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  • Some info About me

    Things I like




    Science Fiction

    1980s Music






    Pumpkin seeds (Favorite snack)


    Old internet memes

    Things I don't like
    Derp speak (nu i canurt help u, i ned to goh and fix my arhrplahn)

    Cheese (For the most part)

    Picking sides

    Slipping on ice

    Ignoring perspectives

    Upload Schedule: Unreliable, only when I feel like it

  • General Overview

    Hello, I am Wikimaster0; a futurist robot who releases content pertaining to the future or celebrating the achievements of the past.

    I usually release skins of famous robots, historical machines, or my own strange breed of content.

    I am also an avid resource pack enthusiast, I've worked on many in the past, and I love seeing the new interpretations of Minecraft.

              Male l Teen
      My console of choice (besides PC)

  • My many Forms (Art)

    Drawing by Carver_Craft

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