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    My skinning days are over, but I have plans to write stories in the meantime...
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      August 21, 2017, 7:08 pm to Public
      My laptop stopped working back in May, I had to get a new one and just went through the process of getting some of the more important files transferred into it, so I'm "back".

      I put "back" because while I now have access to my account and by extension all my previous account information over various sites I have none of the programs to run MCSkin3D on my laptop, and don't want to go through the process of re downloading them and attempting to figure out how to configure it for a mac, especially now that the guide explaining how to do so is gone.

      As of 08/21/17 I am OFFICIALLY finished making skins. I also won't be updating any of the unfinished. I don't expect I'll post much of anything here besides comments on skins, packs and projects, and possibly an art project or two of my own.
      PusheenFluffyPuff said 2017-08-26 15:39:59
      Ooh! I love pixel art!! Can't wait to see!
      Inquirer said 2017-08-26 15:37:44
      Yeah, I lost a lot of artwork on that laptop, on the bright side I've gotten the programs to make digital art back on this one, so for starters I plan on trying my hand at pixel art.
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