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    Welcome to my profile. Beezbo76 and I created PortlandMC in 2016.

    I love architecture and creating virtual replicas, with several city replica projects in my back catalogue. PortlandMC is the current primary project and the only one being actively maintained; it is a 1:1 city replica project of Portland, Oregon, USA and has been in development since November 2016. My previous projects include SFMC, and SeattleMC, which were loose replica attempts at San Francisco and Seattle, respectively.


    • Endless thanks to Jonathan - without him PortlandMC (and myself) wouldn't be the same or existing right now.
    • Thanks to AEguyproductions/Æsh for being heightmapper, terrain consultant, builder, GIS wizard, advisor, and all-around good friend.
    • Special thanks to FakeDeep for the insightful conversations on Minecraft replicas, public transportation, and support.
    • Thanks to BuilderBeate for making good vehicle models and being a cool person to have on the server.
    • Special thanks to SimCS for providing excellent field research (photos) of PSU that has helped development to the highest degree, as well as building Shattuck Hall.
    • Thanks to Miner332 for creating the Builders' Application Form and helping build.
    • Special thanks to zextroleum for being around during the SFMC era, helping with field research (video) for SFMC, and general consultation.

    Further Acknowledgements:

    • Special thanks to the community of /r/Portland for being receptive and supporting of PDXMC!
    • Thanks to Sophia June of Willamette Week for the article about PortlandMC!
    • Thanks to Jessica of the PDX Rose Festival Staff for supporting PortlandMC!
    • Thanks to MinerStuff for the article about PortlandMC!
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