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    I am a Brazilian minecrafter who plays java and bedrock edition since 2011.
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    Currently, when activating a map, whatever it's zoom step level it will align to an 8x8 blocks grid.

    That's super-great when what you want is a map that is centered on you. But that ain't so great when you are making multiple adjacent maps and you want them to line up properly. This is because currently you have to calculate the "proper center" for the new map and then actually go exactly there (within a 8x8 blocks precision) in order to activate it. Even if that map center falls in an ocean! And without the F3 Debug Screen, this is really not easily done at all and can even be a major hassle.

    Even with F3, that is still intended to be mostly a Debug Screen, right ? A lot of players (not all, mind you) can easily find that using F3 can sometimes feel a bit like "cheating". I for one think that it should be possible to make maps without being almost forced to use F3 all the time. Even then, it would be better to allow players to start new "adjacent" maps as soon as they walk out of the area of the first map, rather than force them to go to the very center of the newly explored area first and THEN turn back to the area they actually wished to map out, which can be quite counter-intuitive.

    Someone else suggested making maps align automatically to a world grid of the map's respective zoom level map size. However, that would prevent maps from being made which are centered exactly where the player want. Making a map of your home base with the base actually centered on the map would become impossible unless you purposefully built your base at the exact arbitrary "world grid aligned" spot. That would suck big time.

    So, I propose having the best of both worlds through simple changes.

    The default map behavior would stay the same, with maps centered around local 8x8 blocks, no matter what is the map's Zoom Step value.

    Change #1 - Easier Zooming of maps

    Needing to FIRST activate a map, THEN zoom it, and THEN finally activate the map AGAIN, is very counter-intuitive.

    Solution: The crafting recipe for zooming Map items would now accept not only Map items, but also Empty Maps too. Thus, you'd get "pre-zoomed" Empty Map items, still waiting for the player to right-click to activate them.

    Empty Maps of different Zoom Step values would not stack.

    Change #2 - Easier world grid alignement according to the map's Zoom Step value

    If you SNEAK while activating the map, the map will align to the world grid not on the default 8x8 blocks grid, but according to the map's Zoom Step value:

    Zoom Step 0: the map aligns to a world grid of 128x128 blocks squares.
    Zoom Step 1: the map aligns to a world grid of 256x256 blocks squares.
    Zoom Step 2: the map aligns to a world grid of 512x512 blocks squares.
    Zoom Step 3: the map aligns to a world grid of 1024x1024 blocks squares.
    Zoom Step 4: the map aligns to a world grid of 2048x2048 blocks squares.

    Note that if you zoom again a world-squares-grid aligned map, that will not change it's center. So basically, if you want world-grid aligned maps, you have to pre-zoom the Empty Maps first.

    Change #3 - Easy to see the Zoom Step value of maps

    Just like enchanted items display their enchantments in additional lines of infobox text when you hover above them in the inventory window, Map and Empty map items should display their Zoom Step value like this:

    Zoom Step value -> Line of additionnal infobox text displayed:
    0 -> Tiny Map
    1 -> Small Map
    2 -> Medium Map
    3 -> Large Map
    4 -> Huge Map

    Thus, a Medium Map that was made to line-up with world grid squares as in "Change #2" above, would cover exactly 1 Region file.

    Change #4 - Easier making of adjacent maps

    Crafting recipe: Map + Arrow + Empty Map = Map

    The Map item must be placed in any of the crafting grid slots EXCEPT the center.
    The Alignment Type Item must be placed in the center and is consumed. See below.
    The Empty Map must be placed in the OPPOSITE crafting grid slot from the original Map. It must also be of the exact same Zoom Step level as the original Map.

    The resulting Map is an ALREADY CENTERED Map item, without any data, and with it's center an exact offset of blocks depending on both the Zoom Step value (see "Change #2" for how many blocks), and also the respective position of the Empty Map relative to the original Map (8 possible directions).

    Example: If M = Map, A = Alignement type Item, and E = Empty Map, if you place them like this:


    Then the new Map will be aligned with the original map (not important if that map is player-aligned or world-aligned), and to the South-East of the first map.

    The original map is not destroyed but will return to the player's inventory (or the ground if inventory full).

    The new Map would have the same name as the original Map item, but with an appended suffix, like this:

    Example: let's say the original map is named "Bob's Town (+10;+10)". Putting that map in the bottom-left crafting grid slot and thus the Empty Map item in the top-right slot, this means the new map will be North-East of the origimal map, and thus it's name would be "Bob's Town (+11;-9)" (if the Z map-offset value follows suit with how Minecraft deals with Z blocks coordinates). Note that when an original Map's name doesn't have a proper X;Z)" suffix part, then the original map is assumed to have a (0;0) value.

    In any case, offseted maps are totally new maps, they don't share map data with their original map or maps with the same names unless they are copies made AFTER the offset. This is to allow players to have their own different maps despite using the same name. If 2 players each have a copy of an original map and want to make offseted maps that share (and auto-update) their map data, only one of them should make an offseted map, and THEN they should make copies of the new offseted map.
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