; humans and werewolves the most, bright lights, loud noises, big families, being a werewolf, Christmas, cars
    Fears: all living things besides plants and little fluffy things (like bunnies), cars, loud noises, her father, loving someone (friend, family, etc), cities

    Family: (backstory)

    Backstory: One December night when Kaya was 8, she prayed that God would turn her into a human as her one Christmas gift. That's all she wanted. What she didn't know was that while she was praying in her bedroom, her father walked past. He overheard everything. He was furious. To get Kaya to regret her words, on the night of Christmas Eve he carried her into his car and drove her into the city. Without waking her, he carried her out of the car and threw her next to the street and drove away. She woke up cold, alone, and frightened.

    Now she just hides from everything and talks to plants.

    Human OCs
    Basically, these are just OCs that are humans. Some of them know each other while some of them don't.

    Natalie (Adopted from ImBandTrashTbh)


    Name: Natalie
    Nick: Candy

    Age: 16
    Orientation: Asexual

    Personality: Cute, super sweet, obsessed with candy, oblivious at times, daydreams a lot, sometimes dumb XD
    Best Friend: Aspen

    Likes: pink, blue, candy, sweets, fairness, baking, most foods, hanging out with Aspen
    Dislikes: black, war, fights, spicy things, when Aspen is upset with her

    Religion: Catholic
    Height: 5'0"

    Appearance: Usually wears pink and blue, normally with a long, golden blonde braid, pale skin, light blue eyes, wears lots of bows, looks super young, and short


    Natalie had the closest relationship with her mother until she started becoming deaf at the age of 12. Her mother didn't want to have anything to do with her, as she became 'imperfect'. She stopped wanting to take care of Natalie, so when she became 13 and was walking out the door of her old house, she finally lost all of her hearing. The last words she ever heard was her mother telling her, "You deserve this. You ruined my perfect life and perfect daughter. Now leave, and never come back." She hasn't told anyone about that night ever since it happened. Not even her father, who she now lives with full-time.

    Now she spends most of her time (out of school) hanging out with Aspen and her father, who both learned how to sign.

    Name: Aspen

    Age: 17
    Grade: 11


    Gender: Female
    Orientation: Bi

    Religion: Agnostic (when people ask her if she thinks God is real and stuff like that, she says "dunno")
    Best Friend: Natalie
    Crush: Natalie

    Dating: No one

    Appearance: Aspen is usually seen with a very simple, comfy outfit, dark brown hair pulled back, pale skin, and green eyes. She also has a purple heart tattoo on the left side of her face covering up a scar.
    Personality: a little too honest, lazy, loud, smart, down-to-earth, picky, inexorable
    Likes: Purple, red, grey, watching TV, popcorn, cranberries, jeans, loud noises, video games, pizza, school (sometimes), animals, Natalie

    Dislikes: Orange, yellow, dresses, heels, playing sports, singing, pictures (of her), silence, most fruits and vegetables, her appearance (though she accepts that it was the way she was born and she was meant to be ugly)
    Trivia/Extra Info:
    • Her dad died in a car accident when she was 15
    • Her mom died from cancer when she was 12
    • Aspen tries her best to make others happy since she is not. When she earns extra money, sometimes she will donate it to hospitals and animal shelters.
    • Aspen was so close to her parents, especially her mom, so when her mom died she decided that there was no use for herself and attempted to commit suicide. Her dad was home just in time and stopped her. He then called 911 and she was sent to the hospital.
    • Ever since her dad died in a car accident, she has been living with her grandparents (From her dad's side).
    • Ever since she started to become friends with Natalie. she got happier.
    • Aspen met Natalie at a school event at the beginning of the school year
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