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    Barbarian's AvatarBarbarian 6/28/24 4:51
  • Full Worldpainter Resource Collection
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    Ivain 06/25/24 • posted 04/30/18
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    PMC's AvatarPMC 6/14/24 1:05
  • wldscarlet's Avatar
    April 9, 2024, 2:38 am to Public
    Small update. Next month, we will start planning for registering the company locating in Thailand. The company and team will focus on developing the "CollabTech". There is a sign of more organizations are going to join us this journey in the future.

    Here is a definition of CollabTech:

    "A platform that enables everyone to ‘get to the point’ quickly and facilitates immediate collaboration through building blocks of best practices from various experts in the fields."

    Well, without the rooted passion originated from this warm community, we might have not progressed this far. Keep pursuing for your dreams, guys! :)
    Ender Sparkle replied to wldscarlet's comment below 2024-04-09 04:34:56
    Ender Sparkle's Avatar
    I recommend playing the game though. It's awesome! So far I got 3 million power here.
    wldscarlet replied to Ender Sparkle's comment below 2024-04-09 02:55:32
    wldscarlet's Avatar
    I should consider using "Short update" next time to prevent potential confusion then. XD
    Ender Sparkle said 2024-04-09 02:44:45
    Ender Sparkle's Avatar
    I read it as "Snail update" and I was happy that you would seemimgly play Super Snail too
  • Desert Brushes --> Worldpainter Custom Terrain Brush Pack
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    Ivain's AvatarIvain 3/25/24 10:28
  • wldscarlet's Avatar
    March 15, 2024, 11:04 pm to Public
    Recently, I teamed up with a country-level association to support 1 of 4 of our products. They would support with some costs and I offered them free of charge of services. The first product would benefit them about launching new campaigns and gaining insights from many industries, which were crucial things for any association.

    Though the product was not developed yet and it was all about concepts. Well, I felt relieved. Having a first super user of a product of this level was not easy. It was worth to make a celebration anyway. 🎉

    Besides, been hitting by depression, again, but I am looking for a way to make myself feel better.
  • wldscarlet's Avatar
    January 25, 2024, 10:49 pm to Public
    Small update. The first planned product of the startup team got paused as we found out that business would be more stable with good source of the financial. So yeah, we then needed to shift 1 of 4 product concepts to be the first priority. Now I'm into learning about marketing and people behaviors, to cook up the new product (as a digital platform) off of the chosen concept.

    P.s. A secret hint, if you want to develop a product, try to look for its fundamentals then try to twist them. You may shift or change the paradigms and make the bridges between those paradigms and fundamentals. Once successfully found the stable bridges between ideas.. Boom! There, that is the new product concept!

    P.s. #2 Hey, creativity and having fun are the keys. 😁
  • wldscarlet's Avatar
    January 11, 2024, 11:43 pm to Public
    Small update. Successfully made a startup team of 3 guys. The team made of a programmer and visionary artist (me), certified financial planner (and also a programmer), and marketing tech specialist.

    P.s. Wellandel is still in my super long roadmap. Once all necessary things are ready, it will be revived haha.
  • wldscarlet's Avatar
    December 6, 2023, 9:57 pm to Public
    The random thought about creating a Minecraft skin visited me like 3 times in recent 30 days. You the idea is not enough strong to push me to action though, but if I successfully got convinced, I think I may make a skin series about a city of people I know.

    Well, actually, it is not about the people, but the little pieces of meanings that assemble the "people" I know. So I think it would be the skin series of meanings and emotions maybe.
    wldscarlet replied to GalaxyCat24's comment below 2024-03-15 23:06:36
    wldscarlet's Avatar
    Thank you! :D
    GalaxyCat24 said 2023-12-06 22:10:11
    GalaxyCat24's Avatar
    That honestly sounds really cool
  • Planet Minecraft Interviews ZappyGru!
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    PMC's AvatarPMC 12/1/23 11:09
  • wldscarlet's Avatar
    November 29, 2023, 11:19 am to Public
    Wish I known the Obsidian app earlier.
    Project Management + Personal Knowledge Management = Best Workspace
  • Online Presence : Building Your Creative Brand Online
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    PMC's AvatarPMC 11/17/23 11:57
  • The Golden Rule
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    PMC's AvatarPMC 11/10/23 6:00
  • Crafting Your Boundaries on Planet Minecraft
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    PMC's AvatarPMC 11/3/23 6:00
  • wldscarlet's Avatar
    October 31, 2023, 1:53 pm to Public
    RecapMap development roadmap. Now it's settled a little bit. :)
    wldscarlet replied to FieryFighter's comment below 2023-12-04 08:34:29
    wldscarlet's Avatar
    Thank you Fiery! RecapMap is our very first stepping stone to revive the Wellandel back in the distant future. This time we would build a platform of business and community first. Once all necessary conditions have been met, then we will start working on the reviving it haha. Let's see what would happen in next 5-10 years.

    Hey, It's been a while! I'm glad to see you around! :D <3
    FieryFighter said 2023-11-30 22:04:07
    FieryFighter's Avatar
    that looks amazing Scarlet! I'm super excited to follow your journey :)
  • wldscarlet's Avatar
    October 31, 2023, 11:14 am to Public
    Good news and bad news..

    Bad news, I resigned from the company that I joined on the July as we had conflicts on the vision and mindsets. Summary, I met one of the most selfish people in the world and he didn't trust anyone.. even me.

    Good news, I got more friends that seriously supported me on legal stuff. And I will make a Discord server that heavily focuses on anything that go along with my vision and the platform RecapMap.

    "Connect, Collaborate, Create a Better World."

    Anything that could fit in to this motto, it would be encouraged and discussed within that Discord server.

    Do you have any dream that is not secret? If it's good thing and fit the themes, I will help making it become the reality. That's the meaning of community, friendship and passion anyway.

    My deep inner self keep encouraging me to link people together, I don't know why. Maybe it's a work of loneliness? I don't know either, but if it is driving me to do good things, it will be good thing anyway.

    Anyway, how are you doing today? :)
  • Ivain's Avatar
    October 30, 2023, 11:48 am to Public
    Borissa Valley has been a long time in the works, but it's out at last! www.planetminecraft.com/project/gt-borissa-valley-4096x4096-1-19-90-survival-compatible/
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