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    ( Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfics )
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    arc I (being edited before death-t)
    royalty without a name ~ waiting on a chance to snag abby to flush out characters
    chibi spirit ~ possible renewal
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    starwisher ~ currently developing characters and plotline
  • -the hourglass, and i don't-

    teal (responds to) // pharaoh (preferred)
    14 // female // june 18th

    current royalty without a name ocs
    profile based off of mellieee_

    about me
    \\ defining features //
    yu-gi-oh! fan authoress
    puzzleshipper & chilumi shipper
    genshin addict

    \\ favorite bands //
    studio yukari
    set it off
    the score

  • -think i'll make it back

    laughs in doesnt have fanart


    ~ storywriter ~
    Arc I (Season 0) ~ The Day (from MHA/BNHA; covered by AmaLee)
    Arc I: Resurfacing (fanarc) ~ Voracity (from Overlord; covered by AmaLee)

    Arc I: Resurfacing ending ~ Rain (from FMA:B; covered by AmaLee)
    Arc II (Duelist Kingdom) ~ Black Catcher (from Black Clover; covered by NateWantsToBattle)
    Arc III (Battle City) ~ Rising Hope (from Irregular at Magic High School; Remaster; covered by AmaLee)
    Arc IV (Virtual World) ~ Database (from Log Horizon; covered by AmaLee feat. Natewantstobattle & Shawn Christmas)
    Arc V (Extended Tales) ~ Black Rover (from Black Clover; covered by AmaLee feat. Caleb Hyles)
    Arc VI (Memory World) ~ In This Place (from Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet; Julia Micheals)
    Arc VI ending ~ Unopened Windows (Set It Off)

    ~ storywriter the movie (storywriter: onwards) ~

    Storywriter: Onwards opening ~ Stay With Me (from Granblue Fantasy: The Animation; Ten Billion Dots)
    Storywriter: Onwards - Teal's theme song ~ Someone New (Circus-P/VocaCircus w/ Cangqiong)
    Storywriter: Onwards ending ~ I Hate Bad End Movies (*Luna feat. Hatsune Miku; covered by Circus-P feat. Utatane Piko)

    ~ storywriter the sequel (storywriter: beyond) ~
    Storywriter: Beyond main opening ~ Strangers Like Me (from Tarzan; covered by Caleb Hyles feat. CG5)
    Storywriter: Beyond - Arc I (The Tournament) opening ~ The Triumph (from RWBY; Jeff Williams feat. Casey Lee Williams)
    Storywriter: Beyond - Arc II (The Wedding) opening ~ I Say Yes (from Familiar of Zero (wedding ver.); covered by AmaLee)
    Storywriter: Beyond - Arc III (The Family Reunion) opening ~ Good Morning World (from Dr. Stone; covered by Studio Yukari)
    Storywriter: Beyond - Arc IV (Fandom Links War) ~ Question (from Assassination Classroom; covered by AmaLee)
    Storywriter: Beyond ending: Kesenai Tsumi (from FMA:B; covered by AmaLee)
    Storywriter: Beyond - Renshipping anniversary song ~ Hikaru Nara (from Your Lie in April; covered by Studio Yukari)

    ~ storywriter: rewind (ancient egypt) ~
    Storywriter: Rewind opening ~ Clattanoia (from Overlord; covered by AmaLee feat. Jonathan Young)
    Storywriter: Rewind post-series ~ Shelter (Porter Robinson & Madeon; covered by JubyPhonic)

    ~ two years & storywriter: black prince ~
    Two Years opening ~ Who I Am (Cubical feat. CG5)
    Storywriter: Black Prince opening: Imagination (from Haikyuu!! covered by AmaLee)
    Two Years + Storywriter: Black Prince compilation: Phoenix (from Haikyuu!!; covered by Studio Yukari feat. BrokeN)

    ~ royalty without a name ~
    Royalty Without A Name opening ~ Kyouran Hey Kids!! (from Noragami Aragato; The Oral Cigarettes)
    Royalty Without A Name ending ~ Styx Helix (from Re:Zero; covered by Studio Yukari)
    Royalty Without A Name Season 2 - Weaved Fates opening ~ Kaikai Kitan (from Jujustu Kaisen; covered by AmaLee)
    Royalty Without A Name Season 2 - Weaved Fates ending ~ Lost in Paradise (from Jujustu Kaisen; ALI feat. AKLO)
    Royalty Without A Name: The Movie - Blind World opening - Higher Ground (from MHA/BNHA: Heroes Rising; covered by Studio Yukari)
    Royalty Without A Name: The Movie - Blind World ending - Another Colony (from Reincarnated As A Slime; covered by Studio Yukari)
    Royalty Without A Name: Prequel - The Ceremonial Duel song ~ Blood Teller (from Future Diary; covered by AmaLee)
    Royalty Without A Name OVA: These Bonds We Share opening ~ Beautiful (from Black Clover; covered by Studio Yukari)

    ~ starwisher ~
    Starwisher opening ~ GRANDEUR (from Black Clover; covered by Studio Yukari)
    Starwisher ending ~ Snow Fairy (from Fairy Tail; covered by AmaLee)
    Starwisher Season 2 opening ~ Identity (from Chivalry of a Failed Knight; covered by Studio Yukari)
    Starwisher Season 2 ending ~ Kirameku Hamabe (from Houseki no Kuni; Yuiko Ohara)
    Starwisher - Ayushi theme song ~ Goya wa Machiawase (from Noragami; covered by Studio Yukari)

    ~ chibi spirit ~
    Chibi Spirit opening ~ Colors (from Code: Geass; covered by AmaLee)

    Chibi Spirit Season 2: Duelist Kingdom opening ~ Again (from FMA:B; covered by AmaLee; remix)
    Chibi Spirit Season 3: Battle City opening ~ Long Shot (from Re:Zero; covered by AmaLee)

    ~!! I do not own any of these songs! I just have this weird quirk of choosing openings and endings for my stories, and so all songs belong to their original creators and cover artists! :) !!~

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