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No Shoulder Guards - Java Edition (Ft. NeraW)

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IcarusIsBestGirl avatar IcarusIsBestGirl
Level 60 : High Grandmaster Magical Girl
Removes shoulder guards of all armour chestplates and tunics, making them less bulky.

Edits the following textures:

  • Leather Tunic
  • Chainmail Chestplate
  • Iron Chestplate
  • Golden Chestplate
  • Diamond Chestplate
  • Netherite Chestplate
Alternative Version: Chestplate to Breastplate by NeraW
Changes only the item texture and subtly tweaks the model, appearing largely the same with shoulder guards.
This changes all "Chestplate" items to have "Breastplate" instead, which does not apply in this pack.

Alternative Version: Consistent Chains + No Shoulder Guards
Removes the shoulder guards of Chainmail Armour, and also recolours it to be consistent with the chain item.

OptiFine is NOT required for this pack to work!
This pack was tested in Minecraft 1.19.x
Though it should also work in previous versions as well

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Frequently Asked Questions
"How do I add this to my Minecraft? The download just takes me to a blank page!"
1. When you click on the download link, you will be taken to an ad page for 5 seconds. On the top right, click on the "skip" button.
2. After pressing the "skip" button, you will be taken to a Google Drive page. On the top right, you can see a download button to download the ZIP folder.

When you download this resource pack, do not extract the ZIP folder!
Simply add the ZIP folder directly into your Minecraft's Resource Pack Folder.

If you need more support, check out the following guides:

How to download a shared file or folder from Google Drive
Download a File - Google Drive Help
How to install Resource Packs

"Will you make a Bedrock version?"
Soon. I currently own Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, which is the Bedrock version of Minecraft for desktop. Once I create and test my pack in Bedrock, I will edit this section to feature a Bedrock version of this resource pack as a download link.

As I am able to create my own Bedrock resource packs in the future, I no longer allow others to adapt my pack to Bedrock Edition and upload them. Unofficial Bedrock ports of my resource packs are under the subject of "Full Terms and Conditions of Use".

"Will you create different resolutions for this resource pack, such as x32 or x64?"
No. I have no plans to change my resource pack's resolution to fit x8, x32, x64, etc. It will remain as x16. If you wish to adapt this resource pack to a different resolution, feel free to do so as long it follows and abides by the "Full Terms and Conditions of Use" tab.

Full Terms and Conditions of Use
You are allowed to:
- Use, modify, or edit this pack for personal use
- Share this pack and post it to other social media or platforms*
- Feature this pack in videos, images, or screenshots*
- If given written permission, use the assets of this pack in other pack(s)*
*if credit is linked or featured in a clear way

- Alert or message the pack creator of any instance of the below (You are NOT allowed to:) of occurring. If the pack creator is unresponsive or unavailable, please make it visible to the community or site staff.

You are NOT allowed to:
- Delete, remove, modify, or edit the credits.txt file to obscure or remove the text written
- Share, repost, or reupload this pack and claim it as your own, someone else's creation, or without proper credit
- Create, forge, or edit together false images or screenshots that give the impression of the pack creator's permission

- Distribute this pack or its assets in a way that does not abide by the Creative Commons licence used
- Put any kind of paywall restriction or monetization on this pack or its assets
- Create, use, or distribute your own ad links using the pack's related hyperlinks with sites like adfoc.us or similar
- If given written permission, upload a modification or tweak to this pack that doesn't change in a significant or major way

Sourcing and Crediting my Pack
Link back to this submission page as a source as the following:

No Shoulder Guards (IcarusIsBestGirl) - https://www.planetminecraft.com/member/icarusisbestgirl/submissions

This resource pack is protected by the Creative Commons under the CC BY-NC-SA license.
Please read the above "Full Terms and Conditions of Use" tab for more information.
No Shoulder Guards - Java Edition (Ft. NeraW) Minecraft Texture Pack

Similar Resource Packs
by stiw91 - Reduces all armour pieces drastically to increase skin visibility.
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by Lillebo - Similar to the pack above, reducing the model to showcase the skin better.
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by BrotherEarth967 -VE- Completely removes most armour models, leaving only the should guards and boots visible.

Additional Credits
Chestplate to Breastplate by NeraW (PlanetMinecraft; Textures Used)

- Based on the work by Mojang on minecraft.net -

To-Do List
Changes, additions, or other notes about this pack for consideration.

1. Adjust textures to fit the new Armour Trim mechanic.


While what is listed is likely to be added in a future pack update, they are not guaranteed to occur.
I want to provide insight into future ideas about this pack, but not be held accountable for it or put on a strict deadline.
Packs will update when I am able to do work on them. If an idea listed above does not work out, then it will not be added.
CreditIcarusIsBestGirl (Pack Creator)
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.19.3

5 Update Logs

Update #5 : by IcarusIsBestGirl 06/15/2022 2:16:38 pmJun 15th, 2022

  • Pack contents are unchanged
  • Updated to 1.19.x
  • Updated section regarding Bedrock Edition

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12/03/2022 4:46 pm
Level 22 : Expert Unicorn
NoobUnicorn_play4243 avatar
  • Leather Tunic
12/03/2022 4:45 pm
Level 22 : Expert Unicorn
NoobUnicorn_play4243 avatar
06/04/2022 11:49 am
Level 16 : Journeyman Prince
SOUP1121-Tinlexx avatar
Finally I can jump around looking like john smith
05/16/2021 7:41 pm
Level 29 : Expert Sus
Cave Fox
Cave Fox avatar
you should do the opposite, make the chestplate only the shoulder guards/shoulder pads and rename it to [​Material] Shoulder Pad/Shoulder Guard
01/21/2022 3:17 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Nerd
Juisaderp avatar
The texture has already been done in minimal armor

05/12/2021 9:41 am
Level 69 : High Grandmaster Caveman
nera w
nera w avatar
popin off
05/11/2021 9:41 pm
Level 47 : Master Procrastinator
MrDumdum avatar
they look like bullet proof vests, very cool
05/21/2021 4:47 am
Level 28 : Expert Birb
Doyler5725 avatar
Especially the netherite one, they look like the army would wear them.
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