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    Hi, I'm a Genderfluid college student. Sometimes I make resource packs.
    For the purposes of being online, my pronouns are He/Him and/or She/Her. Please do not mix them when in use. I do not go by both at once, so pick one to stick with for the duration of your message.

    What I create is always for one of the following reasons, and occasionally both.
    1. Personal practice and enjoyment in making and uploading resource packs.
      Even if a pack already exists, I still enjoy uploading it so my work can be showcased on this account and clearly visible, regardless of popularity.

    2. The idea doesn't exist yet and I wanted to be the one to execute it.
      If I had an idea, chances are someone else did too. So I want to be the one who can provide that content to those who may not be able to do it themselves.
    While I enjoy and use subtle vanilla-style tweaks, I think others have created much better textures than I ever could.
    While this account will still upload vanilla-style tweaks occasionally, that is not my expected standard.
    If you want suggestions on vanilla-style resource packs, refer to my Collections.


    I have no strict schedule for uploading besides when I have inspiration or time to work on projects I have.
    Wall posts will usually give updates about things related to what I'm posting.
    What I create and upload is based on ideas I write in a private list. If there are similarities to other packs on the site, I will link up to three others. If there is any direct inspiration or similar where credit is required, it will be done.
    If there is an error in the credits of my posts, please inform me of so.


    Diamonds - Things I like or find entertaining
    Hearts - Things I am currently using or am considering using, some exceptions apply
    Personal Collection - Resource Packs I personally use and update, typically with heavy modification for personal preference

    Alternate Account - SongsOfSirens
    I'll be using this account to post songs that replace Disc 11, other audio changes, and generally relate less to Minecraft.

    Profile Icon by REND
    Banner Art by TRU JEK ART

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    Helmet Tweaks - Java Edition
    Helmet Tweaks [Vanilla] - Java Edition
    Consistent Chains - Java Edition
    Silverwood Acacia - Java Edition
    Strawberry Snowflake - Java Edition
    Withered Souls - Java Edition
    Accurate Polar Bears - Java Edition
    Accurate Sheep Wool - Java Edition
    Prideful Parrots - Java Edition
    Stal Jazz Arrangement Disc Replacement - Java Edition (Ft. insaneintherainmusic)
    Dream's Running Music Disc Replacement - Java Edition
    Speedrun Music & Pigstep Mashup Disc Replacement - Java Edition (Ft. Derivakat)
    Friday Night Funkin' "Ugh" Disc Replacement - Java Edition
    Friday Night Funkin' "Guns" Disc Replacement - Java Edition
    Friday Night Funkin' "Stress" Disc Replacement - Java Edition
    Halland / Dalarna Disc Replacement - Java Edition
    Dance of the Blocks Disc Replacement - Java Edition
    The Arch-Illager Disc Replacement - Java Edition
    Pink Spectral Arrows - Java Edition
    PokΓ©mon Max Revive as Totem of Undying - Java Edition
    Banjo-Kazooie Jiggy as Totem of Undying - Java Edition
    Potion of Undying - Java Edition
    Splash Potion of Undying - Java Edition
    Lingering Potion of Undying - Java Edition
    When the Stew is Suspicious!😳[Crewmate] - Java Edition
    When the Stew is Suspicious!😳[Bowl] - Java Edition
    No Shoulder Guards - Java Edition (Ft. NeraW)
    Consistent Chains + No Shoulder Guards - Java Edition  (Ft. NeraW)
    Music Disc Name Tweaks - Java Edition
    Assisted Advancements - Java Edition
    Dark Warden - Java Edition
    Iron Acacia Doors - Java Edition
    Invisible Redstone - Java Edition
    Invisible String - Java Edition
    Archery Indicators - Java Edition
    Get Dinnerboned! - Java Edition
    Vibrant Cactus - Java Edition
    Glow Lichen Diamonds - Java Edition
    Brighter Glowstone - Java Edition
    Vibrant Tulips - Java Edition
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    • IcarusIsBestGirl's Avatar
      June 7, 2023, 11:52 am to Public
      Important if you use Mods in Minecraft at all or have downloaded anything from CurseForge recently: https://prismlauncher.org/news/cf-compromised-alert/
    • IcarusIsBestGirl's Avatar
      November 25, 2022, 9:34 pm to Public
      Sorry for all the music disc updates on this account and SongsOfSirens; just figuring out a "template" model so I don't have to do it later with even more songs than now.

      I think over the weekend I'll get that format done and dusted, then post two more batches of three songs for each account. After that I'll cool off from doing disc edits lol
    • IcarusIsBestGirl's Avatar
      October 19, 2022, 2:14 pm to Public
      All my Resource Packs (including my secondary account SongsOfSirens) are up to date to 1.19.X. I think my next upload will be on my second account since it's close to Level 20, so then I can run ad.focus through it as well.
      blank3times said 2022-10-19 16:02:33
      blank3times's Avatar
      I don't expect updating to 1.19.3 will be influential anytime soon. =]
    • IcarusIsBestGirl's Avatar
      October 11, 2022, 12:09 am to Public
      The Records tab on my profile page should be up to date now with the new level and subscriber milestones. Thank you for following my content even during times of lessened productivity!
      blank3times said 2022-10-11 02:41:00
      blank3times's Avatar
      Oh, turns out I'm 140! Didn't even realize. I'll probably one day think "Huh, I thought I was subscribed to this cool creator already! How was I not? I should subscribe" before the page loads and immediately unsubscribe.

      Then I'll notice, and resubscribe and somehow by chance because you have this wall I'll end up being 300 or something (you deserve 300)

      The unsubscribing part happens to me too much
    • IcarusIsBestGirl's Avatar
      October 10, 2022, 2:44 am to Public
      Getting annoyed with people saying "it'll only give you decoration plants!" with the Sniffer, as if that's a bad thing. Didn't we just see just how well things like Moss, Dripleaf, and Azaleas can do for building? Just because it isn't a new crop doesn't mean it makes it useless.

      Arguably the other two mobs are more useless.
      The Rascal is effectively a walking Mineshaft loot table you have to find three times, just to get an item that's only moderately useful at most that isn't anything new. It's hardly a help because when you're going underground, you're reasonably prepared for everything that is involved with caving and mining, so playing it's game isn't the "lifesaver" it looks like it could've been outside of rare scenarios. Majority of the time I feel like I'm just going to throw out whatever it gives me for the inventory space.

      The Tuff Golem does have more long-term use in comparison, but I like the potential of something new with the Sniffer than having a cool novelty. Displaying items in a cool way is equally mechanically interesting as using a new plant to decorate with, just in different ways.

      At worse, the Sniffer is a new mob AND a new plant, while the other two mobs are just a new mob. I think that's another major factor.
      Lance Uppercut said 2022-10-11 13:40:55
      Lance Uppercut's Avatar
      Sniffer>Tuff Golem>Rascal
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