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The Build Team
Our principle aim is to recreate locations from Peter Jackson's interpretation of Middle-Earth in a way which is easily available to the Minecraft community. We aim to build in vanilla Minecraft, (without any mod installations), however we do build our maps using custom resourcepacks.

Joining the Build Team & helping with Middle-Earth builds
If you are willing to join the Build Team and help us build Lord of the Rings maps, read this article which explains how to apply:

Viewing our Previous Creations
To explore what we've created over the past 7 years, be sure to check out our main PlanetMinecraft submissions page, as well as the downloads page on our website. Our YouTube channel also features a lot of content, from cinematics and building tutorials to narrated videos by our founder, Lockrules. Whilst we readily admit that some of our older creations do not live up to current standards, we also believe it is important to keep these available as a record, because it is part of our precious history.

Join our Discord server: discord.gg/aA5YTJn
Join our creative build server [‚Äč1.16.3] build.epicquestz.com!
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